Pedro Perez

There are three possible ingredients of all experience: sensory perceptions, thoughts or mental images and emotions. They are thoughts Pedro Perez, counter, forty-five years, divorced, father of two children, and are therefore part of your experience at the moment in which pass through his mind. They and everything else that you can say or think about yourself they are objects, not the subject. They are the experience, not the experimenter. You could add thousands of definitions most (thoughts) about what you and no doubt would grow the complexity of their experience (and also income from his psychiatrist), but that is not the way to discover to the experimenter, which predates all experiences but without which there would be no experience. So who is the experimenter? You. And who are you? The conscience.

And what is consciousness? That question has no answer because as soon as he gives an answer fakes it is and converts it to another object. Consciousness, whose traditional name is spirit, cannot be known in the normal sense of the word, and is useless to look for it. All knowledge resides in the sphere of duality: subject and object, Knower and known. The subject, the self, the connoisseur without whom it would be possible all knowledge, all perception or every thought, should escape forever all knowledge. This is due to that report, it is only the forms are likely to be known and, nevertheless, without dimension report, the world of shape would be impossible.

It is the bright space which emerges and plunges the world. That space is the life that I am. It is timeless. What happens in that space is relative and temporary: the pleasure and pain, gain and loss, birth and death. The biggest impediment to discover the Interior, to find to the experimenter, is fascinated with the experience to the point of losing it. He is lost in his own dream consciousness. It is left trapped to such an extent by every thought, every emotion and every experience that we indeed remain in a kind of reverie. This has been the normal state of humanity for thousands of years. Although we cannot know the consciousness, we can recognize in it what we are. We can feel it directly in any situation, regardless of where we are. We can feel it here and now as the presence, the internal State in which perceived the words on this page and become thoughts. It is the I Fund. The words that we are reading and making thoughts are the front of the stage and the I am is the backdrop, the substrate, the underlying basis of all experience, thinking and feeling. Original author and source of the article

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