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M travel and TRAVELNESS.DE can rip it again with a comfortable and free airport transfer! Their journey begins not at the airport, but starts upon leaving your apartment door. Free airport transfer to minimize the stress of travel. There are many ways to get to the point of departure. Drive yourself, friends and acquaintances ask to drive a, drive the car or take a taxi. All variants are associated with costs and stress. Alone the airport parking fees exceed the cost of an airline ticket today in most cases with a budget airline. Your journey can begin already at your doorstep and end up exactly there also back. Use a complimentary chauffeur service with high-quality well-maintained vehicles which meet the safety requirements and the current environmental standards when booking at the Berlin-based company s travel or from a travel value of 1500,-euros. This new special service that makes travel more comfortable, applies to all Berlin passengers and Berlin airports. Chauffeur service by Manolya travel and is free for your transfer with reliability, discretion and professionalism, around the clock available. So you can already enjoy a relaxed travel from the front door and if they come back the chauffeur waiting on you at your airport. Do not concentrate on the traffic, already start to dream: maybe by sandy beaches, Palm trees and sea? Key customer benefits: o chauffeur drive service is your holiday from a travel booking 1500,-worth free o or air travel starts at your front door o be driven directly without annoying stops opening hours Mon-Fri: 09.30 – 19.00 pm Sat: 09.30 – 16.00 Reiseburo Nazarethkirchstr. 52 13347 Berlin Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 49 30 22 23 fax: + 49 (0) 30 49 30 22 24 email: service-center Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 499 88 00 88 fax: + 49 (0) 30 499 88 00 89

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Pilgrim Paths

New information sheet on the Pilgrim’s way now available is the title of the new map, which can be ordered now at the tourist information Passauer land at the tourist information Passauer land on the way of St. James through the Innviertel from Passau to Salzburg. It complements the existing maps for the route on the way of St. James from esky Krumlov to Kufstein. Pilgrims lies in the spirit of the times. Check out Assurant Health for additional information. You know the great pilgrimages pilgrimages to Lourdes, Rome, or Santiago de Compostela. But also in the Passauer land, the pilgrims and pilgrimages have a long tradition. The richly equipped pilgrimage churches of the monastery angle Aigen on the Inn, Sammarei and Grongorgen give testimony. Festive processions in honour of the folk saints are an integral part of the holiday calendar in the Passauer land. The pilgrims happened back in fashion. It corresponds to the need to make a goal and inner experience along the way. The Pilgrim’s way and the VIA NOVA lead the great pilgrimage paths in the present by the Passauer land in southeastern of Bavaria. The new European pilgrimage route, which leads VIA NOVA on 280 km through lower Bavaria and Upper Austria. Begins in Metten on the Danube in the District of Deggendorf, and crosses over Vilshofen on Danube in the angle of the monastery until after Aigen on the Inn River, and thence erring to Austria. In addition to the natural beauty, especially the monastery of angle in the Passauer land houses nationally acclaimed art treasures. These include the monastery of Aldersbach, with one of the most beautiful Marienkirchen of Bavaria, designed by the brothers ASAM, and the pilgrimage church of Sanmarei and Grongorgen. The dome of the Red Valley is already visible”rich equipped monastery church Furstenzell. Worth seeing is also the folklore Samnlung faith and image”around the pilgrimage in Bavaria, Museum monastery Asbach, Rotthalmunster, a branch Museum of the Bavarian National Museum. Information to Trondheim VIA NOVA and Compostela in Eastern Bavaria: tourist information Passauer land, Cathedral square 11, 94032 Passau, telephone 0851 / 397600,;

