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Primary Care

Nurse Graduated for the Federal University of the Paraba-UFPB, Mestranda in Sciences of the Education, Specialist in Health of the Family, Coordinator of the Basic Attention of the City of Jucs-CE and, Professor of Disciplina de Semiologia in the Regional University of the Cariri-URCA, of the Advanced Campus of Iguatu FALLS; Email: SUMMARY Is important that the worker of health, mainly the nurse, apt and is enabled to ahead take care of to the clientele in view of its problems and necessities in the field of the health, adjusting itself it the requirements of the market of work of some technologies in health, as much light how much the hard ones. In this way, the performance of the nurse in the basic attention is distinguished here as being an enterprising professional in the context of public health, being this most qualified to play a position of it commands/recognized leadership for the other professionals and the proper academic formation. With this, the necessary nurse could itself be concluded that to have knowledge regarding the administration to be a good manager, therefore the union of the theory (knowledge) with practical the day to day one is essential. Therefore, the controlling nurses of UBS establish an effective relation between the object and the purpose of its process of work, that is, the managemental actions are directed to the attendance of the necessities of health of the clientele..

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Physical Education

It fits to the professionals of Physical Education, familiar and pertaining to school scope to intervine in this situation, acquiring knowledge and explicitando the benefits to possess an active life and good alimentary habits and the curses of if becoming an individual obeso, that it suffers diverse types of preconceptions, discriminations and limitations to have a normal life. The professors are the mediators of the knowledge and information, can create and mold the pupils of the form who believe to be the correct one. Of this form, next to the direction of the institutions they must promote educative lectures and events with regard to the overweight and obesidade, therefore it is in this phase where the pupils are accessible, without crystallized thoughts, developing its moral and social values, stimulating the criticidade of the same ones in what he says respect to the habits of healthful life, with being able to discern and to decide that type of citizen it wants to belong and which corporal image will have. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BETTI, M.; SAUCERS, G.L. Media. s/d. Available in: Access in: 14 Set. 2010. BAITELLO JNIOR, N. The slow time and the null space: primary, secondary and tertiary media. 2001. Available in: Access in: 14 Set. 2010.

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Health Patients

Through the data epidemiologists and of the knowledge of how much the treatment WENT of it is desgastante for the patient and at the same time little efficient since the tecidual necrosis is irreversible, it makes if necessary to act in favor of the prevention of it THEY WENT and control of the agravos in the infartados patients. For this it is indispensable to know the factors of risk and the characteristics of the acometido patient. METHOD Ahead of the abrangncia of the risk factors that involve the acute patients with infarto of the myocardium, was opted to using the theoretical referencial of described Field of Health for Lalonde (*) apud Oliveira (7). This referencial engloba biology human being (sex, age, Index of Corporal Mass (IMC), feminine hormone use, clinical and familiar history); the life style (causes attributed for the patient for occurrence of infarto acute of the myocardium, alimentary habits, alcoholic beverage, tobaccoism, activity physics, estresse and standard of sleep); the environment (level of instruction, occupation, turn of work, number of jobs, familiar income, civil state, origin and place of residence) and the system of health (referring information to the current pathology, doubts how much to the illness, medical treatments carried through and use of the health systems). The research is about a exploratrio descriptive study, carried through in a filantrpico hospital of Wells of Caldas-MG. The patients had been interviewed all who had given entered in the sector of Urgency/Emergency and interned with diagnosis of THEY WENT in the period of October of 2007 the January of 2008, perfazendo a total of 30 patients. RESULTS AND QUARREL Analysis of the 0 variable related to the plan of health Of the interviewed patients, 24 (80.0%) had been taken care of by the Only System of Health. When it was inquired regarding the use of the services of health 23 (76.7%) of the patients made use of the units basic of health, 4 (13.3%) made use of particular service, 2 (6.6%) made use of particular service and basic unit of health, and, 1 (3,3%) only made accord use.

