Wind Energy

wind farm in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany has the world leader in wind energy (with 20,622 MW installed at 01/01/07). A third of the world wind power is being generated in this country, which in 2005 began construction of its first offshore wind plant in the German North Sea island Borkum. The average annual growth in European market Wind energy is 35 . Europe also contributes 75 of global wind power with Germany and Spain as leading countries. The wind energy market has helped to generate in the European Union (EU) more than 50,000 jobs. Greenpeace says offshore wind could supply all European households in 2020. The installation of 50,000 wind turbines in Europe’s seas could generate enough energy to meet the needs of 150 million European households.Furthermore, the development of that potential would create three million jobs across Europe. Germany in wind energy equal to all conventional electricity generated in Argentina. In the most northern federal state, Schleswig-Holstein, located between the North Sea and Baltic States, wind power covers approximately one quarter of the net consumption of electricity nationwide, this flag is 3.5 percent. In 2002 the wind industry achieved a surplus of 22 . Companies such as Nordex, Plambeck Energiekontor listed or where they have managed to raise millions of euros for expansion. The company’s largest sector is Enercon. German modern turbines are 30 times more potent than 20 years ago. In the wind farms there is a rejuvenating wave which has been christened repowering. The land to establish new wind farms are going finishing, so instead of creating new what is being done is modernize them.The byproduct of this process is an increasing number of displaced mills. Many are under 10 years old and work perfectly. However much is removed. Most of the dismantled equipment sold to Eastern European countries that take advantage of these facilities to begin in the field of wind power generation. Also recorded the first signs of interest from Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, China and Sri Lanka. Germany is negotiating with India a bilateral cooperation in the area of wind power. Enercon India (a subsidiary of Germany’s leading wind energy), reached in 2004 a 25 market share of wind energy facilities in India. In 2004, German exports of wind power plants were first larger than the sales in the domestic market.According to forecasts by the German Institute of Wind Energy’s global wind power generation will double between now and2012 and investment in this sector will reach 130,000 million. Link: In German and English

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