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We have exchanged, clarified and finalized different proposals, said Astiazaran, which has revealed that they will meet again to continue working intensely and to find answers to many of the issues there on the table. On specific proposals discussed at the meeting, the President of the LFP has pointed out that they have primarily spoken of bankruptcy guarantee fund approved on August 3, a document that is valid in order to make approaches to applications that may have the strike Committee. Luis Gil: We’re very distant for its part, the Manager and spokesman for the Association of Spanish footballers (AFE), Luis Gil, has pointed out that they are very distant by the problem of the guarantees. Today it will still be a bobbin lace to make the players feel warranted, has assured Gil, he will meet again with representatives of the LFP tomorrow from 16: 00 hours, although it thinks that the positions are very distant yet. There are still differences especially in the past guarantees, the AFE spokesman, has declared referring to the debt of the clubs with their players. The main problem they are past warranties and guarantees future system, because it would change much if there is a change in the bankruptcy law, warned Gil, that he prefers to talk about the past because the reality is that there are many non-payment and depending on the legislation that exists will have more or less. I understand that people want to watch football, but now we have to think about the players that are going wrong and have no guaranteed his salary, he said. There are a few points of call for strike and if fail entirely, will remain in force, has remarked the Manager of AFAITH, that far away sees the dispute of the possible second day. Source of the news: LFP and AFE are not in agreement and will reconvene on Tuesday

Greek Planetary

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Carlos Mora Vanegas people is not what he says with his mouth. But what he says with the ancient attitudes Greek scholars already considered water as a living superorganism. Water inhabit inside each of our body’s cells and is a true biological and electromagnetic information store. The State of pollution of planetary waters that suffer now may be a reflection of the collective state of consciousness says, the water appears to act as the sensory organ of the Earth for Cosmic cycles. We all know the tides they react to the phases of the Moon, Dr. Theodor Scwen have researched the subtle effects of the cosmos in the water, and we have clearly demonstrated variations in water response to changes in the planetary constellation. He found that moving water acts as receiver, whereas the stationary water preserves the information received. In his experiments he shacked water at regular intervals, before, through and after a solar eclipse occurs.

And the grains of wheat that used water sacudarida during the eclipse had stunted growth, while growth was normal when water used sacudarida before and after the eclipse. (other techniques where then used and confirmed this correlation of plant growth and the planetary constellation) Lorenzo Edwuards had also made the work of the fascination about how the shape of the tree and flower buds changes its shape as the planetary alignment shift. For example the planet damaged influences oak, Venus birch, Cherry is influenced by the Sun, etc. Similarly, the water is highly susceptible to changes in the cosmic constellation. It is receptive to the cosmic influence and carries your information to all living organisms, because they are all composed largely of water.

Not the slightest doubt it says it concienciasinfronteras. com the water fills the seas, Subfloors, the peaks and valleys. Our blue planet is blue because it is embedded in water although currently that water you gave of being pure and crystalline.

Energy Saving

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Negotiation energy-saving ball mill works and maintenance Energy-saving ball mill works and maintenance.Working Principle: This machine is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device, outer gear, the two positions, lattice type negotiation energy-saving ball mill.By material from the feed device into the compound by the air shaft spiral evenly into the ball mill the first warehouse, the warehouse there are paths which liner or corrugated liner, built with different specifications steel ball, cylinder to convey the action to generate centrifugal force to the ball a certain height After the fall AOL and abrasive materials. alicey999 The material in the first position, the coarse grinding, the single-layer diaphragm plate into the second position, the warehouse lined with flat lining, steel ball, the material further grinding. The powder is discharged through the discharge grate to complete the homework grinding. Negotiation energy ball mill maintenance and inspection, all lubricants in ball mills put into continuous operation a month Jaw crusher should be all released, thoroughly cleaned and replaced with new oil.After the combination of repair about oil change eleven every six months.2, lubrication points, lubrication and oil level at least every four hours, check again, the ball mill operation, the main bearing oil temperature rise does not exceed 55?4, the normal operation of the mill, the transmission shaft and reducer temperature rise of not more than 55? the maximum does not exceed 60?5, large and small gear transmission is smooth and no abnormal noise.Necessary, timely adjustment of the jaw crusher gap.6, negotiation energy-saving ball mill brick making machine running smoothly, without a strong shock. 7, the motor current should be no unusual xray., ball mill: The connected fastener loosening, joint surface spill water of the five tax evasion, seamless mine phenomenon.9, the ball is added according to the wear in a timely manner.10, if found to be not normal circumstances should be immediately stopped grinding test.To negotiation maintenance of energy-saving ball mill of the work often.Maintenance of a direct impact on the operation rate and service life of the negotiation energy-saving ball mill.Order to detect the deficiency and eliminate hidden dangers, and to ensure its negotiation energy-saving ball mill to normal operation. Note: In addition to routine Cone crusher price maintenance, but also need to stop scheduled grinding (recommended once a month) for critical components such as a hollow shaft, main bearings, cylinder, reducer, size and other gear for really check for a specific record.Repair and overhaul plan the appropriate treatment and layout of the order of priority in accordance with the defect situation.

Energy Chi Kung

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If you do plans for a year, sow rice. If you make them for two years, plant trees. If you do them for a lifetime, educate a person. Everything that manifests in this dimension is energy that is transformed to sane to the use that it becomes and gives way to vibrations that generate magnetic fields that must know what leverage based on the proper use of power favouring us in everything. We should worry that holds our physical body, your energy, and this is manifested above all how to use it properly. Know that all movement of our body inevitably also creates movement of the vital energy that composes it, this leads to a redistribution of the same allowing balance it provided exercises are been selected correctly, otherwise this can unbalance more even energy distribution of the organism.Either it strength, resistance, speed, flexibility or coordination must be perfectly indicated and carried out correctly with the dosage suitable for expect results, allowing the circulation of energy by the meridians. Indeed, on this issue, has written, that one cannot deny that the universe is in a State of vibration, everything that vibrates has effects, energy that must know how to use.

Everything is energy which leads to vibrations that we must know how to handle for our health, actions favouring us, every movement we make energy occurs and must be handled so as we promote. . Knowing identify ourselves with our energy, vibrations that derive from it we can achieve positive results. Fortunately civilizations as the East, especially China, give us very important lessons in pro’s know how to properly manage our energy, be aware of them, know it use to optimize favourable outcomes while it is active. Thus we have the Chi Kung (Qi Gong) which is drawn, is a method of exercise of Chinese origin which relies on movements or positions static that are accompanied with breathing techniques while maintaining a deep state of meditation during the execution.