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Project Press

The moral estimates three characteristics: 1 its values are not questioned; 2 they are taxes; 3 the disobedience to the rules estimates a punishment 10. The code of Deontology of nursing As Gelain (1987) the code aims at to restrain situations where nurses allow that its name consists of the personnel and receives remuneration without exerting the functions of nursing estimated (art. 9, inc.XI). It understands the code that this attitude, beyond involving a dishonest behavior, establishes unfair competition, therefore deprives other colleagues to exert the profession. The situations are enclosed in this item where nurses, connivent with the dishonesty of the institution, yield its diploma, they receive inferior remuneration to the paid one to a contracted nurse and they do not need to appear to the work. With this, the institution usufructs of the advantages as if it had a nurse in its personnel and spends less of what professional 11 contracted itself. DEONTOLOGICAL CODE OF 104/98 NURSE DL Article 79. OF DEONTOLOGICAL DUTIES In general c) To protect and to defend the person human being of the practical ones that they oppose the law, the ethics or the common good, over all when lacked of indispensable professional ability; Article 82. OF the RIGHTS To the LIFE AND the QUALITY OF LIFE) To attribute to the life of any equal person value, for what it protects and it defends the life human being in all the circumstances; Article 88. OF the EXCELLENCY OF EXERCISE d) To assure, by all means to its reach, the conditions of work that allow to exert the profession with dignity and autonomy, communicating, through the competent ways, the deficiencies that harm the quality of cares; Article 90. OF the DUTIES STOPS WITH the PROFESSION) Keeping in the performance of its activities, in all the circumstances, a standard of personal behavior that dignifies the profession; b) To be solidary with the other members of the profession in sequence to the rise of the professional level; Project Press and the superstructure presided over for the Brazilian woman.

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Postmortem Body

The life is first the one well that all the human beings have right. In accordance with BEYERS et al, 1995: ‘ ‘ All we have right to be born, to grow, to age and morrer’ ‘. The death of a general form is the only certainty of the life, a time that if constitutes in the crucial point of its existence. Taking in consideration the different vital resistncias to the privation of oxygen of the cells, fabrics, agencies and systems that integrate the body, it can be admitted that the death is a incoativo process, that passes for diverse periods of training. In the professional life, coming across constant with estressantes situations and of loss of patients, provides to the professionals of health, moments of reflections and capacity of sharpened comment, despite assistematizadas. These reflections are carried through routinely concerning the process of identification and symbolic images of the healthful individuals that attend and participate of the death of the other. The reaction to the losses that the health professionals go having throughout the life, in physical, emotional level, social and spiritual varies of person for person and depends on the circumstances that encircle the death: type of relation that existed between both, quality of the used mechanisms of defense, among others (CALLANAN; KELLEY, 1994; SPNDOLA et al., 1994). Although the death to be part of the routine of these professions, the desire is that it always happens in the planto of the other, and appear some reactions to deny or to annul such event, for the silence and emptiness of the stream bed, that soon will be filled by another patient..

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Rosimeire Cristina Moretto

This care must be pautado in the necessities basic human beings of the just-been born one and of its family and the execution of this care knowledge can make compatible scientific technician and, beyond sensitivity, ethics and respect for the RN and its family. With this, the patient one starts to receive the cares deserved for hands human beings and that it propitiates a worthy work of human being. However, the training by itself is not the sufficient one to humanizar the acts. yes, to have as ally liking people, mainly when they just-are been born, allowing, thus, the completeness of the humanizada assistance. 3.2 The insertion of the family in the context of the care: PICTURE 3 the insertion of the family in the context of the care AUTHOR BOARDING WEDGE, Maria Luzia Chollopetz of a importance of the support given to the family GOMES, Magda Maria Blacksmith the humanizao of the assistance passing for the convivncia with the family FLEET, Mirna Albuquerque, et al the necessary support of the team of health for insertion of the family in the cares. Desmistificao of genitora the fragile RN carries through cares MOLINA, Rosimeire Cristina Moretto, et al. The establishment of the reliable relation between the family and the team and the promotion of the ways of insertion REICHERT.; LINS, R.N.P.; COLLET, N. Integral care given to the family and the just-been born one Sensible listening. Participation of the family executing well-taken care of. The flexible visits, the touch and the attachment PEDROSO, Glicinia Elaine Rosilho; BOUSSO, Regina Szylit Inclusion of the family in the cares catching its experiences of life CYPEL, Saul Insertion of the family as to have of the institution.

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SUS Services

It is necessary to argue the strategies adopted for the health services to approach the elaborators of the strategies of the real necessities of the population. Valley to point out that the private system has important participation as complement of the actions where the SUS does not obtain to arrive; mainly the specialized services most complex and. Therefore it can be said that the SUS is a hybrid system of health. To present the history of the SUS and its democratic construction throughout the years is to after show to the proper history of the redemocratizao of the country a long period of military dictatorship. The SUS was born ahead of a context national and international politician of democratic transistion to rediscuss the paper of the State. The steady economic scene also contributes for the advance of the health services. To understand the organization of the assistance it is important to observe the instruments created for the management decentralized public of the health establishments. The challenge is to expand the covering in order to mainly propitiate in fact the universal access in the actions of promotion and prevention. The strategies of the primary attention of health had been emphasized inside, where, most of the problems is decided. To divulge the SUS for the perspective of the democratic management, in which, the actions are waked up with the participation of the three spheres of government (federal, state, municipal) and the society. It is an experience of construction of regional systems that involve joint and cooperation enters the governmental instances associate to the decentralization of the services of health with the purpose to perfect the net of services and to extend the access of igualitria form. To present and to strengthen the quarrel of the management of the public services of basic social right health while guaranteed by the Federal Constitution of 1988 and that it contemplates the welfare state without the dispute between states and cities for the management of resources and services without partisan and electoral competition.

