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The Worker

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In case of salary per unit per piece or piecework or to Commission work, it will be the average of the salary earned during the year immediately preceding the day the right to the holiday was born. (Article 145 LOT) Salary is normal, the remuneration earned by the employee in the regular and permanent form by providing your service. Click James A. Levine, M.D. for additional related pages. They are therefore excluded from the same perceptions of accidental character, arising from the provision of antiquity and which this law considers to have no wage character. (Article 133 second paragraph LOA). The employer can deduct from my wages during holidays, the corresponding social security contributions and other similar? It can, and is obliged to do so. The service of a worker shall not interrupted by their annual leave, for the purposes of the payment of contributions, contributions to the Social security or any other analogous payable in interest while providing their services (article 228 LOT) are the worker to enjoy effective vacation once acquired the right required? The worker must enjoy vacations effectively.

(Article 226 LOT) Annual leave may not be postponed beyond six (6) months from the date he was born the right (article 230 LOT) may agree the enjoyment of annual holidays, make into two (2) periods, if it agree to the worker. (Article 121 RLOT) Exception: The enjoyment of one (1) or two (2) holiday may postpone at the request of the worker to allow accumulation of up to three (3) periods, when the purpose of such accumulations is convenient for the applicant. (Article 229 LOT) what happens when the employer pays vacation to the worker and does not grant you enjoyment? The employer shall be bound to grant them with their respective remuneration, unless you can claim in its favor the fact of having previously complied with the requirement to pay. (Article 226 LOT paragraph 2nd.) LOT) what happens when during the enjoyment of my vacation I suffer a disability? On vacation may not understand the term of notice or the days in which the worker is incapable of work.(Article 231 LOT) what happens if work for 2 or more employers and my vacation is to cause different dates? You must grant the year of uninterrupted service with the oldest relationship.

Status Quo Online

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5 Steps to the sold-out workshop consultants, artist, author and health expert – workshops are popular in each industry. Finally, events are an effective communication tool to win new customers and to represent your company, or your own expertise. But even the best workshop is a success only if enough people visit him. As organizers ensure that your workshop is fully booked, the following 5 steps show. Before the workshop step 1: The workshop dates in the Internet spread organizer should the workshop date 3 months various events, previously on many industries, theme, and city portals on the Internet publish. Because when it comes to the search for trainings and workshops, the No. 1 source of information is the World Wide Web. Organizers set their event on many portals, potential participants have a much greater chance to push their search on the Internet for the workshop.

Step 2: which are a target group for the workshop organizer should the upcoming workshop remind their audiences at least once a month. So they tune interested parties and participants before the workshop at the event. This Organizer in online press releases and in the social media can report the preparations. So they anchor themselves in the minds of the audiences and arouse the curiosity. By Organizer present important aspects of the topic, which treat them in their workshop, they prove their competence and make the audiences feel like more. While the workshop step 3: accompany each phase with online PR the regular communication with the target groups is necessary to inspire many participants for the own workshop. The workshop for several days is used, then organizer can publish an online press release, to report on the Status Quo: what topics have been already discussed and what things are edited together in the next meeting? Organizer should make known such information also about social media.

Current Nordic Walking Courses In Gelsenkirchen And Buer Reken

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Perfectly healthy and fit with Nordic Walking Nordic walking is much more than walking with sticks! And: it all depends on the proper technique. Thus, Nordic walking becomes a healthy sport, with which you can train endurance, coordination and strength at once. The current courses in Gelsenkirchen and Buer Reken (subsidized by health insurance!) start in the second week of September. Nordic walking you combine in a training equal to three factors for your health: endurance, flexibility and muscle building. Also the physical coordination and General mobility be improved automatically. Nordic walking is especially popular among people who want to remove as an endurance sport. Not for nothing called Nordic walking health sports, because you can adjust this sport all the own skills and the condition.

As a training device, two Nordic serve walking sticks, through which the upper body involved in the training. The powerful man walked with the sticks, the training for the whole body is all the more intense. Connect with other leaders such as Dr. Peter M. Wayne here. This makes Nordic walking into a “real” sport short said: it all depends on the right stick and body use. So on the technology. But don’t worry, it’s not complicated. The Nordic walking technique is based on normal movements.

