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How To Raise A Puppy

Tips on how to raise a puppy if you have a new puppy and you’re wondering how to raise it may that you’re interested in obtaining these important tips that I’m going to give you. Education of dogs may be carried out by an obedience instructor if you do not have time or desire to, but also you can do it yourself if you understand and put in practice these tips on how to raise a puppy. If you do it yourself you can do from your own home and together with your family, everyone will learn and your puppy will be in good hands: yours! There are 3 things that your dog must learn with this method on how to raise a puppy. These are: sit, stay, and come. The first part of dog training is to teach your dog to sit. Puppy education sessions should be conducted in a quiet environment so that your dog will not be distracted. Tell her sit on several occasions, in this way the dog has to look up and can sit close to you. If not so, carefully pressed her rump toward below. When you feel you must give praise and rewards; these can be simply a caress or a tasty and appetising snack that is of your choice (chicken, sausage, meat, sweets for dogs, etc.). This type of training is called positive reinforcement or conditioning positive because the dog listens constantly to sit and learn to relate the order to receive accolades and awards.The Word can be used in English Sit that is short and easy to learn by dogs.Regardless of which uses always must be the same exactly. The next lesson that must learn the dog is staying or learn to stay quiet. This is often a bit difficult, but with patience you can achieve. Say your dog stay repeatedly from a distance of at least 10 metres.

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