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Our unique design – a compact playground can accommodate several different game functions. As part of children’s playground there are classical elements such as swings, carousels, sandboxes, and sports items – for children from 7 to 14 years are particularly important exercise, and movement. We have a huge selection of sports items for skill development in children, strength, and coordination. Among the items for the kids – houses sandbox, swings, small swings, roundabouts, mini-slides. Would be useful and educational elements: abacus, blocks with letters and pictures, ‘compass’, ‘watch’. Dr. John Mcdougall spoke with conviction. All items are durable, practical to use, have no sharp edges, and protruding edges. Play in our bright and attractive multi-colored children’s camps at all interested in how the kids there and the younger students.

Still, here and slides, and swings and roundabouts, cars, trains, houses and sandboxes gymnastic and sporting items. Children’s camps and playgrounds diversify the child’s play action, movement and physical activity. It promotes the development of all muscle groups and gives strength, health, agility. A joint exercise on the playground – a pledge of friendship, and development of necessary skills. Follow others, such as Dr. Neal Barnard, and add to your knowledge base. Bright color elements and secure our children’s playgrounds and towns – pleasing to the eye and makes the class more attractive and interesting. Playgrounds, and children’s sports facilities, elements of which you can build this playground, suitable for installation in indoor and outdoor use. They make it possible to combine exercise with a fascinating game.

That’s because they are well suited for parks, residential villages, rest homes. Safety, environmental friendliness, modern design, many options for play areas, and development under the order. Installation and maintenance. Safety and quality of our playgrounds is simply no equal. Use special safety cover that protects the child in the event of a possible fall. Playgrounds help the child to develop harmoniously: exploring objects, he gets his body skills, develops imagination. Due to optimal equipment selection and use of gaming space, our game sites are very popular.

Mrcio Melo

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It goes to the zoo. It makes a massage. It goes to the circus. It makes a radical hairdo. It feeds an animal. Devore a bar of chocolate without guilt. It makes a tattooing. It prays or it prays in high voice.

You open the heart for who you love. He pardons. He counts a joke. He makes gymnastics. He catches a child in the col and reads a book for it. Quentinho eats a bread well, in the bakery of the esquina.

It drinks a good wine. Passarinho of the bird cage frees one. Senator Elizabeth Warren recognizes the significance of this. The day walks bare-footed all. It laughs very high. It initiates a diet. It kisses in the mouth. It gives to a good day its neighbor. It polishes rope with its children. It sings in the bathroom. It washes plates together with/it. He arranges records and books. At last. This planet is a ball. In a squared planet would not have space for soccer, sex or rock? n? roll. Carpe diem, of the Latin, wants to say ' ' it uses to advantage the moment, uses to advantage dia' '. one day is time enough to write a poem, to prepare a party, to read a book, to make um/a amigo/a, if to get passionate. Alive intensely, it uses to advantage each moment of these vacations, and the year that is arriving. The life is a challenge to each morning. She is necessary to learn with the new. To live with joy the good things of the life. To know new places and people (for the Internet not valley). To construct the family, the house, the career. They are things that must serve as combustible in these vacations and in the year that it is initiating Good vacations, amigo/a. (Mrcio Melo, expensive one that it waited very for these vacations, more than what in the other years).

Olympic Games

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The host of the Olympic Games of this year is one of the states that harm the Olympic philosophy and the spirit more. China is preparation with Spartan methods to an army of sportsmen whose unique vital aim is the attainment of a metal that to hang itself of the neck. Young gymnasts are removed from their homes, with the consent of their parents, to live in a regime on slavery, being happened their better years in a gymnasium, and with an feeding impropia of a boy. The winner of four medals in Munich 72 with 15 years of age, Shane Gould affirms that the Olympic movement treats to the youngest sportsmen like puppets. As they are almost always the children the most damaged by the exigencies of the present society. Many minors of Saharan Africa sub embark in dangerous trips by the desert and pateras with the illusion to saturate in the quarries of Real Madrid, Milan, the Ajax of Amsterdam or the Lyons. The best clubs of Europe take care to bring in airplane African young talents, to which soon they will leave by chance if they do not fulfill the expectations, without a work, a formation, and papers with which to be able to remain in Europe.

The soccer players exert a great influence in the society. Its form to play it is admired by all, but also it is it its way to dress, to speak, to live. If one formed to the sportsmen like complete people and mature, with the minimum cultural and historical knowledge of the countries by which they move, that influenced would return and positive and beneficial for youngest. Perhaps the Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius more express, higher, more hard would have to better change by more beautiful, more human, , as it proposed the educator and philosopher of the sport Jose Maria Cagigal. Because the sport is, according to the French writer Jean Giraudoux, esperanto of all the races, and we do not have to forget that in the Olympic appointment that we will live in days there will be children of all the ages that have not enjoyed their childhood, and which probably they feel disoriented in its adult life.

