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Playgrounds And Game

He was in the United States, in 1934, where it opened the first Ludoteca (the Loan Toy), in the city of Los Angeles, California. This copied the system of a lending library, but leaving rather than books, toys for use at home. In Europe, the toy library not appeared until 1959, in Denmark in particular. The first registered toy libraries of which has initially emerge as projects to serve poor children and as a toy lending service. It is the of United States, which we have already seen, and in Sweden (1963). Since then, similar institutions begin to settle on five continents, in a variety of spaces, thus constituting a possibility of response to the growing need of rescuing the opportunity and the right to play. The first toy libraries, therefore, intended to compensate socially to the children of disadvantaged families so that they could access the enjoyment of toys. Others functioned as mere spaces to borrow toys, without an intentional educational project. With the time, the toy libraries have been progressing in quality of infrastructure, personnel qualified, playful material and educational intentions, opening even to populations of young people and adults or adapted to the environment, such as: social integration centres.-toy libraries in community development programs.-toy libraries in areas of beaches-toy libraries in houses of youth-playgrounds itinerant, hospitals, etc. With the publication of the Charter on the rights of the child in 1959, where it is collected in point 7 c the right of the child to the game, the toy libraries, together with UNESCO, began an expansion process as facilitators the game spaces. The idea of creating centres at the international level was launched in 1960 and they are emerging as well new projects in hospitals, prisons, community centers, schools, associations, boats, etc. It is important to emphasize the significance of the year 1979, when to close the year of the child, was carried out in Brussels the Conference on the right to play, theme that continues existing in how much maximum expression of the rights of children in the educational sphere.

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