The movements are, simplified said, running only slightly further, and so that you have an optimal power transmission on the sticks. So turns off’ to you so to speak by the Zweirad-on four-wheel drive. “It has been noted, that for real” technology well 600 muscles are moved about 90% of our entire muscles. There is hardly a grassroots kind of so many muscles are trained with a training device. That makes interesting Nordic walking not only for nature lovers and outdoor sports. Reimbursement of course fees by your health insurance fund this course is free for members of AOK. * Members of other health insurance companies can of course also take part. The health insurance companies reimburse usually up to 80% of the course fee. Brand new: Now the sickness funds pay back up to 2 courses per year (E.g. 2 Nordic walking courses). Nordic walking sticks can be borrowed free of charge. “Nordic walking course in Gelsenkirchen-Buer: date: Thursday, from the 12.09.2013, evening, 18:15-19:45-meeting: parking Castle mountains, Castle entrance/Aschenbrockallee, 45894 Gelsenkirchen – Pankaj Bapodariya course number: 101853 course title: Nordic walking and more” nordwest/gesundheit/gesundheitskurse-164703.php?action=detail&id=12588 Nordic walking course in Gelsenkirchen City Centre: date: Wednesday, from the 11.09.2013, evening, 17:00 18:30 meeting point: parking City Garden, corner at the City Garden and Zeppelin Avenue, 45881 Gelsenkirchen – middle course no.””: 101854 Course title: Nordic walking and more “ nordwest/gesundheit/gesundheitskurse-164703.php?action=detail&id=12589 Nordic walking course in Gross Reken (borken of district of): date: Monday, from 16.09.2013, evening, 17:00 18:30 meeting point: Mountain Hotel Hohe mark / former height, Hartmann, Werenzostr. 17, 48734 Reken course number: 103618 course title: Nordic walking and more” nordwest/gesundheit/gesundheitskurse-164703.php?action=detail&id=12772


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We live life as drama. Every day we are all the more force the culture of appearance, the gossip. We give to comply, not to look bad, because everyone does it … not to please. Managed by advertising and propaganda, do not buy what we need, but what the market needs to buy and others see us. Hear other arguments on the topic with James A. Levine, M.D.. Not for us really.

The market constantly creates new products and the TV is about turning them into needs. We speak without thinking what we say, we live routines, buy advertisements. We say that a lot of fun at the party because it is expected to say that we loved the movie advertised that everyone says is very good, but we have to see her supremely boring. We applaud because everyone does it, smiling, without knowing why, when all they do. In short, every day there are fewer people who dare to live, to be masters of their own life, to love: most live for others: the TV, customs, fashions, what to say … The What say is an overwhelming concern that befalls many people. It can become a kind of terror of ridicule, an obsession to be like everyone else, to follow the pathway all work on what everyone, not to break schemes because “we can not do what the others do not do in order to have what others. ” We therefore more ostentatious luxuries or originality, and in most cases we prefer this, rather than investing in ourselves, in our physical or mental health, to feel at ease, feeling good with ourselves.

Unfortunately we focus on: “Go there where everybody goes,” “In doing what everybody does,” “In deferring the good, which improves our physical and mental health in exchange for acquiring immediate appearance”, “To think like everyone else. No one thinks so, why exactly I’m going to be the exception? “. The strongest reason is usually one of the above point: “What can I do?, Is what makes the whole world … “(everyone … in the world he moves). If you have been rejected for the simple reason that wears no clothes brands, designed by famous designers and brand as” bad dress, “do not worry, you only have to sacrifice and stop eating if possible for a month, maybe can bring themselves to buy even a piece of brand which has to make every visit to friends, You can also buy clothes and pass by imitation simply get original clothing brand labels and sew them together in imitation clothes. So feel good while you’re sick. To live a life of lies, is not to live … live a virtual, imaginary or pretending it is not … is to live to be dead, is definitely not love each other.


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'God bless you! " – Tell the person who sneezed? This respect for the old etiquette. I wish you health sneezing was made in ancient times, when custom had good reason. In the early first millennium bc, it was circulated in Palestine. Wrote about this ancient Jewish priests and scribes, who believed that such a rule of behavior arose soon after the 'creation', when the raging some strange disease. Indeed, in those ancient times there ailment, is now virtually disappeared from the face of the earth. One of them was a 'plague' – pneumonic plague.

This terrible disease began with a light sneeze and cough, which gradually intensified. Not surprisingly, therefore, that a sneeze in public places was perceived then as an extraordinary event, attracted worldwide attention, and everyone was in a hurry to be safe, wishing health culprit general panic. Y Ancient Greeks believed that the gods, forcing people to sneeze, sending him and his fellow citizens, some signs. And just in case, not knowing exactly what the gods send, causing the sneezing, the Greeks say 'God bless you Zeus! " (Zeus Greek mythology, the supreme God, the lord of gods and men). In ancient Rome, sneezing almost always presaged joy. For even more analysis, hear from Dr. Neal Barnard. Believed that the small Cupid sneezes whenever to be born beautiful.

