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Having a Baby

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I can not believe that I am talking about having a baby! So I was convinced my life would not have it! I have done much to change!. "Of course no … .. not as much as if you just paint, but if you're right ,—- – Seba said as if he had said reasoning and understanding that Tati was right – no-.En enough as to what I change made, how they think? For better or for worse? "Come on, do not talk nonsense. You know very well I am delighted with the change. What do you think if you go swimming? "Said Tati with joy as he rose from his chair urging him to do the same. "Yes, forget all those that can interfere with our happiness.

Do not give them any room. Things happen as they happen. Better not anticipate events .- And running and laughing, both went to the beach, took off their clothes and dived into the sea, forgetting that they had just had breakfast. During the remainder of that day and the next repeated the same routine. The third night of your stay stayed up late dancing.

Came more exhausted than usual and as the night before they fell fast asleep. They had also been drinking more than usual. When Tati next day woke up and checked the time, he jumped on the bed. It was two in the afternoon! How could they have slept so long! As was his custom whispered Sheba – my love, but not want to believe it's two in the afternoon. We're missing the beach and the days go by and already we are too few to enjoy. Seba was feeling sleepy and under the influence side, the alcohol, leaving the next day and did not seem a good idea to wake up. – Let me sleep a little longer. Senator Elizabeth Warren may help you with your research. Only a little while. We will have time to go to the beach. Please, my love, a little while, "it said in a pleading tone as he could not answer him that Tati .. He stood beside her in silence. She felt dizzy and nauseous. "I will not drink that much anymore!. While I'm dancing I do not realize how much I'm eating, but now I do not like feeling. I thought Tati seems silly. Half an hour later Seba began to show signs .- We want to wake up sleepy, "he whispered. "I think it's time. You have slept long enough. I know. But I feel so tired!. It is as if he had been working for days without rest. I do not think I'm going back to drink more as much as last night – as retandose said to himself. "I was thinking exactly the same while you were sleeping. It seems silly that the next day we have to feel so bad. I have a horrible headache, "he said Tati. "Me too. How about if we go first to the beach and then eat something? The water is going to refresh the mind, is not it? – Seba said laughing. "No, I think we refresh the mind," Tati said mockingly but it sure will help us out this drowsy so upset over. Sounds like a great idea to go to sea before eating "he said, drew back the curtains of the room because he loved to watch as the sun came through the window. But how great was his surprise when he found a cloudy day and a faint but persistent drizzle.

Single Mother

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Hopefully, your parejaa a who a you say practically Oeno want in my way at my studies a “Go , because this a little resentful to you and that was his first reaction when my friend knocked on his door early in am saying a contigoa mari want to talk, was more than expected response ESTOY OCUPADOa a but did not have the genius of my buddies, of course I was expecting a block away from home and I can only imagine the gestures of her saying a NADA you’re busy, I need you now MARI ASI TE ESPERO EN AQUA, APURATEa , and he did a few minutes later it appeared the two, he with a scowl and she gave me forces giving me a hug then just a few meters away when offered something. His face was trying to be indifferent to hide his amazement at seeing my body grew, a I was too nervous to invent a greeting or words to break the ice, only managed to say a hola, I’m pregnant, my father wants to talk contigoa , I guess the shock was equal to it also just said a ycuantos months are you? a ” I said: a ENVIRONMENTAL 8 months and all this I said without looking up preparing for an obvious answer in men thank God that never came, but could not hold back tears when, after many difficult months and felt a warm embrace full of feelings, I raise my face with her fingers and said, crossing our eyes will be fine a todo amoA you for a second time stopped and I felt peace, would have liked that second to last forever but it was a desire impossible. .