Almost every one of us was a student, someone he is at the moment, and someone will be named shortly. Anyone who has been through student life, is how great it is. Shared kitchen, showers and toilets, mountains of trash, booze and cries did not seem to attract. although what kind of dormitory without it? And what is the student's life without a hostel? This is associative things that give students the thrill merry life, from the applicant, and finishing at least a specialist. During those five years, waking up every day at ten o'clock in the morning, while scoring on a pair, and falling asleep in the best case in the morning, the student feels free riotous living. besides lack of money rarely affects the fun pastime. The fridge is always a neighbor's at least something, but there will always be among friends who will lend some money to better times and will treat each other beer.

Advancing to dvizhnyak rarely people think about when and how many will return to the dorm room, even despite the fact that during the night to get there is almost unreal. estesstvenno it is no secret that there ways to get into any night is still there. And the more developed imagination (and that students do not take), so these methods become more and more. for example feed vahtershu chocolate or find a way to penetrate through the window. I will share one story, when my pal do not let in a dorm room, even in broad daylight for not fully legalized documents residence in a hostel. And in fact live somewhere right!? He solved the problem with ease, getting to his room, which was located on the second floor through a window on gas pipes.

And out of the hostel through the course of a facade, with accented greeting vahtershami puzzled that he was not allowed to enter. Student life every day is full of rest, drinking and recreation. because routine occur in the same way as any holiday – in a state of joy and drunkenness. therefore time student – this is just an extra excuse to take a walk and cool note! Student's Day soon, so that each pupil University will be nice to win some surprise, or at least attention. Therefore, the best gift will be e-cards for day students. Yes, student zhituha beautiful, even during problemki session! And not in vain, saying that "he who never lived in a hostel, he was not a student!". Although each of us student life – this is my personal memories and associations that are unlikely to be forgotten once. Because the student's period – The most memorable moment of life.

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