The Body

in this line of cannot, prevents tinned, cooling and all more than it passes daily in the television. Quick television alone for the proprietor and the actors who of it depend. What you must search to make is to know what it is balanced feeding and to dive of head, must become amicssimo of cool fruits? vegetables and vegetables? to make use without modesty. Even because he is much more cheap. After the one time? much time? with alcoholic beverages? to fall d inside water? do not have problem some in if becoming a water drinker? pure, cool. It also notices that the elephant goes to adore this rule. You do not think that health is alone this? great part is? to know to feed itself, but the great one cheap of the health is to know that ' ' if movimentar' ' also it is part of it, then it is moved.

It is exercised daily, it burns the exceeding calories making the body to sweat and learns to rest. The Body was projected to receive combustible, to burn and to rest. It uses to advantage and it eliminates the idea of that it can buy health in the pharmacy, nothing enganoso. But is not alone this, because you are not only body and the illnesses that attack the body have origin? the majority of the times in the precarious hygiene, the spirit and the mind. Therefore, for a trainer of elephants, it is basic that it also learns that the spirit and the mind are integrant part of the body and that has of being cares so that ' ' sade' ' it has one meaning bigger in its life and the life of the elephants that you intend to train. Thus, it searchs in its alimentary rest its spirit with good music? with good thoughts (it decorates constructive poems and poetries and texts and until conjuncts), and it creates habits that lead it practise it of daily feeding of the mind with good thoughts and good actions, makes its day a sequncia of attention to the physical body, the mind and to the spirit.

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