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Sidi Yerbouti

Disculpa Sidi and I am glad that it is so. When I wrote that it resembled a bookseller from the approach to ALMOTASIN but I didn’t write it sheik yerbouti said: what of sufi of Library is by the mere fact of having met in a bookstore, and because Apostille that seemed like fleetingly bello as but in reality I invited with a lovely talk on top of self-define as former addict to Guenon, and left me deep impression of a sincere man of the road. Oh, Rabbi; I have not read that story ever. Their claims of founding a tariqa based on the books of the parent. This phrase reberbera conscious, subconscious and supraconsceintemente at me and beyond the childish as that may seem to some to me, given the too CHILDISH and frustrating situation of the APORIA. ESTERIL design and initiatory Confluence, said phrase becomes me increasingly more atrativo, fair and necessary and together to the disappointing adjective (as RAPPROCHEMENT ALMOTASIM, analogically with thing that an insult matter a COMPLIMENT) I becomes next to the person of the son of GUeNON on the contrary this trite initiatory current in neutral remove what you think Sidi Yerbouti? Do you try something analogous to me, by now sterile, attempt on COULIANO, with the son of GUeNON? Much speculation about something anecdotal about years ago there was a conference about the shadhiliyya in Alexandria, and said Geoffray the son of Guenon was there. It had simply no interest which use his name or that of his father to mount anything on a tariqa if up to the own Guenon in his letters rejects such an idea before the increasingly clear intentions of Schuon’s create the mariamiyya! Not mount a tariqa by spontaneous generation, thus, is more antitradicional that there is, and can only lead to more confusion and degeneration. If the place could not be found between what already there, make more space only is product of a whimsical desire to have something that suits the own soul, and not sacrificing the own soul to reach God salam. Nuruddin original author and source of the article.

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