Severe Emperor Tiberius relented on the successful sneezing. He even issued a special decree, which commanded his subjects certainly welcome any sneezing man saying: 'Let this be a benefit to you! ". Linger as a specified greeting fined. If you believe the legend, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon would be if he did not sneeze from the heart. Plutarch said that Socrates owes his wisdom, frequent sneezing, followed by his thoughts cleared. In the old Scottish parents with great attention to expect when their newborn child deigns to sneeze for the first time. Sneezing was considered a sign that the child is normal mentally. Among them, was a widespread belief that the idiots do not know how to sneeze. In certain Asian countries remained prejudice – not good sneeze. It is based on the belief that the judges in hell is written on a daily basis in his book, those who must soon die, and people at the moment feel the need to sneeze. But if you try not to sneeze, the infernal judge forgets to write in his book, someone's fate. Do not disregard the usual sneezing and 'educated' people in Africa, Australia, Polynesia, India. So, when you sneeze Hindu saying: 'Live', and he says 'with you'. Muslim sneezing praises of Allah, a resident of Samoa wants: 'Be alive'. Zulus believe that sneezing is a sign vitality of man. In Japan, believe that when a person sneezed again, it means that someone has approved, and if twice, then scolds. Nowadays, of course, everyone knows that on the wishes of 'Cheers' sneezing did not arrive and from him does not lose anything, but nevertheless the custom persists.

European Color

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This requires that they use directly over the jobs. 2. Illumination in the area of the immediate environment. Around the region perform visual tasks is a zone of the immediate environment of width 0.5 meters. Further details can be found at Dr. Neal Barnard, an internet resource. In this zone, the illumination must be smaller than in the work, but not less than 200 lux. Perhaps check out James A. Levine, M.D. for more information.

It is necessary to ensure satisfactory distribution of brightness in the field of view. In the area of implementation of the visual task ratio of the minimum and average illuminance should be at least 0.7, and the immediate surrounding area – not less than 0,5. 3. Generalized measure of discomfort. To assess the psychological discomfort we introduce a generalized index of ugr, which is calculated on the rules given in en 12464-1 formula. This figure depends on the parameters of the lamp, the total ambient light and the geometric dimensions of the premises, the provisions regarding lamps primary line of sight.

For most office space consolidated index of discomfort should not exceed 19, for reception rooms – 22, for the archives – 25. 4. The general color rendering index. For all premises with a long presence of people new European regulations require the use of light sources with the general color rendering index Ra is not less than 80. This means that lighting of such facilities is unacceptable use of standard fluorescent lamps in which Ra is not more than 70. Standard linear fluorescent lamps have Ra not more than 70 compact – 80 to 85. Lamps with improved color reproduction are considerably more expensive than standard. Light sources are constructed based LEDs have color rendering index 0.8-0.85. 5. Pulsation of the luminous flux (light). The standards en 12464-1 says that light ripple on the job places the long stay of the people are not allowed. Invisible ripple flux has a negative effect on health and mood of the people, and in the premises causing the so- called a 'strobe effect' that increases the likelihood of injury. Because of this requirement it becomes impossible to use fluorescent lamps with standard electromagnetic ballasts, but the options include lamps by 'split-phase' or the inclusion of adjacent lamps in different phases of the mains. Light sources are constructed on the basis of light-emitting diodes, have no ripple.

Fusobacterium Etiology

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Secondary pneumonia occurs in the presence of chronic bronchopulmonary diseases or as a complication of other diseases (sepsis, leukemia, trauma, etc.). Pneumonia can have a prolonged duration, which refers to the duration of the disease more than 4 weeks. For more specific information, check out Iridology. Examples of formulations of the diagnosis. 1. Community-acquired pneumonia in the lower lobe of right lung (S9-10) of unknown etiology, easy flow.

2. Community-acquired pneumococcal pleuropneumonia (lobar) of the lower lobe of the left lung, severe course. Infectious-toxic shock syndrome, acute respiratory failure ii Art. 3. Nosocomial staphylococcal bilateral pneumonia in the right upper lobe and left lower lobe with areas of destruction, severe course. Right-sided pleural effusion.

