Define Your Skin Type People

Facial skin has always paid much more attention than any other part of the body. Because, firstly, the person constantly on the mind of any defect in the skin immediately becomes visible to all, depriving us of peace, confidence and appeal. Second, the facial skin is constantly exposed to harsh environments (solar, wind, cold, dehydrated air in rooms with central heating, etc.). In addition, the rich exhaust gas air of cities is also not beneficial to our skin. Therefore, it needs special care and attention.

Skin types. By tradition, is divided into three types of skin: dry, normal and oily. Determine to which type of one or different skin, the degree of intensity of the sebaceous glands. But much more important to preserve the health of the skin is its ability to retain moisture. Sebum on the face creates a protective film that prevents the evaporation of moisture. Therefore, when choosing cosmetic products must also take into account the degree of dehydration of your skin. Normal skin – fresh, taut and elastic, it is well received blood on it not evident then, she brushed without fat shine.

Unfortunately, such perfect skin – a rarity. It can be seen in a child, but, having passed the age of puberty, we rarely can boast of such a skin on the face. Oily skin – shiny, often has a pale appearance and a rough structure. Pores are visible, easily clogged with dust and dirt, because of this on oily skin often appear black spots, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

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