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Energyefficient Windows

But here comes the problem of energy conservation. This problem concerns not only the glass in large formats, but also domestic premises: apartments, houses, child care, etc. As a rule, through the wooden box on order (at subject to the application of ordinary glass), lost 40-50% of thermal energy, so all the major manufacturers of glass mastered the production of energy-saving glass. Giving the energy-saving properties of glass connected with drawing on his low-emission surface of the optical coating and the glass itself with such a coating has been called low-emissivity. These coatings provide a passage into the room shortwave, solar radiation, but prevents the exit from the premises longwave thermal radiation, for example, the heater (and therefore low-emission glass is also called selectivity). Characteristic energy is emissivity glass. Coefficient of thermal radiation is a characteristic of the surface rather than the whole body and it is the same physical characteristics, such as density, melting point, etc. By emissivity glass (emission) to understand the ability of the glass surface to reflect the long-wavelength not visible to the human eye, thermal radiation, whose wavelength is less than 16,000 Nm. Emissitent surface (E) determines the emissivity glass (of conventional E-glass is 0.83, while the less selective 0.04) and, consequently, the possibility as it is reflected back into space thermal radiation. The cause of radiation lies in the movement of free electrons of atoms on the surface of the glass, and the density of moving electrons. Not all metals, well-conductive, have the property to reflect dlinovolnovoe thermal radiation. .

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Atomic Energy Agency

Working for peace. And stale rhetoric has also been the tirades and attacks of Bush set against Iran, which responsible almost all evils, to convince its Arab allies that must support him in performances most risky and aggressive against Tehran. But neither Kuwait nor the UAE believe that Iran is the source of all their ills, although they fear him; Perhaps because more than two centuries and a half ago they Iran not attacking any neighbor. Perhaps because, as reported by the international agency of Atomic Energy Agency of the UN, the Iranian Government cooperates and is prepared to dispel the doubts that may exist about Iranian nuclear rinses. Or maybe because the US intelligence services have recently certified that they Iran abandoned its military nuclear program three years ago. Where he gets Bush then that Iran threatens the security of the Nations anywhere, that Iran is the world’s leading repromocion of terror and that destabilises the region? Be that as it may, America’s Arab allies prefer diplomacy with Iran. Although it is well known that the regime in Tehran supports Hezbollah in the Lebanon and to Hamas in Palestinian territory, terrorism concern to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Jordan is not which can be driven or carried out by Hezbollah and Hamas, local and localized, by the way. Terrorism that frightens America’s Arab allies is the of Al Qaeda, a Sunni, not Shiite terrorism. On the other hand, America’s Arab allies are convinced that all the influence that Iran has gained in the region is largely because of the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that has promoted and directed us. The most interesting part operational trip has been the sale of us weapons to its Arab allies, of course to defend themselves against Iran. Bush has established a contract of sale of billions of dollars of missiles with guidance systems by satellite and Patriot anti-missile missiles.

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Mortal Love

Homesickness of you love, love that I discovered when girl and want to get rid when woman, homesickness of the love took who me to the extremities of the life, joy and sadness, homesickness of you love, made that me to want to marry and to have children made and me to desire to be alone pra always, homesicknesses love of the unconditional pleasure and the mortal arrpendimento, homesickness love of the promises and the disdain of them, homesickness of the affection that brought me the rejection, homesickness of being close and having some kilometers that separates in them, homesicknesses of its words same that they had been all fools and lies plays to the wind, but made me happy for some minutes, homesickness of this love that made me to believe that world of returns and that exactly without to know its origin, its color, its age, nationality, belief or profession, I know that you exist and are to wait for me in some place of this small universe, I wait you, because I know that you exist and to find you go me, does not import the time that it will be, I will be its waits, truth love.

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