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Free Needs Analysis

specially for students and professional athletes Verden, August 14, 2008 – Matthias Schulz, born at Hoya and raised in Verden is since 2005 in the insurance industry working. 1997 graduated (BA) in business administration with graduating at the vocational Academy in Vechta, 1999 Mr Schulz, the conclusion to the Diplom-Kaufmann (FH) graduated the University of Osnabruck. After studying varied and interesting work as an audit assistant in two auditing companies at his current job took him up. Since August, Mr Schulz has permission according to paragraph 34 d par. Alfred Adler oftentimes addresses this issue. 1 and 3, respectively GewO. The principle of the financial Office Schulz is the Declaration of independence. The size of a company is not everything. Rather, the staff put on a personal and human advice and care that go beyond the usual. Educate yourself with thoughts from Donald Cerrone. For those who want to get important and current information relating to insurance and finance: and who are regularly informed by E-Mail about current topics would that please send a mail to Matthias Schulz

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Managing Director

Long-standing specialist for innovative solutions in the machine, plant, steel / metal construction uses the CAD and PDM software house ISD as HiCAD and HELiOS the sectors in focus and the ISD over the years has developed powerful industry packages with numerous special functions of sheet metal processing. “With a strategic focus on the product lifecycle management (PLM), building information modeling (BIM) and plant engineering divisions the ISD is committed to this: with each of these business areas, we can meet the customer’s needs accurately, because in all areas, we take care of dedicated industry specialists to the consistent further development of our software solutions”, explains Dr. Jorg Ruhwedel, Managing Director of the ISD Group. PLM the All-In-one solution especially in the field of PLM requires the user maximum performance of its CAD system at the same time maximum flexibility. Usually, it is the mechanical design with sheet metal, steel and construction elements absolutely necessary, to combine or to perform another construction group-oriented changes until the end of the development phase. Ideally the construction method should also be flexibly selectable (parametric/free modeling). To know more about this subject visit Tony Ferguson. With our hybrid technology we are only able to provide the user with a flexible and integrated system in which the varied requirements of the industry are fully integrated”, Dr. Jorg Ruhwedel describes the approach of the Dortmund software developer. BIM the package for the steel and metal construction the ISD solution for building information modeling (BIM) combines a fully integrated 3D-Stahlbau-and a 2D/3D-Glas-, metal – and facade construction solution. Packed with special features, the expert system profiles and sheet metal structures, intelligent and flexible connections and Automatismen for stairs, railings and ladders provide the steel maker a high-end design system for the ever more complex AnforderunGen of the industry. The intelligent Positioning with equal detection of parts, parts lists, automated, elavations production documents, as well as the NC export, expand this to a complete solution based on a State of the art 3D-Kernels – with integrated product datenmanagement.

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Infidelity Accountant Uses Reconstruction

A message shows that you need also a glimpse of the internal control system in the implementation of construction projects in foreign construction companies, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. An in Starnberg company renovation work commissioned, there may be without accompanying construction revision. The payout took over an employee active for several years in the accounting so far, so good. Only a total of nearly half a million euro landed not on the accounts of the tradesmen and construction companies, but on the accounts of two girlfriends of the accountant. The women’s trio was then on cash withdrawals and transfers, that the money in the available area of the accountant concluded. For which it was issued, is unknown. Despite the drought only message in the newspaper can be relatively clear to recognize that the discovery probably was not by the company itself, but about another way, many of these amateur criminals do not recognize, for professionals. A simple fraud scheme as in the present case there are usually significant Weaken in the internal control system in the completion of the construction projects”, so Elmar brother-in-law, Executive Board of the AuditFactory. Otherwise the perpetrators could steal not such sums so easily.” The accountant was arrested in the meantime, an ad for suspicion of money laundering is now threatening the two girlfriends. A typical case”, so Elmar brother-in-law of the AuditFactory, which shows up again, that companies in the construction of objects set an adequate internal control system often too little care. A revision of construction or even a short check construction may disclose such weaknesses, before damage is done.” Josef Fischer, expert of the AuditFactory for the theme building audit, added: When a short check, defined risk sources are examined. In the mentioned case, a separation of functions would have prevented any damage. It could be that it has settled probably quite simply not services. Here it is evident, that the foreign construction companies the risk of crime in the Often underestimate implementation of construction projects.” Construction of foreign companies are those that process due to their activity of construction projects, unless the building is one of their core competencies. At these companies, the risk of having to bear excessive costs or to victims of crime are significant due to lack knowledge of an adequate internal control system in the construction sector, is increased. About the AuditFactory: The AuditFactory offers services to internal audit (internal audit) and for combating the economic crimes (forensic services) and consists of a network of about twenty experts for risk – and process-oriented audit and consulting services in organizations of all kinds. Thus, the 2005 founded company headquartered in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany contributes to the systematic improvement of risk management and the internal monitoring system. The AuditFactory combines the idea of network as a single company with the bundling of audit and forensic services to a total package. To its customers include well-known German companies who hire audit and consulting services in the country and abroad, among others in the top ten of German engineering. The network of the AuditFactory includes resources tests and various specialists in forensic topics such as hard drive backups and reports specialist for process and participation exams, risk analyses, building audit, IT audit and IT security, human. Contact: The AuditFactory Executive Elmar brother-in-law book str. 28 74321 Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany FON + 49 7142 7748 331 fax + 49 7142 7748 359 E-mail Web

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