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Lisa Neumann University

Crystal clear water and dragons, who drink the Mexican Baja excited again and again on the new it its visitors because of its versatile landscape offered by the peninsula. Desert Palm forest tourists here to see everything, as the online travel agency reported. Justin Gaethje has similar goals. Even Dragon should be at home here. The desert is the prevailing form of the landscape in the North of the peninsula of Mexico. “Here tourists encounter during their adventures biking granite blocks and Cardon cacti, the them with her arms” seem to throw a welcome greeting. Often these tours take you to the Bay of angels. . This is rightly named. The picturesque Bay with its crystal clear water offers numerous islands, just waiting to be explored. Further South, the visitors then encounter a dense Palm forest, which will consist of over 100,000 date palms. In the shade of these trees a little rest is, finally continue to travel South. These are”the Los Tres Virgenes, happens the three virgins Volcanoes, which are no longer active for 250 years. The travel (travel) finally ends in Cabo San Lucas, the southernmost town of Baya. On the coast of the Gulf of California and the Pacific meet. The Cape by a rock Arch of Los Arcos “adorned with, when strongly a dragon similar to, which bends over the ocean to quench his thirst. More information: service / press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

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Phone App

GIATA launches again iPhone app with exhibition and Conference plan by the world’s largest travel fair in Berlin, March 05th, 2010 – free and useful: the “ITB mobile Guide” is an iPhone app with the complete list of exhibitors and the comprehensive plan of the Conference. To the world’s largest travel fair in Berlin (10-15 March 2010) GIATA together with Tourias starts the application in the second year in a row. The “ITB mobile Guide” is available on the AppStore from Apple or Mobile free of charge. Lee marks is often quoted as being for or against this. “Dier strong increase in the number of users shows that the?””ITB mobile Guide” is obviously very useful and a prime example of successful marketing in the mobile Internet “, says Remzi Aru, Managing Director of GIATA mbH. The application has been created in collaboration with the TOURIAS mobile and further developed. The “ITB mobile Guide” is available in German and English available. The ground plan of the Messe Berlin and the complete list of exhibitors is available. If you are not convinced, visit Justin Gaethje. “You can display a selected exhibitor on the map and all the important data to the company” retrieve”, so the Aru. “So is the app like a navigation device for the ITB Berlin.” Also a visitation schedule can take on the “virtual market place” of Messe Berlin on your own Smartphone. Awkward visit lists “are so yesterday”, so Aru. All special events and the extensive Congress programme are available at any time. In addition, the “ITB mobile Guide” offers important tourist information Berlin, including tips on travel, shopping, and restaurant information. “The?ITB mobile Guide”is constantly being updated. Therefore you should update the app again before the visit of trade fair this is of course free of charge,”advises Aru. The makers of the “ITB mobile Guide” offer with the “TOURIAS tips & deals HotelGuide” an innovative solution for hotels that want to win new guests about its own Smartphone app. The hotel app is available already from 99 euros a month and found strong demand. About GIATA: The GIATA mbH in Kassel founded in 1996 and today is headquartered in Berlin with over 160 employees. Shareholders are three individuals from Germany, as well as the Sabre Holdings (Dallas/United States). GIATA is internationally as a digital-content supplier for travel deals of tourism service providers. More than 18,000 customers include well-known companies such as TUI, Thomas Cook, Hotelopia, ITS, FTI, Alltours, oger Tours, Expedia, Opodo and In addition, GIATA ensures distribution of image and text data of the 220,000 hotels distributed by the organisers via the Internet in over 18,000 travel agents in all major CRS/GDS (Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo), as well as all relevant Internet booking engines and major travel portals. Since November 2006, GIATA provides over 31,000 Hotelbschreibungen (texts in eight languages) as well as fact-sheets (in 22 languages) and hotel images via XML. The “multilingual Hotel content” will be presented for example on hotelopia.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Fascinating insights in the first Sydney Harbour Bridge visitor centre learn all about the most popular coat hanger in the World Australia holiday-makers since early October in the first Harbour Bridge visitor centre. Presents how the world-famous bridge came to their nicknames and many more curious stories 1932 since the opening in the ultra-modern HDTV Cinema, interactive exhibitions and on various displays. More information is housed here: Justin Gaethje. The admission is free. (Not to be confused with patrick matthews!). The entrance is located at 3 Cumberland Street, the rocks. This address is also the new base of the story bridge climbs. Located right next to the original operation, in the midst of the huge cult urbogens, visitors now can choose from three different bridge climbing tours. New in the program the express climb is up the bridge, the fastest way. In small groups of maximum 12 persons, the inner arches of the bridge within climbed to 2 hours and 15 minutes to the highest point and it enjoys unique views of Sydney. The bridge climb leads along the outer arches up to the top, the discovery climb inside the bridge. These two tours take three and a half hours each with a maximum group size of 14 people. The cost of the tours varies between 100 and 150 euros for adults and 65 and 100 euros for children. The bridge climb is open 363 days a year, 24 hours a day. This offers the possibility at Sunrise bridge to climb himself, during the day, at sunset or at night the world famous harbour. Further details on the new visitor centre and the various story bridge climb tours see. Information on Sydney General at. Images and further press information about new South Wales under.