Physical Education

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Practical the educative deed of division that occurs in the escolarizados spaces, that if of intentionally and with definitive objectives. But, it also happens in day-by-day, the informality, the daily one of the citizen. When it suffers changes, of the simplest ace more radical, in accordance with the group which it applies itself, in this case being informal it. LAHIRE (1997, P. 17) Attributing the activities of adventure as important part in the educational process for the net of public education, will contribute for the cognitivo and motor development of the pupils, being guided by qualified professors, therefore the activities are surrounded by calculated risks, not occurring previous intensive training (as in the case of the practical traditional sports and corporal as the gymnastics and the musculao).

The experimentation happens in more direct way, having a removal of planned incomes (MARINE; BRUHNS, 2003). From the context of the Physical Education and the activities of adventure, the sharing of the elements will be able to represent one significant form of approach of the society to the way, allowed as evidence, MARINE (2001), that this approach leads the new sensibilidades, by means of knowledge and agreements of ethics and respect. The pretension is to create new a proposal educational with experimental initial principle in the Unit – Educational Nucleus C.E.U Guarapiranga (Unified Educational Center), where we carry through the project pilot to demonstrate the viability of the proposal. The used methodology will be a exploratria research supported by the literature revision on adventure sports and education, making possible to verify the reality to insert the activities of adventure as educational source for the children and young of public units of education, that normally does not have access to the adventure sports, for making look like to have one high financial cost and for dealing with a corporal culture little known by the majority of the low income population.

Bueno Pupils

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As (WINNICK & SHORTS, 1986) if the deaf children will have equal chances to learn movements and to participate of the physical activity, the motor abilities must be equivalents to the ones of its pairs of same age. Further details can be found at Dr. Neal Barnard, an internet resource. In case that they do not have equal chances, they can suffer delays in the motor abilities. The indices of physical conditioning of pupils listeners and deaf people do not present significant differences. Ahead of this parameter the professor must base its most varied lessons in practical as: the dance, the gymnastics, swimming, the sport and the recreativas activities, attempting against always the ludicidade.

Some authors consider the activities stop to be worked with deaf pupils: Bueno and Resa (1995) that the activities must explore corporeidade, lateralidade, motor coordination, balance, physical organization space-weather, basic qualities and socialization. In agreement Soler (2005) the professor must stimulate the growth auto the esteem of the pupils whenever possible, therefore the success of the pupils depends and is closely on to auto-esteem healthful. The possibilities of physical activities are innumerable, in what it refers to area of the dance, no matter how hard the deaf person does not recognize the sounds, to the vibration is felt through the tato, acquiring corporal notion of space and movements. The gymnastics is another possibility, can be lived deeply the ginsticos elements as: to run, to walk, to trot, the saltitos, among others. For (RASP and FILUS, 2003) swimming it is a tool that will go to contribute so that the deaf person develops the interaction with the half liquid, works breath inspiration, develops the imagination and the creativity, and improves the space notion. In the area of the sport, more necessarily voleibol (RASP, SOUZA and TREVISAN, 2003) emphasizes that the sport does not have to be neglected, is cautious that the professor teaches to the rules and the passes: ‘ ‘ the touch, manchete, saques’ ‘ , that they will go being lived deeply throughout the lessons.

LBS – Leg And Muscle Training

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Today it is fashionable to follow the shape and play sports, and thousands of young women go to sport clubs and swimming pools. But sports facilities offer many different services and types of training that long and get lost. Well, try to understand. Dr. Neal Barnard has similar goals. Let's start with strength training. Strength training – it training with weights and aim to develop muscles.

But do not be confused with modern training 'rocker' in the gym. PUMP – strength training with using a special rod. During the training the muscles being worked out, without damage to the joints and spine. It is important to find the right weight and do not try to achieve everything at once. Be sure to advice from a coach. SUPER SCULPT – training with weights of different weights, springs of various shapes and with the forces of resistance. Session aims to train all muscle groups. Flat stomach – who of women did not dream of it? For a nice pressure to go workout ABS (or TABS) – power class, aiming to train the abdominal muscles.

