Lipedema Disease

As doctors gently remove large quantities of fat food March 2013 – the Lipedema disease is a common hereditary chronic fat distribution disorder that occurs exclusively in women. A genetic predisposition and hormonal influences are suspected as causes. Factors so that can be manipulated. The Lipedema disease shows typically in the form of disproportionately thick legs and also poor at often at the same time its slim fuselage. In addition a tension and heaviness and a distinctive touch and pressure tenderness become the optics in the affected upper and lower legs. The suffering of these patients, who often suffer at a young age the pathologically increased adipose tissue, is enormous. Solves the problem here in the long run only one operation.

Using the water jet assisted liposuction, excess body fat can be removed very gently, quickly and safely. In the treatment of the Lipedema disease significantly greater need Amounts of fat are removed as in operations for purely aesthetic reasons”, so the Lipedema expert Dr. Stern. It applies the water jet-assisted Liposuktionstechnik and achieved very good results in its Lipedema patients. The method using the water jet assisted liposuction can be removed abnormally excess body fat especially vapourisation. It makes use of the procedure of the rolling force of the water jet. In contrast to the conventional techniques of liposuction, the fat with significantly less effort and with a reduced risk of occurrence of side effects from the affected areas of the body is released. Significantly less Tumescent liquid is fed to the body prior to surgery.

The surgery itself is possible under local anesthesia (no general anesthesia required) and the drug burden is minimized as a result. Because parallel is done rinsing and suctioning of fat cells, the operating time can be reduced. The advantage of this method of operation is also that I already during the Operation the result can estimate very well.

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