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Sales Potential

Interview energy broker and energy distributor in Germany about 9 years with Alexander Albert, Managing Director of HFO energy GmbH, one of the largest independent before the energy market was liberalised. Except some people believed that power was “yellow” and our football Emperor Franz Beckenbauer with the powered golf Caddy “because of cheaper is…!” runs through the area, nothing has moved. The latest published statistics show this. After that, only about 14% of the German population, have changed your electricity supplier. In terms of gas tariffs, 5% of German households have even opted for cheaper rates! Unlike as in the telecommunications sector, liberalisation of the energy market turned out to be slow. For about 2 years, however, the industry experienced a new hype. Classic energy brokerage firm spriesen out of the ground like mushrooms. Currently, we see at least once in the quarter that a new gas or electricity provider advertises to customers and launches its new brand of energy! The consumer-friendly Internet portal verivox is one of the over 700 city factory farms currently over 50 alternative electricity and gas rate provider – except nationwide. This means collective diversity – in every respect. Mainly private clients are able to choose all tariff variations according to your wishes. Green electricity generated by the classic nuclear power – up to exclusively with hydroelectric power. By the way the liberalisation of the energy market went seemingly also the medium-sized companies almost without a trace. Here are the rates only slightly above 10% of the companies that use an alternative energy provider. It is quite amazing that many companies for equivalent electricity or gas also accept higher costs up to 30%. When you consider that E.g. the energy costs for a manufacturing company contributes a significant proportion of the total expenditure. Just here is Managing Director of the independent energy vermittlers, HFO energy GmbH, Alexander Albert enormous sales and revenue potential.

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Psihobiokompyuter – a manifestation of a material substance as a super-consciousness, as a separate functional system, it can be used to develop different phenomenal abilities of the person (different types of memory – photographic, music, computer, different ways of seeing, unconventional forms of information – crawl spaces, telepathy, etc.). These capabilities and the ability to blur the line between material and intangible spaces, extend the range of perception and understanding of objective reality. Our Russian scientist Academician VM Bronnikov proposed and existing projects that are not based on man-caused approach but development of the natural features of the human body. But these opportunities are so significant that they seem fantastic, unbelievable. What can do Bronnikov? First of all, by his method almost anyone of any age can learn to manage your biofield, so as not to tire, to be healthy, balanced, confident. Secondly, the method of Bronnikov develops new qualities of the brain, a new tool to understand the world – psihobiokompyuter, develops a person's memory to the phenomenal amount, imaginative creative vision without overloading the mind and not tired. The most effective method of Bronnikov for children aged 7-14 years. This means that our students can be healthy and balanced, quickly, deeply and creatively assimilate the learning material. Third, the method of Bronnikov can develop in a person the ability to see with my eyes closed, which means to be able to perceive the world holistically, to see ourselves, the internal organs (their own and others) on the mineral and cellular level, to diagnose diseases of these organs. Learning by this method allows the blind to learn to see. Experts Bronnikov method together with the Department of Ophthalmology Tver Medical Academy, engaged in the restoration of visual function in patients with impaired vision. Those patients who recover these function is not possible, using our methodology, and develop an alternative way of seeing. Similarly, patients with hearing loss can develop an alternative way of hearing. Work with patients with cerebral palsy, diabetes diabetes and other ailments.