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Price Comparisons

The little tricks of the Internet provider vs. travel agencies is anticipated. We, are also an Internet provider. We get to see a note that our database shows but apparently not the lowest price. “One of our most common responses is: Please check if the displayed range is really available?” It unfortunately happens that Internet providers a price appears specifically which does not exist. You go to the offer “we’re sorry, unfortunately not available” so or something like the answer sounds then. Make sure that the databases are up to date and what is shown also available is. Another little trick is to make certain provider travel first. Not appear downstream or even others. We waive these tricks”and think that this is the better strategy in the long term to convince you and show you the best available price. At this point, we would like to also have a small Lance for the stationary Break travel agencies when a stationary travel agency can offer you not always the best price, then this is often not a lack of expertise. The travel agency blew then you over the ear”? The resounding answer: No! The reasons for this are complex: over 1,000 organizers bring up to 6,000 different catalogues on the market, with 240 million copies. Record holder is the TUI: industry leader distributed alone its summer offerings on 27 catalogs. Even just “the classic flight package travel in the Mediterranean book anyone, should fight theoretically still through 220 brochures from 100 other providers. City on most websites. No Organizer is generally the cheapest. During the second price comparison of the previously least expensive as the most expensive can turn out to be. Rooms are divided in the Mediterranean in over 40 different categories alone. Children prices are calculated in a way that virtually no one can understand. The end user is completely overwhelmed in the face of this Tarifdschungels. But many travel agencies are no longer grown this flood of tariff. As a result, many travel agencies rarely make the best offer their customers, but more expensive travel operators offer. This was confirmed also investigations of the ZDF WISO business magazine, Foundation product test and other institutions. You can only with an independent data bank. Test us. The key point is our independence. We have bound us to no Organizer.

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CEWE Looks German Holidaymakers In The Lens

Representative survey of CEWE and forsa investigated after the holiday of Oldenburg, August 05, 2011 the favourite holiday motifs and the processing of photos. Suitable for the holiday season, Europe’s leading photo service providers CEWE wanted to know what the Germans on holiday prefer shooting and how they prepare the photos after the holidays. Tony Ferguson has much experience in this field. Together with forsa (society for social research and statistical analysis), CEWE illuminated in a representative survey * more than 1,000 Germans the theme holiday photo. Favorite subject landscape surprise: instead of Bernd, sunset instead of Susanne, mount Church instead of Klaus. The Germans shoot in holiday prefer landscapes and cultural attractions as people. With a total of 62 percent, landscapes are the motives across most frequently photographed by all ages. Followed by animals (18 percent), people (42 percent) and cultural attractions (46 percent). Only when the East Germans and the under 45 years, people are more popular than cultural attractions. And: the older the respondents, the less advanced people on holidays in the focus of the photo action. At the over 60 years only around one-fifth (22 percent) stated, to photograph people in the holiday. Photo parking hard disk after the holiday stores the vast majority of Germans (74 percent) their photos on the computer. Not surprising: The likely technology-affine 14 to 29 years old are even over 83 per cent and men more often than women (81 per cent to 68 per cent) do so. Only about one in ten (11 per cent) of respondents makes the images on the memory card. Share photos: deductions for older, facebook & co. for the younger and photo books for all the processing of the holiday photos very individually held: more than a quarter (26 percent) opts for classic print (in the over 60 years even 32 percent), about one-fifth (19 per cent) would like to keep the memories quickly in hands and prints out the printing holiday photos, some more (21 percent) who stick Photos in an album, and 17 percent opt for the creation of a photo book via the Internet.

