Sales Potential

Interview energy broker and energy distributor in Germany about 9 years with Alexander Albert, Managing Director of HFO energy GmbH, one of the largest independent before the energy market was liberalised. Except some people believed that power was “yellow” and our football Emperor Franz Beckenbauer with the powered golf Caddy “because of cheaper is…!” runs through the area, nothing has moved. The latest published statistics show this. After that, only about 14% of the German population, have changed your electricity supplier. In terms of gas tariffs, 5% of German households have even opted for cheaper rates! Unlike as in the telecommunications sector, liberalisation of the energy market turned out to be slow. For about 2 years, however, the industry experienced a new hype.

Classic energy brokerage firm spriesen out of the ground like mushrooms. Currently, we see at least once in the quarter that a new gas or electricity provider advertises to customers and launches its new brand of energy! The consumer-friendly Internet portal verivox is one of the over 700 city factory farms currently over 50 alternative electricity and gas rate provider – except nationwide. This means collective diversity – in every respect. Mainly private clients are able to choose all tariff variations according to your wishes. Green electricity generated by the classic nuclear power – up to exclusively with hydroelectric power. By the way the liberalisation of the energy market went seemingly also the medium-sized companies almost without a trace. Here are the rates only slightly above 10% of the companies that use an alternative energy provider.

It is quite amazing that many companies for equivalent electricity or gas also accept higher costs up to 30%. When you consider that E.g. the energy costs for a manufacturing company contributes a significant proportion of the total expenditure. Just here is Managing Director of the independent energy vermittlers, HFO energy GmbH, Alexander Albert enormous sales and revenue potential.

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