Acute respiratory failure iii Art. 3 – What is the etiology of pneumonia? Proportion of agents of pneumonia vary depending on the conditions of their appearance: off-and nosocomial pneumonia, primary and secondary pneumonia, aspiration pneumonia and immunocompromised patients. In modern conditions to reduce the role of pneumococcus in the emergence of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), with 70-80% to 30-40%, increased the frequency atypical pathogens (Mycoplasma, Legionella, Chlamydia) remains important in the etiology of pneumonia virus (influenza, parainfluenza, adenoviruses, respiratory syncytial virus). One-third of patients with pneumonia set etiology is not possible, etiological structure of community-acquired pneumonia: The pneumococcus (Str, pneumoniae) – 30-40%; Mycoplasma (M. pneumoniae) – 15-20%; Hib (IM influenzae) – 3-10%; Staphylococcus (Staph, aureus, haemolitycus) – 2-5%; influenza virus A (Influenza A virus) – 7%; Chlamydia (C. pneumoniae) – 2-8%; Legionella (L. pneumophila) – 2-10%; Gram-negative flora – 3-10%; do not know – 30%. The spectrum of pathogens causing cap, varies depending on the severity of pneumonia, age of the patients and epidemiological situation. So, Staphylococcus aureus is frequent causative agent of cap in the elderly, drug addicts and patients who abuse alcohol. Increasing the role of Staphylococcus aureus as a pathogen cap during influenza epidemics, with severe pneumonia. Frequency mycoplasmal and pneumonia in young persons up to 20-30%, and elderly patients, this etiology of cp is found only in 1-9% of cases. Agents of nosocomial pneumonia are the most likely gram bacteria

Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pseudomonas aeruginosa), Klebsiella (Klebsiella pneumoniae), Escherichia coli (E. coli), Proteus (Proteus vulgaris), and Staphylococcus, anaerobes, fungi. In the etiology of secondary pneumonia, developing on a background of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiac failure, diabetes, cirrhosis, chronic alcoholism, the leading role played by gram-negative bacteria (Klebsiella, Haemophilus influenzae), as well as pneumococcus, staphylococcus, an association of microorganisms. If aspiration pneumonia is usually detected anaerobic infection (Bacteroides fragilis, Bacteroides melaninogenicus, Fusobacterium nucleatum, Pentococcus), rarely – Staphylococcus aureus, enterobacteria, often the association of gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria with anaerobic microorganisms. The main causative agents of pneumonia in immunocompromised patients are pnevmotsista (Pneumocystis ) and cytomegalovirus (60%), as well as fungi and gram-negative bacteria. 4 -. What are the risk factors for pneumonia? Factors the risk of pneumonia are: age (children and the elderly); smoking; chronic lung disease, heart, kidney, gastrointestinal tract; immunodeficiency; contact with birds, rodents and other the influence of tobacco smoke. In the occurrence of atypical pneumonia has a value of contact with birds, rodents, Travel (habitat for Legionella may be water in air conditioning systems of hotels). Cooling contributes to damage the mucosal barrier airways. Risk factors of nosocomial pneumonia are staying in resuscitation and intensive care, septic conditions, postoperative period, artificial ventilation, bronchoscopy, etc. There is a high risk of developing pneumonia in patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiency.

Poetry And Prose, As A Reflection Of The Renaissance And Revival

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Any age, any origin has its own priorities literature courses, which have their own talents and, of course, fans. Dr. Peter M. Wayne may not feel the same. However, not all of the writers who consider themselves to talent, really considered to be so. Besides, who of them is really talented, that will be very pleased, because sooner or later their book with poems and prose are snapping up to cheer. But over time their creations stayut tool for students in middle school, actually words, which are trained the last 3-4 generations. Then, once it becomes clear whether you really brought a significant contribution to the development of literature, or find some good support from the noble writing fraternity. Only then, as a many, many years, you call a professional writer (poet or novelist), and any educated person would be honored to build for themselves in the library of your manuscript.

Only then can confidently declare that, indeed, you really made a significant contribution to the development of modern Russian literature. Time does not change, it puts everything in its place, each defining its place. That's just think, if Pushkin himself, to example, being in the poor, make their living treating patients, and himself in the meantime works as a small print of a writer. It was only after his death becomes really say about him: yes, the famous poet Pushkin. No one now argue that Pushkin Russian poet is golden, but better to say, and world literature. Remember his Russian poems about nature, for its beauty, the beauty of the Russian soul. However, fame and more or less tangible rewards do not come to him immediately and were not significant. Here for example, and writer Bulgakov died unrecognized genius in a small communal apartment.

