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Pears and Weight Loss

The pear is an indicated fruit to become thin, with its nutritious properties, very few calories and low in sodium, in addition she is purifying with diurtico and ideal effect to be able to lower of weight. The pear can be found in practically all the countries and is important to include it in our daily diet due to all beneficial properties for the organism. He is ideal for the people with problems of slow digestion thanks to his composition in pectina that in addition aid to maintain the good sugar level in the blood, therefore can be ingested by the diabetics. Also it is important to regulate the cholesterol level and as far as the diets to become thin, thanks to his high fiber content it helps to produce satiety. On the other hand it is a good antioxidant that fights the free radicals preventing the cellular aging. In its nutritional composition we found a good amount of water, it provides energy through its glucose and fructose and has 30 calories each 70 grams, therefore she is low in calories and indicated for the regimes of to become thin. In spite of being rich in sugars it is tolerated by the people with diabetes. Between his mineral salts they stand out magnesium, the phosphorus, I hurt, the calcium and the potassium, all are complemented acting in the formation of the bones and the good operation of the nervous system. Between its vitamins we have the vitamin To, vitamin C and the folic acid, soon also we found in the pear essential fatty acids and amino acids. Besides being indicated as a fruit to become thin I took part in the constipation, in the retention of liquid by its watery composition, in the problems of the digestive system, in people with vitamin deficit To, in the anemia, arthritis and the goiter. The fruit is indicated for all the people of any age but especially for the first childhood and the children who are in the stage of the growth because he acts on the bony formation and the nervous system, for that reason is important to include the pear in our daily diet from the childhood to the third age. Original author and source of the article.

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The Girl

How to deal with the adolescent who already was pregnant? The girl who is with some boys? The boy who has trejeitos of effeminate, what to make? All these questions quite frequently appear throughout the application of the project, generating discomfort, and externando one badly to be very lived deeply and never worked. In this, it says it to space it is very important and it provides to a construction and a contribution between all. The one idea, helps the work of another one, the experience of one given situation for an educator goes to clarear the individual experience equivalent for many others. Another point to be considered is that the sexuality is a thematic one that generates enormous resistance for the work. All consider its importance, inside recognize the necessity of this work of the institution, but in the hour of the application in the daily one, the difficulties that we are calling resistncias here, appear with much intensity. This is clearly in the projects elaborated for the educators. In its majority are projects directed toward the work with auto-esteem, the identity and affectivity. They are important projects, but they do not pass of quarrels. A strategy important to win this difficulty is to include the adolescents in the projects since the beginning. They direct the quarrels that interest to them, beyond motivating the project and exercising its rights. Psicopedagogo through a disgnostic survey the principle with the professors, basement that supports the project. Although the great possibility of information of the world of today, through the media in general, of the school of the family, friends, concludes that these adolescents in general have much little information, and to little information that has it is absorbed or repassed with myths or strong values. As examples: Pill prevents the AIDS? To settle without not engravida penetration? The man has more sexual desire that the woman? Masturbation is harmful for the health? If to use two condoms at the same time is safer? etc, Amongst the questionings presented for the pupils a observed excellent point was difficulty of approach and in the distance of the family in daily pertaining to school.

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Nizhny Novgorod Scientologists

18 and 19 September, a group of Nizhny Novgorod Scientologists hold a jubilee seminar Hubbard Dianetics improved. For the first time this workshop was held in Nizhny Novgorod, a year ago – 13.14 September 2009 During the year, it took 150 participants. This two-day event is dedicated to an in-depth familiarization with the help of effective methods developed by the famous explorer and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard, as detailed in his book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of." Workshop participants not only learn the theoretical principles of the device of the mind, they immediately learn a method using Dianetics, helping each other to solve specific problems eliminating the latent effects of past negative experiences, due to which a person feels depressed and makes mistakes. "In Dianetics – L. Ron Hubbard wrote – was discovered only source of all psychosomatic human diseases and the irrationality of his behavior and thinking and methodology was developed that allows to eradicate them with the same success, "What kind of success in question can be found, for example, from these two such different stories: "With Dianetics feel great! Improved emotional state, increased self-confidence, I feel that I can do anything, you only want to and will succeed. Have a better understanding of people. I realized Why some people reach their goals, while others – no. Successful people do not agree with anyone or anything, they go to his purpose in spite of all difficulties. Any barrier makes them stronger and stronger, more persistent and insistent. Others people give up, agree that they will not. I felt like Dianetics helps you keep going. Even if you have long forgotten where he was going, you remember who you really are and what you want out of life. We all like a child be happy, successful, to have friends nearby. And wanted to enjoy life, but then the belief that it is possible, is gone and life has become uninteresting and boring. Now I got the opportunity to once again believe that all the dreams of childhood real, that it should be, it all depends on yourself, and it's great when life has meaning again! "ND" Studying the theory, I could not believe that it works. The application of Dianetics, and the result was immediate. My vision was to +4.0 +2.0, for 40 minutes, I got rid of allergies to bird cherry, I was collected. My friends noticed a change in me for the better. And now in an apartment ever visit. We talk, and I was not tired of their communication, but before I she loved to visit one, and stupid conversations irritated me, "GK For more information, contact: (831) 413-40-33

