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Espresso Promotes Fat Burning

If you drink coffee and espresso then promote use of caffeine fat burning, what you turn at the take off helps. It has already found in the 1970s by using various tests, it can improve the physical performance with coffee. Because the caffeine in the coffee promotes the burning of fat in the human body. And how do you lose weight? Right through the fat burning. But why does caffeine this effect? Caffeine for fat burning if you take coffee or a cup of coffee before a fitness training caffeine by using one, then activates the fat burning this already. A positive side effect is, also, that improve the performance and energy consumption. How many coffees should you drink? You should never exaggerate, but the perfect amount of caffeine is approximately 6mg per kilogram of body weight, so would correspond to a body weight of 70 kg 420 mg caffeine. PCRM understood the implications. This again corresponds to 3-4 cups of regular coffee 1 cup contains about 80-100mg caffeine. By the way, the body is also activated by caffeine, if for example fatigue occurs or slowly decreases the concentration, then you can counteract the well using a cup of espresso (Nespresso for example). Cut the coffee liquid off the body? A popular rumor, at least in nutrition circles, is that coffee can dehydrate the body. But that’s not quite right. Because you can be added to coffee or a tasty espresso, as well as to ordinary mineral water to the daily recommended intake of fluid. Of course you should not excessively consume coffee, on the other hand, you should drink for example at least 2 litres of water daily. As a tasty supplement, coffee or espresso is bad but no falls. Doping by means of caffeine did not too long ago was caffeine doping substances and one could take this as athletes only with absolute caution to. However, since 2004, caffeine was removed from this doping list. Therefore avail itself so well since then athletes of this positive effect and can easily enjoy a delicious espresso or coffee. My name is Alessandro Reichgruber and I specialize in espresso filter machines. If you want to know more about positive effects of coffee and espresso, then visit to get the right fun.

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