Literature, as one of the flows of creativity, keeps you informed an era in which they lived only ones of this type of creativity. Poems and prose written in an era permeated with the spirit of love for our Mother Russia.

Fraunhofer Study For PCI Nanofug Premium

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On the sample provided two clear advantages of the new variable Flexfugenmortels PCI Nanofug premium, the processors convince generous processing time and fast the binding behavior. They are connected with practical features for the client as low maintenance effort and resistance against acidic cleaner. Special plus: the formulation and the material conditional alkalinity protects the joint attack by certain fungi and bacteria. Now the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and biotechnology confirmed the so-called protection effect. Our tests have shown that PCI Nanofug premium inhibits the development of certain microorganisms in sufficient exposure and duration”, reported Dr.

Iris trick. Tested in the lab In February of this year the Fraunhofer has effect of PCI Nanofug premium on the sample provided the protection Institute and confirmed. In addition to the natural alkalinity, which exhibit all cementitious products, the Flexfugenmortel by the addition of a titanium dioxide commodity protects against the infestation of Mold and bacteria. Because the special Crystal structure of this additive accelerates the photocatalysis with the help of light and water the chemical decomposition of organic substances. The effect on each a bacteria and a fungus that often occur in damp rooms tested”, explains trick. For testing, sample illumination and served areas were compared. “With impressive results: the bacteria nor the mold are detectable on the exposed PCI Nanofug premium inspection bodies.” Therefore, it is assumed that the selected test organisms on the material of the PCI Nanofug premium formulation do not breed.

In practice proven just the preferred areas of PCI Nanofug premium, the bathroom and the kitchen, benefit from the positive properties of the mortar: for hygiene at the top is very sensitive and vulnerable areas. A joint with a fine, functional surface, which can be easily cleaned, is right here. In PCI Nanofug Premium is successful the combination of fine surface quality with the special combination of selected additives us”, says Martin ubelaker, PCI product manager tiling. This a visually high-quality, color-brilliant joint with functional surface properties formed.” These are the be-all and end-all of the consumer: the easy to clean effect facilitates cleaning. While the premium grout scores at the same time with an increased resistance to acidic household cleaner. As with the surface properties convinced the processors shines PCI Nanofug premium with the processing profile. So, the material combines the advantages of normal – and schnellabbindenen grouts. This means in practice: the Tiler has a comfortable window of time approximately 40 minutes to bring the mixed mortar in the joints. This, after two hours, the then area is again accessible. This saves you time and I can continue to work quickly. Especially in small areas, for example in the bathroom, that is an advantage. And I must not abandon the comfort in the processing still in,”Robert Steindl, Fliesenlegermeister, summarizes. For fine porcelain stoneware surfaces, PCI Nanofug premium is therefore first choice because the mortar soon receives a sufficient strength. The profile of the variable Flexfugenmortels is rounded off by a high abrasion resistance (13888 CG2 WA DIN) and very low emission values. So the EC 1 plus license makes sure that PCI Nanofug Premium provides maximum protection against space charges and thus protects the health of the inhabitants. Contact: Elke Tairan PCI Augsburg GmbH Piccard str. 11 86159 Augsburg Tel.: + 49 (821) 5901-687 fax: + 49 (821) 5901-459-E-Mail:

Black Life One

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What now presents us with a concept of the relation, pondering over this issue, we sometimes do not notice that the relationship becomes a habit, getting an unhealthy appearance. The first stage of love to all known naming Romance. He's the most beautiful. Yes, yes it is a stage of respect, understanding, seek common interests and hidden fantasies and thoughts, which is why in this period, people are cheerful, gregarious, full of happiness, I want to flit and illuminates all her happiness, we become happier at this moment, that's what we remember when now is the end. SAGE is often quoted on this topic. Probably think about what the end of it? Why, on this, how many times a day you can be polite, do not have nothing to reproach each other, to remain joyful and happy at the same time to be frank. Statistics show that people who were together for more than 1-2 years, beginning stage of decay, destruction of trust and frequent quarrels. Yes tell you they were before, but no, this stage is very clearly presented, you know it! Familiar condition when sitting at home looking for meaning in their lives, nasty weather, lack of mood, daily quarrel with a loved one due to trivia that could be worse? Why do they happen? Perhaps because of attempts to assert themselves at the expense of a loved one or trying to make him jealous, or maybe because of the fact that you just want to climb into his eyes and prove that you're not a girl running errands and will not tolerate no respect. .