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Green Energy

Eco-electricity the ecological and economic alternative for a secure power supply, without radioactivity and without CO2 the nuclear disaster in Japan made clearly, today’s energy system for humans and the environment is as risky. There is no way passes on a reform of this system. Eco-electricity is the ecological and economic alternative for a secure power supply, without waste and without CO2 emissions. The main components all renewable energy sources provide Sun, wind and hydro power, biomass and biogas. Worth mentioning are also the mini CHP, which can operate with natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas and electricity. The requests from all over Germany for eco electricity energy is accumulating at the Cologne utilities SENLOGAS. Owner Michael Senscheid: The electricity consumer plays the key role in the future energy use with his purchase decision. Since the nuclear disaster in Japan, the requests have attracted strong after nuclear power. The clearest sign “the consumer: they are looking for an affordable first step into a safe, environmentally friendly power supply”. Other power products SENLOGAS offers nationwide really clean and 100% nuclear power-free eco rates energy. Many customers for the first time, deal with the subject of eco-electricity or switching and fear a power supply disruption. “Michael Senscheid calm: don’t worry, the uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed by law, also counters and management remain the same”. And also the transition is easy and secure. On the basis of the last electricity bill, we will calculate the future power costs. Of course we take all Exchange formalities including the log-off of the existing electricity”. Complete service and support for the Cologne energy provider just as naturally as consumer-friendly products. Consumers who want to make their personal contribution to environmental and climate protection, are energy at the right address at SENLOGAS. With eco-electricity, they actively promote the expansion of of renewable energies and to opt for sustainable quality of life: power without radioactive waste and CO2 emissions.

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Innovative Job Opportunity: Promoter For Renewable Energy

Promotion jobs for renewable energy consumers want more information go to a sustainable electricity and gas supplier. This gap would close the ever energy group in Berlin and is looking for employees who are interested in a meaningful part-time job or promotion-jobs. The ever energy group is growing and is looking for motivated employees for promotion jobs in Berlin. You should inform future consumer offers from eco-electricity and bio-gas. The information need is great, because according to the comparison portal “Check24? go to little sustainable eco power offerings more than two-thirds of the customers. Even when the gas, many are currently seeking a new provider. Promoter of the ever energy group to ensure more transparency and informed comprehensively before the change. Jobs: Berlin joins the ever energy group renewable energy collaborates with selected eco-electricity and bio gas providers. The company also promotes the development of renewable energy and offers consumers a comprehensive advice about photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and energy-efficient housing. In order to expand the service, the ever energy group searches as soon as possible dedicated employees for promotion-jobs. See also: should heat pumps / applicant profile for part-time job or free promotional jobs future promoter, communicative, open and interested in renewable energy. Vocational qualifications are secondary in the foreground, personality and skills are available? The application of external is desirable because the necessary knowledge is taught in seminars. Promotion-jobs Berlin: Ever energy group seeks motivated info staff streets and shopping malls are the workplace of the future promoter. You work in small teams, whose Einsatze are coordinated by sales management. The promotion jobs can be exercised as self-employed or as a side job. Whom the environment at heart is and would like to engage in their protection can send his full CV to of jobs at. The ever energy group asks all interested parties is exclusively send an email to apply for the sake of the environment.

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Structural Village

The occupation of the Village started as an invasion, at the beginning was about 130 people, occupying barracos constructed in the proper one I fill with earth with remaining portions of boxes wooden and plastics gotten in the garbage. In 1993 393 resident families in the area had been registered in cadastre, 149 of which surviving of the activity of catar garbage. In 1994 the number of resident families duplicated and passed to about 700. In 2005, the Structural one was one of the biggest invasions of the Federal District, with approximately 6,700 families, that is, of 28 the 30,000 people, with average income of up to two minimum wages. In 2006, the Government of the Federal District regulated the Complementary Law n 715/2006 that it created the Special Zone of Interesse Social (ZEIS), called Structural Village. The objective of the Law is the urbanization of the Structural Village (SEDUMA, 2007). Such information compose the scene to think the partner-ambient question, a time that: the inaquality is without a doubt one of expressions of the social inaquality that marked the history of our country. … Consequently Has strong correlation between poverty pointers and the occurrence of illnesses associates to the pollution for absence of water and sanitary exhaustion or for launching of solid rejeitos, liquid and gaseous emissions of industrial origin (ACSELRAD, 2004, p.1). The Structural Village constitutes, therefore a fertile field to argue the relation between socioeconmicos aspects and environment, that is, to develop a reflection on the ambient injustices that occur in the Federal District. 2. Historical aspects of the formation of Brasilia and the Structural Village the history of the Structural Village is confused with the history of the capital of the Republic. This fact evidences the necessity to retake the data historical of the formation of the city of Brasilia. Without the pretension to make minute a chronological picture of the construction of the city, we detach aspects of the past that, when being the urbanstica materialization of these ideas.

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