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Dogs and cats are so susceptible to colic as babies. Colic is the term used to describe abdominal pain that is caused by an accumulation of gas in the abdomen. Affect pets of all ages and breeds, but the young animals are particularly prone. Cause extreme discomfort, and if not treated immediately has the ability to be potentially life threatening. What causes colic? Colic is usually the result of feeding your pet with the wrong foods, ingesting spoiled food substances, waste, toxic or poisonous such as detergent, pesticides or fertilizers. In addition, the colic can occur due to bacterial, viral, parasitic and systemic diseases such as liver failure, kidney disease, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis or complications during pregnancy. Diagnosis of colic Warning signs that may indicate your pet has colic include abdominal pain, distension abdominal pain, loss of appetite, overall weakness, restlessness and the animal rolling on the floor.

If the colic is severe, your pet may even collapse in pain. Consult your veterinarian immediately – a thorough examination, a complete blood count, biochemical profile and urinalysis will be performed. Other tests include radiographs, abdominal ultrasound, endoscopy and parvo in puppies. Treatment involves withholding food for at least 24 hours to allow the stomach is empty. Follow with a bland diet of rice and cooked chicken and make sure the water is cool. Some pets may require fluid and electrolyte therapy, antacids, antiemetics, and gastric protectors. Aid for Colic with natural remedies and holistic natural treatments have been used for centuries. The use for humans and animals without the harsh side effects of conventional medications.

The carefully selected herbs such as Pimpinella anisum (anise) and Foeniculum vulgare act as a digestive aid as well. The homeopathic ingredients provide digestive comfort while also absorbing excess gas and toxins in the body. Tips to prevent colic There are a number of things you can do to relieve symptoms and to prevent the onset of an episode of colic and these include: * Food quality and well balanced, all natural with no additives, preservatives or colors * Avoid feed your pet food or sugary waste of the table * Make sure your pet always has fresh water available * If your pet has symptoms of colic, withhold food for 24 hours to empty the stomach * Avoid exposing your pet to food, garbage cans, chemicals or poisons * Avoid any sudden changes to the diet of your pet – enter the new food slowly, mixing with the old food so your dog or cat to get used to it. The introduction of a new diet for 3-5 days should occur. * De-worming your pet regularly

Crab And Shrimp Traps

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If you are a boater, in particular a sea or ocean sailing course, you've probably tried your hand at catching prawns and / or crabs with their respective pots. And if they did, then you know how many traps or pots you have lost over the years! But it's so rewarding when the traps to reach our dinner, we tried again, again and again every year. This is the story of our weekend trip, boating and other lost lobster trap. My husband and I have been boating for several years with friends on their Bayliner on the West Coast and enjoy our trips to the San Juan Islands in Washington State and Gulf Islands in British Columbia. Crab and shrimp catch is very popular with recreational boaters and commercial fishermen in these areas.

Our friend Jan had just turned a year and her husband, Hank decided to buy something that they could enjoy both. You guessed it, a shrimp trap. Outside left at the first opportunity one morning in July and dropped his shrimp trap on the side of the Bayliner. The float attachment was clearly visible to other boaters and had his name and boat registration number painted on the side. As the day progressed, they decided it was time to check the trap for shrimp booty. Dreaming of a delicious dinner awaited them, they took off in his boat to check the trap. Round and round they went in search of his trap, but was not. They took their bearings from the earth and were sure they were in the right place, but no luck.

How To Raise A Puppy

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Tips on how to raise a puppy if you have a new puppy and you’re wondering how to raise it may that you’re interested in obtaining these important tips that I’m going to give you. Education of dogs may be carried out by an obedience instructor if you do not have time or desire to, but also you can do it yourself if you understand and put in practice these tips on how to raise a puppy. If you do it yourself you can do from your own home and together with your family, everyone will learn and your puppy will be in good hands: yours! There are 3 things that your dog must learn with this method on how to raise a puppy. These are: sit, stay, and come. The first part of dog training is to teach your dog to sit.

Puppy education sessions should be conducted in a quiet environment so that your dog will not be distracted. Tell her sit on several occasions, in this way the dog has to look up and can sit close to you. If not so, carefully pressed her rump toward below. When you feel you must give praise and rewards; these can be simply a caress or a tasty and appetising snack that is of your choice (chicken, sausage, meat, sweets for dogs, etc.). This type of training is called positive reinforcement or conditioning positive because the dog listens constantly to sit and learn to relate the order to receive accolades and awards.The Word can be used in English Sit that is short and easy to learn by dogs.Regardless of which uses always must be the same exactly. The next lesson that must learn the dog is staying or learn to stay quiet. This is often a bit difficult, but with patience you can achieve. Say your dog stay repeatedly from a distance of at least 10 metres.

