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Called the commonly ventilated facade to a constructive method that allows you to coat the outside of a facade with ceramic pieces, and its main function, physical separation between the interior and exterior environment of the building. Once appeared the structures of steel and concrete, the facades were not already their work load, thus facilitating the creation of these new facades. The main feature of the ventilated facades is that in them creates an air Chamber in movement or chimney effect that creates a thermal cushion between the coated wall and the outer cladding parameter. The main improvement of the closing of facades consists of an air Chamber separated by two leaves, one inside and another outside, in which thermal insulation is installed. A ventilated facade accentuates this condition by a separation structure, which guarantees a ventilation continued throughout the entire surface of the facade and offers the following enhancements: thermal protection, watertightness and stability. The facades ventilated they bring to the constructions protection against atmospheric agents, producing these effects differentiated according to the seasons. If you would like to know more about mario ferro, then click here. In summer, thanks to the current renewal of cold air generated in its interior, avoids overheating of the external walls of buildings blocking temperatures in the interior of the building is eleven.

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