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Galp Madrid Gas

The gas and electricity, Galp Madrid Gas energy company has launched a new offer associated with the Conforthogar service, with which we can benefit the new handyman service for 2 hours the first 3 months free. With this service, we can deal with small problems and fixes that happen to us at home, tasks of DIY you could do yourself but which are not made due to lack of machinery, skill or time. Works as hanging curtains, pictures, pet leashes, accessories of bathroom, coat racks, mirrors, glass with silicone fixings, trims soil, placement of shelves or shelves, replacing trim plugs and switches, arrays in interior doors, changes of lights and a long list of benefits that will be carried out by professionals of the new handyman service. In addition to the 2 free hours of handyman service, if we hire now Conforthogar with Galp energy Madrilena of Gas, we will enjoy a 25% additional savings during the first year. Of this way, we can keep our home in perfect condition in a very simple way in small tasks that would require a specialist that we would be much more than the handyman service. And we are sure that our home and Pocket thank.

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