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Capturing Amphipolis Philip turned toward the Aegean Sea and took up the peninsula of Halkidiki. The most powerful city on the peninsula was Olinf. Olinf led a confederation of cities of Halkidiki and stood in the way of ambitious Philip plans. At first, neither Athens, with whom Philip was at war from 357 BC, nor Olinf did not take the threat seriously. Each side had used the Macedonians for their own purposes and did not perceive them as a real force in Greece. Philip spent all easy. He tried to reassure the Athenians, and with Olinfom even an alliance. Taking advantage of the war with the allies of Athens, Phillip quickly became Pydna and Potideyu. On the Thracian coast he founded a new city – Philippi. In the 50 – ies of the 4th century BC Philip was able to capture the gold mines of Pangaea. This allowed him to enter the monetary system, which was built on the simultaneous circulation of gold and silver coins exchanged for firm sets rates. Financial reform in Macedonia promoted the development of trade. A accumulation of large amounts of money played an important role in the subsequent military successes Macedonian army. But the main thing achievement at the time of Philip – it was a military reform. He managed to create the most powerful and modern army at the time, which is tactically superior to any other army of the ancient world. The basis of this army was huge ponderous Macedonian phalanx, which consisted of 16-18 thousand men. In depth, it was up to 24 ranks, and its armament consisted Saris (spear) in length from two to six meters. Small Greek shields have been replaced by large rectangular shields, and helmets protect the head warrior. Light infantry were armed with bows and javelins, heavy cavalry also had in its arsenal, Saris. Considerable attention is paid Philip and development of the navy. In the second half of the 4th century BC Macedonian fleet consisted of 160 triremes. Throughout Macedonia at that time were built forts and roads were laid. Philip developed and Corps of Engineers.

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Reduction of volume and Improvement of the aspect of the skin of significant form ACE Aesthetic, doctor-surgical society dedicated to the medicine of the beauty for more than 20 years, is integrated by professionals of recognized prestige, specialized in Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. After years of verified extremely optimal effectiveness and results, Aesthetic ACE bet decidedly by the Liposuction attended by laser as guarantee in the aid to reduce corporal volume and to improve the aspect of the skin of significant form. The accumulated fat in wished sites of the body cannot be eliminated now, of easier form, than by means of the traditional lipo-sculpture. With the liposuction attended by laser more effective and less invasive results for the patient are obtained. The method consists of liquefying the fat located by means of a laser of specific diode, that later will be extracted, while the deep layer is the skin. Besides carving the figure, most showy it is than an effect is obtained perfectly retraction of weaves, visible in the course of the three first months. Another added advantage is that this method can be used to eliminate zones where the skin is very fine that before were contraindicated, like the expensive intern of arms and thighs, the part inferior of the glteos, ankles, knees and also in the face for the zones of neck and papada. This technique eliminates so much the deep fat as the superficial one and, thanks to the technology laser, the skin is reaffirmed after the intervention, since an overheat takes place that coagulates the blood vessels and accelerates the colgeno production. The patient only needs to take to a compressing strip between one week and 10 days. Doctor Alberto Jarque, director of Aesthetic clinic ACE (, summarizes the advantages to us of liposuction laser or to lipolser against traditional liposuction: LIPOSUCTION TRADITIONAL LIPOSUCTION LASER Indication:Patients with excess of fat Patients with excess of fat and flaccidity Zones:Deep fat and heavy skin Deep and superficial fat Post-operative: Two weeks minimum 48 hours are sufficient Taken care of:Compressing strip at least 1 month Compressing strip between 1 week and 10 days Risks:Irregularities in the skin Immediate and regular retraction of the skin It is always recommended to go to medical centers specialized and credited by Health. More information in: ACE White EstticAlonso, 4 28010 Madrid Tel: 914484070 Fax: 914483052 Web: Email: About of Aesthetic ACE Doctor-surgical society dedicated to the medicine of the beauty, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. ACE is integrated by professionals of recognized prestige specialized in Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. We create in the importance of the health and the image in the today world and contributed professional solutions approach that us the beauty and they provide well-being and balance to us. It differentiates the ample supply to us from operations of Aesthetic Surgery and not-surgical Aesthetic Medicine treatments, with a customized treatment to our patients whom a truthful and detailed information of the suitable procedures for each case guarantees more.

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Decembrist Love

The terms of her reading was typical for a country girl. At a meeting with Onegin Tatyana felt it near and dear soul. She fell in love with pure love. Wrote him a grateful letter, waiting for an answer, but it does not come. She expected him to love you back, but instead he reads to her morality, that we should be able to control yourself, and that inexperience can lead to trouble. Her love is hopeless. But what she had hoped for? What makes it a simple country girl can attract sophisticated secular life of a lion. Tatyana such relationships give a good life lesson. During the first two chapters, we perceive it as a sincere, pure and naive in their desires for happiness girl. But time passes. Tatiana is now a respected wife of a general, it is – the princess. What is it, changed you? No, Tatiana is the same, it is full of natural and human dignity. In describing the behavior of Tatiana Pushkin uses this phrase – “… Without imitative austere ….” The author shows us that Tatiana – identity and do not need it to someone to emulate. Her husband is very proud of his wife. Pushkin showed that Tatiana is extremely indifferent to secular life. She does not like hypocrisy that reigns in Petersburg society. Tatyana conscience is clear, it can not betray her husband. Tatiana would not be happy if someone else will bring bad luck, her husband, who she trusts and proud of it. She would never agree to a deal with his conscience. From the life she has a lot of frustration, her fate is tragic. But no matter how much character does not suffer in life, she has not changed itself. Tatiana – with a strong personality, a strong female character. On the one written by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin image of Tatiana? Over the years go debate on this topic. Literary scholars are divided into two camps. Some suggest that it Raevskaya Mary, who married and left Volkonsky, sharing his fate, in Siberia. Others believe that it may be a Decembrist wife Fonvizin. Time goes by, fashion changes and hobbies, but clearly one that the image of Tatyana Larina – is a great artistic phenomenon of classical Russian literature.

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