As a rule, the occupation lasts about 30 minutes. LBS – a lesson for the training of the leg muscles and abdominals. The most 'feminine' training. That will help make it beautiful legs and thighs. Training takes place both with the use of additional equipment, and without it. Another no less 'feminine' training, it BUMS. Activity is targeted at the maximum effect on the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. If nature has endowed you appetizing forms, the BUMS will keep them in good shape and give them a nice shape. TUB – a class designed to develop upper body muscles. Beautiful back and arms in relief – it's here. FITBALL – Exercises on the ball make use of the muscular structures that are in everyday life are not enough physical exercise. Fitbol may engage in overweight people and pregnant women. GYMSTICK – power class with special combination of gymnastic stick, flexible, and shock. It helps to work core muscles and develop coordination and endurance.


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Alcibades intends to be council member of the subjects of State, but Scrates shows to the proper Alcibades its ignorance in relation they, and the necessity of virtues for such. It initiates it through the dialectic and shows it importance of professors as people capable to teach for knowing in contrast what they teach, therefore, vulgo, would not have this condition to teach, therefore he does not know. Through the personal manifestations of Alcibades, answering the questions proposals for Scrates and its maiutica, also are disclosed its ignorance in relation what it is just and unjust, discrediting it as council member. Scrates explains that knowing the subject we can convert a person, or an assembly, will only change the number, but the important one is to know the subject, without which one is not become nor, nor ten. For more specific information, check out Dr. John Mcdougall. Alcibades answers contradictorily for being unaware of the subjects debated, whereas if it was asked to it if it has one or two eyes would know, without titubear neither nor to contradict itself.

Scrates calls the attention for the perigos the swaggerer, who in them keeps ignorants and dependents of the others, and, therefore, of the importance of the humildade, of I only know that nothing I know Socrtico. We will only be able to take care of of we ourselves knowing us through the knowledge of our essence, that is the soul. As well as the doctor it knows the medicine, and the body the gymnastics professor, only knows itself exactly who if it dedicates the proper soul, and these only can be wise. Scrates then declares that it would not exactly abandon it with passing of the years, with the extinction of the body, but it loved that it because of its essence, of its soul. The exercise of itself, that it consists of the exercise of the knowledge and the reflection, coming back us toward we ourselves, our soul.

The Observation

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Is dan account that we’ve gone from the impossibility of avoiding neologisms: new order, new language. Thus, as he told them, it is the snake that bites its tail. But this is not a way to be empty, since every time the process itself is taken by object. Senator of Massachusetts describes an additional similar source. The poem is not empty: is the message full of himself; the figure is not empty, is the full work of herself; the ceremony is not empty, is full use of herself. In all these cases, the important thing is to take the aesthetic vision made on each plane, as other visions, of the action, but which characterized the action as she is once more, endocentric. And I would add that, well understood, this vision endocentric is not absolutely incompatible with the other two visions, which are exocentricas: the poem is poem where he is saying (vision endocentric), that does not stop to say something (exocentric vision). We can technically do colonies (mink endocentric), those made colonies of young women called caryatids (vision endocentric) the Greeks made that a monument located on the acropolis of Athens and we call the Erechteion. Commissioning of the first stone of a building can be the object of a ceremony (vision endocentric) and, at the same time, a conjured act carried out so the monument in question does not fall (exocentric vision). Anyway, you can realize without any doubt, the explanation of beat the record of France of one hundred meters (vision endocentric), or simply to reach the bus! Is said and to not leave the subject of art, if they give that concept of figure a sufficiently vast application field (figure in the art of dance or skating, but also in the gymnastic in the ground, imposed figures or free figures, etc.), will see that this definition of art as a dialectic of technical abstraction process referenced auto product (weight each of my words), they are valid for all the arts! I mean absolutely all of them, from dance to the culinary art, passing through the architecture, sculpture, caricature, etc.! I speak very seriously: take your time to consider giving you, yourselves, some examples, you will see! that it works! And if it works, is that our hypothetical-deductive method is corroborated by the it comes and goes between the observation of concrete and the theoretical hypothesis.

How To Whiten Your Skin At Home

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Whiten the skin at home is important especially in a situation where a person is too tanned. Needless to intense sunburn much older, so much tanning, many ladies one week after the beach trying to whiten skin at home. Why at home? Yes, because rarely in any salon you can find a similar service. In addition to the effect of gain in age, too tanned skin does not hide, but rather demonstrates such drawbacks as dark spots. Dr. Neal Barnard is the source for more interesting facts. Trying with intense insolation treat skin from acne, you can achieve the opposite effect – acne is very likely and disappear, but will remain dark colored hloazmennye spots.