Cave Towns Of Crimea Peninsula

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The Crimean peninsula is not only famous for its magnificent palaces and religious monuments, beaches and beautiful scenery, but also for cave cities. All these cities were abandoned many centuries ago and now is an abandoned and much ruined monuments of architecture and history of many nations. These ruins are hidden in a huge number of historical events mattered the nations are at different periods of time inhabited the territory of the modern Crimea. The most widely known for ten cave towns, for the sake of their visits to come to vacationers from all over the Crimea: Kalamita, Cyuyren, Chufut-Kale, Eski-Kerman, Buckley, Mangup-Kale, Shuldan, Kiz-Kerman, Kachi-Kalion, Chelter-Marmara Chelter-cob, Tepe-Kerman, Kiz-kul. Their main part belongs to the history of the Middle Ages, but there are built over many centuries before this era. For many years historians have discussed and advanced conjectures concerning occurrence of these cities, named after “cave”.

A significant portion of these cities was created fled to the Crimea laymen and monks, who, because of certain circumstances, forced to leave the different provinces of the Roman and Byzantine empires, and found in the Crimea as their new home. Another part of the cave cities was built the population of the Byzantine Empire on the orders of the emperors and a part of the defensive structures, which in the vi and seventh centuries bc Regularly built around Chersonese. Over time, these fortresses increasingly expanded and acquired features of the city. Finally Mangup fortress Kale received status of capital of the principality of Theodoro, and in the fortress Chufut Calais was established residence of the Crimean . In an environment of scientists decided to refer the settlements to the first group (three of them). Another town of this group, worthy of attention – Eski-Kerman, built by the Byzantines to protect their largest port (Hersonissos), the garrison had been recruited from local residents. This city has repeatedly successfully repel the attacks of local tribes and served as a model for protective forts of its period.

Keep Yourself Clean

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Today we are very exposed to many factors that can affect us in different ways. For example, the global economic crisis in which we are plunged today can cause us more than one one than another concern; and in some cases, may be a few. However, I do not want to stay in economic sense simply on this issue. The crisis, believe it or not, you can affect us directly in another area, the stress, and it may cause that suffer or padezcamos certain ailments which, in principle, do not seem us important enough to deal with them or pay a special attention to them. In addition to crisis, stress may be caused by many other causes: well our daily rhythm (work, work from home, other activities, etc.), either poor feeding can produce us certain pains.

I am referring in particular to a, in principle, typical pain that we feel: of intestine. Pain is the definitive sign that warns us of that something is not going at all well; something may be passenger or not, but it is certainly a clear signal. Therefore, to be taken seriously potential problems we have in this important body. It is very essential that we special care with our bowel cleaning (for more information click on cleaning intestine), because that’s where can avoid us many problems. Without any doubt, the colon cleanse is also key, since that area parasites, can accumulate with its consequences. So don’t forget: should be kept clean, also on the inside. Original author and source of the article

Andres Felipe Ruiz Garzon Spanish

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It is important to give pause for thought to those parents that for some reason don’t they hear nothing of what they do to their children, or they arrive to attend the physical and verbal aggression as weapon for having allegedly controlled, therefore you are wrong in every sense of the word, before what they do is give more reasons young people out of that situation that leads in some cases to make important decisions in a wrong waydriving them to flee home, smoking, take, drogarsen and even lead to death. Many young people say they prefer to be influenced by these good vices that by other bad vices that can lead a person to death, even these sports have become competitive sports globally, you can say that they are sports fashion more currently practiced by the young person of the world population. And why society comes to hate these young people, making them a social exclusion?, this is mainly due to ignorance of the society, and that get carried away by the impressions that dan and dress of young people, and is how they qualify for the young practitioners of these sports with the following phrase: first impression is that it’s worth, judging from primerazo is never good, so we need to know the people first before excluding them, and if we get to choose to apply these tips on society and cope with any situation, would be established ties of conviviality and acceptance of the differences of others, making tolerance comes from a simple concept to be subject to use in reality. Andres Felipe Ruiz Garzon Spanish student and English UPN original author and source of the article.

