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Sonorous Temperature

The arborization is made thus it can help the environment as a whole, in the urban way, they have the important function to diminish the effect greenhouse, beyond preserving and improving the quality of the hdricos resources. We must remember the benefits of the trees: The reduction of the solar rays, forming a species of ' ' it keeps sol' ' that it produces shade in the sidewalk, with the reduction of the heat for the pedestrians also improving in the thermal comfort of the residences; The reduction of the effect greenhouse, that is the process that occurs when a part of the solar radiation reflected by the terrestrial surface is absorbed by determined gases gifts in the atmosphere, holding back heat and causing increase of the temperature; The reduction of the temperature and increase of the humidity of air, therefore provide to the surrounding renewal of the oxygen of air and hidratando the atmosphere by means of the processes of the photosyntheses and perspiration. Planted in the neighborhoods of buildings, the trees stabilize the internal temperature of these constructions, making possible lesser use of the air conditioners and, consequentemente, reducing the consumption of electric energy. The shelter and the abundant food for birds and other animals, therefore, the presence of trees in the urban areas provides shelter, food and even though they multiply in them; The biological diversity of arbreas species that can be preserved, beyond contributing for the improvement of the urbansticas conditions, and still can rescue cultural values and of memory of the city for the native inhabitants; The increase of water infiltration in the ground; It diminishes the force of the winds and assists in the reduction of the sonorous pollution: the trees made use in rows or bulks (together for the pantries), form true barriers that can contribute for the ambient improvement of the places where if they point out and generate benefits to the areas of entorno.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Many people who previously enjoyed good health, are suddenly in a State of health uncomfortable. Tests will be done and do not seem to have anything, or have a combination of symptoms of various conditions. Many wonder if they are becoming crazy or just in case you suffer from any new disease, unknown by science. Others find that they have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. What is chronic fatigue syndrome? It is a condition of strong and prolonged exhaustion (fatigue) that is not relieved with rest and is not directly caused by other diseases or fatigue. Causes, incidence, and risk factors the exact cause of the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is unknown. Some researchers suspect that it could be caused by a virus, such as virus Epstein-Barr (EBV) or human herpes virus type 6 (HHV-6). However, no specific virus as the cause has been identified. Studies suggest that chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by inflammation throughout the system nervous, and that this inflammation may be a kind of immune response or process. Other factors such as age, prior illness, stress, environment or genetics may also play a role. This syndrome occurs most often in women aged 30 to 50. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) describe the chronic fatigue syndrome as a different disorder with symptoms and specific physical signs, based on the discarding of other possible causes. The number of people affected by this syndrome is unknown. Chronic fatigue syndrome is diagnosed once the doctor ruled out other possible causes of fatigue, such as: drug dependence autoimmune disorders or immune infections diseases neurological or muscle (such as multiple sclerosis) endocrine diseases (such as hypothyroidism) other diseases (such as heart disease, Nephropathies or liver disease) psychiatric or psychological illnesses particularly depression tumors Symptoms the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are similar to those of most common viral diseases (muscle aches, headache, and fatigue). These appear in a matter of a few hours or days and lasting six months or more. Main symptoms: fatigue or tiredness, never experienced to such an extent before (recent-onset), that lasts at least six months and that he is not relieved with bed rest fatigue so intense that limits activities (serious fatigue develops with less than half of the disease compared with earlier effort) other symptoms: fatigue lasting more than 24 hours after making an amount of exercise that normally would be tolerated without problem not feeling rested after of having slept enough time lack of memory or other similar symptoms including difficulty concentrating, confusion, or irritability headaches of quality, gravity and pattern different from the previous pain in the joints, which often passes a joint to another (arthralgias migratory), no swelling or redness of joints sensitivity in the lymph nodes in the neck or armpit mild fever (101 degrees F 38.3 C or less) muscle aches (myalgias) muscle weakness all over the body or in different parts, which is not caused by any known disorder sore throat once detected this syndrome is necessary to treat it. An easy, fast and cheap way is through the acoustics technology, which induce deep States of relaxation and cause that person begins to regenerate physically and mentally. If you used in acoustic Audio to treat the chronic fatigue, you will feel reborn to a new life full of joy, happiness and wealth. Original author and source of the article.

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Life After Divorce

According to statistics, the initiators of divorce in our country are women. But ironically, suffer from divorce, alas, the same woman. Fear of new relations experience, most divorced women. For fear that they are frustrated meet on the street, in cafes, vkontakte and develop further, perhaps, a happy relationship? – Fear of unjustified expectations. The woman obviously had not yet begun to program the relationship to fail – Fear of being "again" abandoned. Attachment inevitable in a long-term relationship and breakup in such cases are very painful – Fear of love. Be one and only – to force it – fear of comparison. Sex – one of the top moments of serious relationships, and Suddenly pregnancy, because it was already – Fear of the public. Endorse the selection of friends, relatives and friends. How is live? Fears – this is unnecessary cockroaches in my head, which can either lure the rest of his life, or relentlessly hound. Fight your fears to as cockroaches. First you need to brush your life from the "garbage", unnecessary things, which are reminiscent of past relationships, her husband. Pay a visit to the barber shop and change your hairstyle, it is help relieve the tension that will lead to immediate changes in their lives. Go shopping, make a "favorite" gift. Men are like magnets are attracted to the light-heartedness and joy, by sure, but at the same time air women, no man will be indifferent. Most fears are born of the uncertainty, scant experience in dealing with young people. In this case, a good assistant can be the Internet. On specialized sites, znakomstvazavodyatsya simple. Of course, you should not get involved in this resource, you just need practice in communication, even non-verbal, but communicating with the opposite sex. Learn What to breathe, that they prefer to date men who gather valuable information for themselves. This knowledge may be useful in personal communication, for example, to start the conversation, or find out interesting details of the life of a new acquaintance. Ask and listen to the stories of men should relax a woman, you will need to be relaxed and open to contact. Starting a new relationship, you can tell yourself that you can not enter into a water twice, life changes and never too late to be happy and start all over again!

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