Social Security

Today I found, a former teammate of gym. He was walking with his two sons, one of them has a disability affecting the legs. After greet us and be chatting awhile, as it is inevitable has left the issue of the current crisis so brought and led. Clearly we have reached the conclusion that this crisis therefore seems that it affects us all, these all affecting coincidentally is always to them. Since time immemorial we have always been the same. We can trace back to the Romans, or perhaps further back, more giving.

In short, and is what we are going. As we are in times of cutbacks and savings, they have first lowered him the degree of disability, since as it has grown and already somewhat less twisted legs to be able to walk, they move from 36% to 33%. Clear this could have some arrangement, if you put a device, which costs about 6,000, which Social Security is possible it subsidizes a part, after long proceedings, and if he comes inside, requirements which are asked to, but Mr mine, as things stand.As well a family with two children and an income of thousand heuristic, because as that is going to be that not. Of course we need to get Europe out of the crisis, why politicians, businessmen, bankers, we are told that we have to tighten us belt. but that belt? of the embassies of the Catalan nation, the dubbing of films in catalan. That in Catalonia, but we can go to the South and see that wonderful lamps to 6,000 or 8,000 Palace and marble with which are lined the walls, this if it is savings, also if we toured, other communities, Madrid, with their modern hospitals, but most, without doctors and a total deficiency of attention, everything tends to privatize is, to parks that had on October 12, in emergencies and more parking lots, have been passing by Blockbuster and what little remains free has so many holes, that you can leave you car, but good that you pay it. And on the end, and this does not mean that this is over Here, as there are many more things, salaries of politicians, Government, etc…

Last, simultaneous translation in the Senate, it seems that you do not understand, but cone who knows that he is the Senate and which used for?. Let’s damn once the Constitution and begin to be a DEMOCRAT and not PARTIDOCRATA country. Political gentlemen, I have changed the belt by a rope, so is easier to adjust it, just have to tighten the knot. Surely, they are waiting for another revolution as the French, because thus follow that the same someday, get that they will end up swelling us the balls and raceways begin to snag another thing that won’t be mud.

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