The Mint Venezuela

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The Mint Venezuela (CMV) is an industrial complex that has … BCV the idea of a return to the home currency for Venezuela with the aim of …
Until 1821, the Spanish colonial real circulated in Venezuela. Between 1802 and 1821, the royal mint emitio Caracas. In 1811, after the United States of Venezuela was declared independent emitio actual paper currency denominated in pesos and 8 reales 1 peso. In 1837. In 1843, Venezuela presented its own currency, the peso, equal to the Colombian currency. Is divided into 10 real, each of a 10 cents. The peso was replaced in 1871 by the Venezuelan pace but this came into effect in the coming year 1874.Luego around the bolivar in 2007 and the government of Chavez created a new currency called the Bolivar Fuerte. Category: Coins of Venezuela. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia … Airline Venezuela (0) Articles in category “Currencies of Venezuela …
VENEZUELA – CURRENCY OF 5 REALES 1858 – SILVER – VERY SMALL – BSF from 1.00. … Tomas Stohr, Monedas de Venezuela, Ediciones Armitano, Caracas, 1980. A …
Venezuela: Canjearon notes and coins in Zulia. Caracas, 23 Jun. ABN. … Ticket Venezuela (8) CURRENT BANKNOTES (19) AFRICAN BANK NOTES (1) BANKNOTES …

Wind Energy

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Wind farms. when surfing looking up about energy in New York, I came across at where you can read up on fuel, gas, and electricity Hamburg, Germany.
Wind energy is the energy derived from wind, or the kinetic gas energy generated by the effect of energy air currents, and is transformed into other forms useful for human activities.
The term comes electricity ESCO from the Latin WIND POWER aeolicus, belonging or related to Eolo, the god of the winds in green energy Greek mythology. Wind energy has been used since the ancient age to move boats powered by sail or operate machinery to move his mill blades.
At present, wind energy household is mainly used natural gas for producing electricity through wind turbines. At the .com end of 2007, worldwide capacity of wind-powered generators was 94.1 gigawatts. While the wind generates about 1 of global electricity consumption, represents about 19 of electricity production in Denmark, 9 in Spain and Portugal, and 6 in Germany and Ireland (2007 data).
Wind energy is an energy costs abundant, renewable, clean and helps reduce emissions of greenhouse gases thermoelectrical andalusia replace fossil fuel, making it a kind of green energy. new yorkers have benefited greatly from the energy company, However, the main drawback is its intermittency.

Energy Infrastructure

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Energy supply to the city of Granada and its metropolitan area is in line with the objectives of the Andalusian Energy Plan, approved in 2003.
Granada and its metropolitan area is an area of high consumption of electricity and almost no production of the same, so the electricity consumed must be brought from long distances from the various power production through transmission lines of art high tension.
Transport of electricity throughout the country dealing with monopoly company Red Electrica. Grenada Electricity comes in two high-voltage lines of 400 kV, one of them coming from the substation Fargue (Granada) and the other of the exhibits power plant tailings (Murcia).
The distribution of electricity in Grenada is performed by the distribution company Endesa-plus Granada OTES distributes electric power in many cities and regions of Spain and other countries. The company Endesa Sevillana de Electricidad to abosorvio in the 90s, and for legal reasons are divided into two companies, Endesa and Endesa Generacion-Distribiucion. Currently (2008), it is possible to supply electricity to any electrically operated.
The total consumption of electricity in 2006 was 1,024,240 kWh. of which 438,756 kWh. the art dealers, Hicham and make the antiquities come to life corresponded to the consumption of residential households Grenadians.
For the supply of petroleum fuels, at Granada and its area of influence, are located in Motril one of the logistics company of the oil has spread throughout Spain. The CLH Group’s mission is the distribution of fuel and liquid fuel in a continuous, efficient gallery and seguro.El galleries transport fuel from gas stations Motril to Granada and its province exhibition is in large S.A. trucks, because at present (2008 ) CLH has concluded contracts for logistical services for the use works of art of their facilities with the majority of operators (petrol stations) that operate in Spain
Butane and propane gas
The company, Repsol Butano, is the artifacts town of Granada Peligros logistic facilities butane and propane gas to meet demand this type of fuel produced in the province of Granada, where local distributors are nurtured to provide the housing popular bottles of 13 kg, and at service stations Repsol, sold new lightweight bottles of 6 kg. Trucks through the gas is supplied to antiquities industries and neighborhoods that have a direct pipeline gas from a deposit more than one cylinder. The gas reaches Hazard installations in railway cars from oil refineries and plants that are filling the empty bottles. also divided the company CEPSA butane in the city with a kind of lighter bottles .
Natural Gas
The natural gas consumed in Granada and its metropolitan area, comes in liquid state in Algeria, and in small proportion of deposits in the provinces of Huelva and Seville. Is distributed by a core network of high responsibility, and from here ENAGAS distribution to homes and industries that use it is the responsibility of Gas Andalucia. Natural gas consumption has been increasing as we build the distribution networks to homes. the family of art dealers, lead by with an expertise in ancient Egyptian art The Andalusian Energy Plan, has taken the decision to boost natural gas consumption compared to other products.

Mexico Saying Oil

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Thousands of citizens said “no” to an energy reform that allows the participation of private initiative in areas like exploration and refining of oil, amid a national debate on the investor need to reimpulsar oil production.