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Welcome To The Future: With VERITY Tea

International tea factory presents the first liquid, immediately drink ready, pure tea concentrate in the world prepared in seconds, it contains the full flavor of freshly brewed teas Fahrdorf, April 2008 elaborate preparation of tea yesterday. VERITY is today! The liquid, immediately drink ready, pure tea concentrate, first, the world is ready in seconds and always. No matter whether in cold or hot water, at home, in the Office or on the road: VERITY can be drunk anytime, anywhere. Just shake, tear open, pour and enjoy. Tea consumption as easy as never before! The tea and brewing traditional teas were usually far too cumbersome for consumers. Dosage and steeping time must be observed exactly because the result is otherwise hardly edible. As a result, Many resort to alternative beverages. That’s over now! The tea treat of the future comes with VERITY. International tea factory brings the first tea in finished form on the market with ice cold to boiling hot water or the drink can be mixed. VERITY is a reliable companion for all batches bottled in cups. James A. Levine, M.D. addresses the importance of the matter here. And the preparation is so easy that she always succeed. Allows the complete freedom of individual drinking pleasure VERITY connoisseurs? When, where and how he wants it. The tea concentrate is available in three popular varieties: VERITY 21 finest Ceylon: the classic among the black teas is elegant tart in flavor and perfect for afternoon tea. Sri Lanka gained from hand-picked tea leaves, he gives the caffeine kick. VERITY 30 fruity rose hip: the ripe, wild grown rose hips give this strain the delicious, mild, fruity taste. VERITY 50 pure Rooibos: the needle-like leaves of the Red Bush grow only in the area of the Cederberg mountains of South Africa. Enter this tea for its exotic freshness. VERITY is 100 percent natural and free of any additives. Gently and carefully manufactured, the liquid concentrate is composed entirely of pure water and exquisite tea. The concentrate contains the pure taste of the tea. Unpleasant bitter substances are filtered out. There is no difference to high-quality, loose tea receives VERITY so this his soft, aromatic taste and a pleasant smell. Thus, VERITY is fully in the trend-conscious and modern nutrition. Long preserve aroma and taste, VERITY is vacuum-packed neither light nor air can penetrate. The quality of the concentrate is always at the top level. So protected, VERITY is unrefrigerated and without loss of taste at least one year shelf life. VERITY is manufactured exclusively in Germany and bottled. In addition to strict internal controls check the raw materials and the bottled products by independent institutes such as the prestigious Institute of AGROLAB. Their label confirmed: VERITY is pure enjoyment! For more information, see. Think tank tea factory international the minds behind VERITY sitting in the tea plant International Ltd. Since 2002, the company ( designed the future of tea with. The world of tea by morning is already experienced. The idea of architects in the tea market stand for innovative products and the highest quality. The main products include the EASY TEA fruits, the tea tea master, master tea and herbal teas. Press contact: PR!NT communications consultants Melanie Endelmann goose market 35 20354 Hamburg Tel: 0800 8880 600 E-Mail:

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The Principle

Fats and oils on class use: rapeseed, olive, wheat germ, walnut, linseed or soybean oil you do good right now. Two litres of calcium-rich mineral water would be ideal for your body. Don’t get that, access to fruit juice spritzers, herbal and fruit teas, vegetable juices or non-alcoholic beer. Side effect: If you whole-value food and drink a lot, comes the intestine which easily tends in pregnancy to inertia, better in swing. 3. What can I do not eat and drink? Alcohol bans is by itself you would feed your baby Yes not with eggnog. Other dangers are not so easy to recognize. Raw meat, raw milk or raw fish, for example, can be infested with germs. Therefore, waiver is now said to Tatar, sushi or preferred milk but also meats such as pork sausage, smoked meat or salami and all soft cheese made from raw milk. 4. How do I get all the nutrients that needs my baby? Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins in the first months of pregnancy. The body needs it for Metabolism, cell division and blood formation. Therefore, obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend to take folic acid tablets as possible before conception and throughout pregnancy. Iodine is important for the brain development of the child. While there are abundant in fish, many families, restaurants and cafeterias now use iodized salt in the kitchen still it often still is not enough. In case of doubt, the doctor will prescribe you iodine tablets. Who eat little or no meat, get too little iron. While there are iron-bearing grain and vegetables, only the body can already not so good record vegetable iron like animal even if at the same time vitamin C, which boosts the absorption of iron in the principle. There, too, an iron supplement helps in case of doubt. 5. how much should I increase? It was said earlier: between nine and twelve pounds. But gone are the days of rigid rules. Who is initially very slim, may put more than a plump woman but anything between seven and 18 pounds is okay. So you know your personal Normal range: Calculate first the beginning of pregnancy, your body-mass index (BMI = body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared) and then look right in our table. For example, A 1.70-meter woman weighs 68 kilograms and, therefore has a BMI of 23.5 (68 kg: 1.7 x 1.7 = 23.5) your weight gain should be so between 11,S and 16 pounds. Don’t worry, if you rather down – in the first weeks of pregnancy or increasing, because excitement or morning sickness to the stomach suggests you: weight gain is only seen from the fourth month – about 300 grams per week, in recent months to a pound. A woman is much less, is the risk that her baby is starving. What chubby women often scares: severely overweight can increase the risk of high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. Nevertheless you should not now start a diet – that could cause that the baby is not supplied with all you need. Your doctor advises You, what you do best.

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