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Nursing Principles

Being thus, it are sufficiently influenced for principles of the Administration and some philosophical theories of the same one. INFLUENCES OF THE SCIENTIFIC THEORY ON Nursing NURSING the practical one has acquired much influence of the old principles of the scientific theory, being able itself to detach the following aspects: It has in the nursing a concern of the elaboration of rules and norms that must be obeyed by all the professionals. The division of the work in the nursing makes with that it has a specialization of its members in the tasks of ability of the assistant, the technician and the nurse, who, certainly, propitiating a route for the practical one of nursing. Methods of funcionalista work, typically mechanist of the administration, who guides the nursing assistance, becoming broken up it in its activities, that is, each component of the nursing team has its contextualizada and individualizada task. The nursing is a profession that has evolved very in recent years, in result of the accompaniment of the technology and of its exploitation in the development of its practical professional. For if constituting in a set of sciences social human beings and, it searched in the administration use of the scientific method capable to become the operationally rational work, with the only intention to give assistance to the patient, to the family and the community, in way that could take care of its necessities. Therefore, knowing the principles where if they base the administration and possessing abilities to take decisions, it only is that the nurse can choose the method to plan, to execute and to evaluate the actions in the practical one of the nursing service. It fits to stand out that the theories of the administration universal and are easily absorbed in any area of the knowledge. (4) In particular, in the nursing, its influence was significant, due to proper nature and philosophy of the service of nursing that obligatorily makes use of the administrative principles considered by Taylor, Fayol, Maslow and others.

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Forrester Fijate

Why insist that not you can apply to a person, a family one punishment greater than the of depriving it of the possibility of having a decent job. The anguish of lost work live at all levels of the social scale. In each of them appearing as the overwhelming evidence that desecrates the identity of who suffers from it. V. Forrester Fijate vos. Anywhere in the world or rather in the first world, the State is responsible for supplying everything necessary to its inhabitants. Health, education, work, security, justice. But here it seems that the thing is not so well. Of course the State has created the plans work, but that is not the true and actual obligation of the State. The State must: organize, create, establish, instituting, implement, promote, genuine sources of work. Rewarding and dignified work. But despite everything though state grant you very little or almost nothing, the inhabitants, as already said, what more they are demanding work, only work. Because having work the only people shall provide whether same the rest of other needs. Generate genuine sources of work, that is the question, and so the State can avoid claims and protests. But they are still ineffective. Well, now returning to the four possibilities. Either may 1, posible2, posible3 and posible4, there is a common denominator. All are units of consumption, therefore everyone should consume. Now I ask you: in which of the four possible classes mentioned above you think that there is majority? Well, you already know the answer. And also I wonder it would not best for all inhabitants of this beloved and battered Latin America that last two classes will begin to decrease so that the first two to be extended? Well, here also know the answer. Now well, do and how this would be possible? You just need to have more work.

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