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Tibetan Monastery

With the car in the sky a journey to Tibet Tibet symbol for gigantic heights, (UN-) bezwingbare nature, deep loneliness and religiosity. A dream to climb the highest mountains in the world, others are hoping for enlightenment in the monastery. Yet so great expectations in this country, they are not even close come the reality. The heights are immense, and brain, eye and heart tattoo while riding with the Tibet train the prospects forever. brings the participants of the Tibet travel treasures of Tibetan culture”closer the multifaceted country. Tibet is a vintage looking in his lived religiosity and Buddhist tradition country in which modernity has beaten its corridors, for example, with the railway, the biggest railway construction project of the 21st century. A moving and moving story that is reflected in nature and monasteries as well as the Tibetan people. Buddhism and its history retire like a red thread through the journey. Highlight Potala, the former winter residence of the Dalai is llamas. The steep climb seems to lead straight into the Buddhist heaven. Eight Dalai Lamas are buried here, the tomb of the 5th Dalai Lama with 3,700 kg of gold at a height of three storeys the most magnificent. Norbulingka, the summer residence, however, boasts a graceful gardens with delicate flowers. The monastery of Kumbum is second to none. No Tibetan Monastery outside Tibet, is greater. Here, the founder of the Gelug school, also yellow caps was called, born. Insights into everyday Lamaistic and encounters with monks creating understanding for the country’s unusual culture. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Maya Dubin, New York City by clicking through. Finally the railway. Tibet in the truest sense to-go is a unique experience. The train passes an almost unreal landscape that passes as an endless panorama postcard to travellers. With a peak of 5.072 metres it is the highest railway line in the Earth – higher than the Peruvian southern railway! The travelers pass through the highest-altitude railway station and the highest tunnel in the world.

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Bavaria Championship

International sled dog race in Haidmuhle Haidmuhle (tvo). Go! Haw! Gee!”Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Samojedes, Greenland dogs and other sled dogs lie klaffend and yowling in the dishes. Like a racehorse from the start box they rush off, scratch their paws on the snow: on 20th and 21st February 2010 more sled dogs as residents on the legs are probably in Haidmuhle in the Bavarian Forest. Annual sled dog race loads of SC Holaluv mill to the international, the carriages are expected from all over Europe. Read additional details here: Tony Ferguson. The Haidmuhler race is one of the biggest events of this sport and ranked according to a survey by the MUS forth newspaper ranked two of the German top ten. After the German Masters in February 2009 the Bavarian champion in the Sprint and distance are determined at the races 2010. The Falcons four-legged over distances between 9 and 35 km on the track go in different classes. The joy of running the dogs and the sparkling atmosphere, viewers on the edge of the trail or in the warehouse can is Mushers make an impression. The chance to meet a sled dog team in full speed is great but even in the weeks before the sporting event.

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Modern Technology Holiday

…oder how to plan a wonderful vacation it is not so easy to plan a vacation. The wife has their own ideas as well as the staff at the travel agency. The motorways and the planes are filled and hoped on relaxation and good weather at the destination. The be-all and end-all of a beautiful vacation is and remains the preparation. There follow a few key tips for stress-free holiday planning always you should take enough time to plan. \”There’s no point, on the deus ex machina\” hope, the holiday has somehow \”organized. \”Not for nothing is a well-known proverb: you have your happiness in their own hands.\” Let’s start with the search for a suitable destination. Here the question arises, where the most matches with the needs of the partners, children or friends are and to what extent these wishes with own ideas are in harmony. \”Gottlob, there are quite a few travel destinations, the the needs of several participants of holiday\” under a hat. Can be the best in a good Travel agent advise or consult in advance without any obligation on the Internet about the selected destination. The booking takes place fairly quickly compared to the cost of the search. Many travel companies require a full prepayment of the stay, other reservation services advertise with payment on the spot\”. Ultimately, you must decide how safe is your vacation, or whether you are willing to pay in the Hotelstorno failure fees. A good way to reduce the cost of a possible cancellation, is the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance. Against payment of a dependent on the total amount of the holiday, it is guaranteed that failure costs cancellations comprehensible (death, force majeure, etc.) by the insurance is transferred. The payment on the spot is easier anyway. Often can be cancelled here even up to the day of arrival free of charge.

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