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Beverages Energy

I receive a lot of questions about all these new energy drinks that have beaten the market over the past few years. They seem to anger, especially with youth, and they promise you the world with outrageous claims of all super power you will need, and how to crush competition in their sport, and so on. Then a couple questions arise: are these energy drinks really good for you? Really do they increase your energy? Do they really have magic of some kind of energy formula? Will help you to lose weight? First of all, look at what most of these energy drinks is usually made of. Most is carbonated water simply charged with intestine-priming high fructose, caffeine, the amino acid taurine corn syrup, and a few random b-vitamins added to exposure to fool you into thinking there is something healthy about these mixtures. Let us start with high fructose corn syrup. Not bad Here we have managed to empty calories that will go directly to your belly fat, and that’s really still worse for you than refined, old and simple sugar. Well, so he said to have bajo-azucar or unsweetened varieties as an alternative to HFCS loaded with energy drinks. Yes, but now has the problem of harmful chemicals in artificial sweeteners. Another problem with artificial sweeteners is that there are some investigators who believe the artificial sweetener use targeting people inadvertently consume more calories and gain more weight in the long term. I will not go details about that because that would fill a whole discussion by itself. Just trust me that artificial sweeteners and artificial chemicals in food in general, are bad news for your body! Do about caffeine? Well, first and foremost, caffeine in same provides no energy. Technically, the only substances that provide energy are actually calories (the carbohydrate, protein, and FAT). However, caffeine can be a help to encourage or awaken to a some people above, by means of stimulating the central nervous system. Keep in mind though, if it is a regular coffee drinker, he is probably addicted to caffeine and probably would not receive too much benefit of caffeine in a drink of energy of all modes. In addition, instead of caffeine added to some soft drink, I’d rather get my caffeine from a natural source such as green, white, or teas of black tea, which also provide healthy antioxidants really! Now about that so called magic of taurine and b-vitamins that loaded in these energy drinks mixed? Well, the big deal. ..You can get taurine in almost any protein source. And the vast majority of those b-vitamins comes just the right out in the bathroom in your pee. Vitamins are best obtained naturally from real sources of food, not artificially added to some soft drink. Your body not only uses false sources of vitamins as easily as natural sources of the real food. Then as you can see, in my opinion, I give all these energy takes a large time down thumbs! ANDA better mixing your own drink homemade of power with some ice unsweetened cream, green, white, and black tea, some 100% pure teas juice Berry or granada, and perhaps a touch of a no-desnaturalizado of serum protein. Well, I hope that this article clarify part of the confusion about these energy drinks that is so sold a lot these days, and will help you make more informed decisions for your health.

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Galp Madrid Gas

The gas and electricity, Galp Madrid Gas energy company has launched a new offer associated with the Conforthogar service, with which we can benefit the new handyman service for 2 hours the first 3 months free. With this service, we can deal with small problems and fixes that happen to us at home, tasks of DIY you could do yourself but which are not made due to lack of machinery, skill or time. Works as hanging curtains, pictures, pet leashes, accessories of bathroom, coat racks, mirrors, glass with silicone fixings, trims soil, placement of shelves or shelves, replacing trim plugs and switches, arrays in interior doors, changes of lights and a long list of benefits that will be carried out by professionals of the new handyman service. In addition to the 2 free hours of handyman service, if we hire now Conforthogar with Galp energy Madrilena of Gas, we will enjoy a 25% additional savings during the first year. Of this way, we can keep our home in perfect condition in a very simple way in small tasks that would require a specialist that we would be much more than the handyman service. And we are sure that our home and Pocket thank.

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White Rose

Usually use the term friendship in a bountiful manner. And so heard to say: last night I met an excellent friend. It may be that, in fact, the aforementioned person has qualities of excellence; but that does not mean that he is our friend. First, because you must be with their acquiescence; friendship is not a solitary game, is a set of two. And, second, that both one and another of those involved must be confident of its equity both give and receive. The slightest fault in that process, causes that the building of friendship that will then see that it has been built on slippery bases wobble. This explanation rationally what is friendship looks better described in a poem by Jose Marti, who says: crop a white rose / in January and June / for the sincere friend / who gives me his frank hand. I.e., the poem reveals that friendship is like the White Rose, or, in other words, this, the White Rose, is replacing the friendship, the same one that acquires the qualities of the Rose: of be beautiful, fragile, being pure, and any unhealthy Act afearia it, hurt it, stain it. And why only delivery it is whom we consider a friend, and know that it is not because we’re sorry the frankness of his hand and the sincerity of his words. Friend is not someone who accepts everything he says you unconditionally; because what is said can be wrong and even harmful, both for those who said what to who gets that message. Why the requirement of sincerity is indesligable friendship. Although someone has said that sincerity is the easiest way to lose friends. And then it should be corrected this assertion. Sincerity is the most appropriate means to test the friendship of others. Because the true friend is one who accepts the truths of the other, even though they are unpleasant. If an alleged friend says to another: I’m going to do enter to work in the public administration, because I have the maximum charge; but I’ll make it skipping me due process, and nobody is going to give an account. That friend assumption to him say: If you want to do me a favor, do it respecting due process. Otherwise, not me you’re honoring with your favor, but it will be favouring my dishonor.

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