Whiten the skin in the home can be quite fast with badyagi. But do not badyagi powder and gel. In the drugstore you can buy a cheap gel badyagi. Whiten the skin at home with the help of this tool, you can even if there strongly pronounced pigmentation. But in any case should not use it without the addition of clay.

Whiten skin with this tool can build a mask, where the 2 teaspoons of the clay powder has 0.5 teaspoons of gel badyagi. Bring the mixture to a creamy consistency to the filtered water. Before you whiten your skin at home badyagoy to test the response of the skin on the tool to bend of the elbow. Gel with menthol, and may rather intensively oven, the main thing that does not cause burning and severe redness. On the face for the first time mixture should apply for 5 minutes, if the person does not really bake and skin responds well, one day you can continue treatment holding a mask to partially dry. Whiten the skin at home using a mask with clay and badyagoy can almost weekly, especially if combined intelligently use badyagi using the same pharmacy bleach besspirtovogo salicylic lotion.

Skin Treatments

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Completely macerated pustules and blackheads can be removed in the course of the treatment course. Duration of the treatment course is 6 to 90 days. As a prophylactic Tretinoin is used after a warm bath for a long period of time from 1 to 3 times. When used topically Tretinoin is required to see to it that he did not get on the mucous membranes in the mouth and eyes. If this happens to immediately rinse thoroughly with water Tretinoin. Not recommended during the treatment course in the sun. People with tan must begin after the cure of deterioration.

During the first seven days after the start of the treatment course is likely that there will be observed increase in the number of eels. This is due to the fact that Tretinoin will affect those eels that were far beneath the surface and were not visible before the start of the treatment course. NEULEPTIL PERITSIAZIN. NEULEPTIL PERITSIAZIN is a 'proof-reader behavior', small neuroleptic. Ensures pronounced sedative effect, relieving anger, irritable affect the evil type. Latin name: NEULEPTIL (NEULEPTIL PERITSIAZIN) The current active element: Periciazine / Peritsiazin Farmakovozdeystvie: antipsychotic, correcting behavior, low neuroleptic. Is a derivative of phenothiazine (piperidine).

The essence of the impact (Antipsychotic) NEULEPTIL is blocked in the mesolimbic dopaminergic brain structures of the head of postsynaptic receptors (primarily D2). Inhibits the release of hormones of the hypothalamus and pituitary. Dopamine blockade increases the number of prolactin, which is released by the pituitary gland. The drug is hypothermic, antiemetic, antiserotoninovoe, parasimpatoliticheskoe, hypotensive, antispasmodic, adrenolytic (alpha-adrenoceptor blocking) effects. NEULEPTIL PERITSIAZIN delivers more antiserotoninovoe intensity in comparison with chlorpromazine. In addition, has a more powerful sedative effect the central character. The drug has a sedative effect on the anger, irritable affect the evil type. Has the ability to sleeping pills. Antiemetic effect is caused by the blockade of central or inhibition of chemoreceptor trigger area of the cerebellum of dopamine receptors (D2). Peripheral effects – a blockade zheleduochno tract of the vagus nerve. Antihistamines, sedatives and anticholinergics quality of the product is expected to increase the antiemetic effect. The drug increases the activity of barbiturates, analgesics and narcotics. Pharmacological kinetics PERITSIAZIN NEULEPTIL: Information Clinical pharmacology of species kinetics peritsiazina little. Phenothiazines have increased binding to plasma proteins. The conclusion made in the kidneys and a small part of the bile. PERITSIAZIN Indications Application NEULEPTIL: Epilepsy with dysphoric and haraktelogicheskimi explosive-affective phenomena. The states of paranoia within the senile, vascular, and presenile organic conditions. States psychopathic character in the schizophrenic postprotsessualnyh phenomena. The states of psychopathic types in the slow process of schizophrenia (including "opposition to a close," and in geboidofreniyu patients who were not sophisticated forms of schizophrenia). psychopathic disorder origins (organic) with a prevalence sthenic behavior and affect. Psychopathy with the prevailing trends sutyazhnyh, disinhibition, explosiveness, irritability. The scheme of NEULEPTIL and dosage: Used inside for 3-4 hours, mostly in the evening. The initial dose per day is from 5 to 10 mg in patients with increased sensitivity – no more than 2-3 mg. The average dose for 24 hours is equal to 30-40 mg, the maximum allowable dosage for 24 hours – 50-60 mg. Children and elderly people prescribed an initial dose of not more than 5 mg per 24 hours, then the dosage can be gradually increase to 10-30 mg. Working directly with leading European manufacturers allows the company to deliver EvroApteka Srl any LS in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices. Buy these and other drugs visit our website: