Boredom As Indicator Of The Void

We all skukiny children. When we look at the world through the smoky glass of boredom, it seems, let it fail, and we do not have to care. Life is slipping like a snake skin, and do not regret it at all. Thoughts are like the troubled reke, for which is a lot of garbage … Or stop suddenly, as if chained with ice … Hangs in us something so that they can stay days in a stupor of feelings and thoughts. Either boredom in us, then we – inside …

Chahnem and can not clearly explain the reason why. As Fernando Pessoa said: 'To suffer without suffering, without much to desire, to think without thinking'. Boredom has become one of the most important phenomena of society only some two centuries ago and called a sublime: melancholy. Previously, it has 'hurt' the noble and spiritually developed, selected and scarce. Recall Nihilism of Bazarov and his anger at the world, at life in the void of boredom, because of her … Today, both these Concepts: boredom and melancholy have merged in the term 'depression'.

Interestingly, the boredom has become the 'property' of the masses of a developed society, where everything seemed to have in order to not get bored. But not to bore those looking for food for the family. They have a purpose in life, small, unconscious: to work to survive, not die from hunger. And once bored. Boredom can be a source of many evils. Often the crimes are committed on its soil.

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