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Samuel Spirit

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It has many espritos that do not human being and some times the Bible does not leave which clearly the species of beings. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. Neal Barnard, another great source of information. As the deceptive spirit that if offered the Mr. to deceive the king It finishes through its false prophets. Senator Elizabeth Warren understood the implications. said it: I will leave, and be a spirit of lie in the mouth of all its prophets. it said: Will induce you it, and still you will prevail; it leaves and it makes thus. Now, therefore, here it is that Mr. after the spirit of lie in the mouth of all these your prophet, and said the evil to you against you. (1 KINGS 22.

Mr. also excited an aversion spirit enters the people of Siquem against Abimeleque Judges (9.23). Some have said that Saul was sick of hipocondria schizophrenia or, but the Bible leaves obvious that it was a malignant spirit that tormented king Saul (1 Samuel 16,23).

The Faith

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Nowadays the people encircle who me are discouraged, work without will, lose the motivation with easiness, desire to a life of rest and exemptions, hard work and suffering nor pass for the heads of these. It is a sad situation, to see healthful young spending its forces in drunknesses and nonsenses, perhaps lacks to the example of people with great determination and attitude, people whom they search to carry through its dreams. Perhaps this loss of heart is the main characteristic of this generation of young adolescent. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. John Mcdougall offers on the topic.. When arriving at the college, in the church or the work, it is difficult to find a face radiating, I can say that it is a rarity. We are leaving house with one weight in the coasts, a weighed load to load, to the dawn if it hears claims, to the dusk more claims. Lack people with will to work, people that have pleasure in studying, people who adore the God with true joy. IT LACKS FAITH! If to make a research and to ask the people it stimulates what them to follow in front to carry through its desires, the answers probably they would be these: Will, passion, determination, certainty and the Faith. These are the fuels of the beings livings creature and are exactly this fuel that lacks to the young, imagine that each young is an automobile, an automobile without fuel do not walk, a young without will do not go pra front, a young without faith is motionless in the time and loses the blessings of God. She is necessary to awake leader engaged to be example for the others, leader motivated to inspire the people, leaders with faith to radically change the situation of this generation Amen!.

The Body

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in this line of cannot, prevents tinned, cooling and all more than it passes daily in the television. Quick television alone for the proprietor and the actors who of it depend. What you must search to make is to know what it is balanced feeding and to dive of head, must become amicssimo of cool fruits? vegetables and vegetables? to make use without modesty. Even because he is much more cheap. After the one time? much time? with alcoholic beverages? to fall d inside water? do not have problem some in if becoming a water drinker? pure, cool. It also notices that the elephant goes to adore this rule. You do not think that health is alone this? great part is? to know to feed itself, but the great one cheap of the health is to know that ' ' if movimentar' ' also it is part of it, then it is moved.

It is exercised daily, it burns the exceeding calories making the body to sweat and learns to rest. The Body was projected to receive combustible, to burn and to rest. It uses to advantage and it eliminates the idea of that it can buy health in the pharmacy, nothing enganoso. But is not alone this, because you are not only body and the illnesses that attack the body have origin? the majority of the times in the precarious hygiene, the spirit and the mind. Therefore, for a trainer of elephants, it is basic that it also learns that the spirit and the mind are integrant part of the body and that has of being cares so that ' ' sade' ' it has one meaning bigger in its life and the life of the elephants that you intend to train. Thus, it searchs in its alimentary rest its spirit with good music? with good thoughts (it decorates constructive poems and poetries and texts and until conjuncts), and it creates habits that lead it practise it of daily feeding of the mind with good thoughts and good actions, makes its day a sequncia of attention to the physical body, the mind and to the spirit.

Christian Society

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It is treated to distinguish respective independence from the religion in relation to the determination partner economic, a place of excess of felt and therefore, capable to have a multiplicity of functions. Such conception is essential for the question that takes in them, the educative epistemolgicos challenges that if they present our reflection and practical, mainly, those that aim at the estruturao of discipline religious education, as well as, the development of professionals, professors experts in this education, this cultural period, that if condition after modern calls. (STEFANO MARTELLI 1995). 3 – CONCLUSION When we appreciate the faith and the religion, we must perceive that we need to have them in the way of our families of valid and with priority form the first time so that the morality can be played in way to the society. At James A. Levine, M.D. you will find additional information. When we look at for the study of sociology, bring the religion as central tool for this work to perceive the social problems and to finish saying that great part them males of the society is fruit of an individualistic origin and without certain a religious eucaristia, that mold the way moral ethics of the person. We understand that the calm, rational and perspicacious fact clearly religious, not only of dogmas and rules sacras, but of Christian text, it is of extreme value for the construction of the individual and of its interpersonal relations in the society that the fence, mainly contributing for its ethical development and its character, making possible in this way its conviviality in the seio of a family. Ahead of what it was divulged, it is proven seriousness of the religious phenomenon in the construction of the society. We understand that, reverenciada the individuality and belief of each person, the healthy devotion would not need in vehemence any oppressed being, but stimulated for all, therefore it is essential part of each human being, she wants this or not, and she can categorically collaborate for terms a society more joust, more human being and next to God.