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Marcapasso And Arritmias

What she is bradicardia? Which the indication of the implantation of marcapasso? The heart all loads the blood for the organism. To make to function this mechanism it beats in a frequency of 50 the 100 beatings per minute. This system can suffer disfuno, what cause a reduction in the frequency per minute. It is for treating this type of arrhythmia that exists marcapasso. This arrhythmia, that if calls bradicardia, can have the following causes: – Age – Illness of Chagas – atrial Fibrilao – Use of medications – Illnesses of the coronary arteries – Injury of the electrical system of the heart for surgeries – congenital Cardiopathies (errors of formation in the heart of the baby during the pregnancy) Which the symptoms of the bradicardia? The symptoms most common of the bradicardia are air weakness, fatigue, lack, pain in the chest, collapses, loss of memory, loss of will, giddiness, badly to be. Aged they can diminish the daily activity to the few, to diminish the symptoms. Then one velhinho speaks that it does not feel nothing, but if you to insist it will say that she left to go to the gymnastics of the aged ones or stopped to play bocha because of the fatigue. He is frequent also not to notice the gradual loss of memory, or not to say this for the family or the doctor for shame. Unhappyly, the illness is each worse time with the time, and heart is not more trustworthy, as a wiring of an old house that, if not fixed in time, eventually goes to stop to function. This situation can evolve for the total forecourt-ventricular blockade, that one is prepared cardiac one. Marcapasso was invented to treat the bradicardia, and to control the symptoms of cardiac disfuno and to prevent the death for cardiac arrest (sudden death). Of that marcapasso is made? The components of marcapasso are: – One or more handle-electrodes – a generator of pulses the electrodes resemble it wires leading the electric chain of the generator until the heart. How it is the surgery of implantation of marcapasso? The electrodes are located in the veins between the thorax and the neck and taken until the heart to treat the arrhythmia. The generator of marcapasso is implanted in this region between the shoulder and the neck, in a small incision in the fabric subcutaneous (below of the skin). Currently it has so miniature marcapassos that they only weigh 12 grams. The surgery for implantation of marcapasso lasts around 1 the 2 hours and is carried through with local anesthesia, being able or not to receive sedao. The high one after happens the 24 48 hours of the surgery of implantation of marcapasso.

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In the essential oil of the rind of Ctrus lemon meets in the ratio of 70,75% of Limoneno and 13.19% of – pineno (Figure 4-B) (ROZZA, 2009). Beyond these composites the essential oil of the Ctrus lemon presents – terpineno, terpinoleno, neral and geranial (VENDRUSCOLO, 2005). The terpenos possess great therapeutical importance and constitute a precursory active composite classroom of other composites as the citral, safrol and others (AGUIAR, 2003). . B.C. Figure 4: . The chemical Structure of the Limoneno. B. chemical Structure of – pineno (ROZZA, 2009). C. chemical Structure of – mirceno (BONAMIN, 2010). Considering the therapeutical effect of these terpenos orange-bitter it is used empirically for gastrointestinal problems, for presenting antispasmodic and antimicrobiana action against the H. pylori (FONSECA, 2008). It is also used as ansioltica, sedativa, anticonvulsivante, cardiac and vascular, digestive and orexigeno stimulant. In China the orange-bitter one (Figure 5) is known as ‘ ‘ zhi shi’ ‘ , being managed as tonic generality and stimulant of the functions of the digestrio system (ARBO, 2008). However, studies involving the essential oil of C. aurantium, had proven its cicatrizante action in ascetic acid induced ulcer for in animals of laboratory, which had to the increase of proliferativos agents of the mucosa (PCNA) and for the activation of enzyme COX-2. The COX-2 is responsible for the restoration of the fabric injured, through the activation of mechanisms gastroprotetores as stimulaton for the secretion of bicarbonate, protective E2 prostaglandins and muco (BONAMIN, 2010). The citric fruits still present carotenides as Licopeno and – carotene. These composites are antirust and can be enclosed in the diet through the juice of the orange (DUZZIONE, 2009). It still presents in its constitution vitamin C (acid ascrbico). This vitamin is not synthecized by the organism, having been necessary its ingestion.

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Nursing Principles

Being thus, it are sufficiently influenced for principles of the Administration and some philosophical theories of the same one. INFLUENCES OF THE SCIENTIFIC THEORY ON Nursing NURSING the practical one has acquired much influence of the old principles of the scientific theory, being able itself to detach the following aspects: It has in the nursing a concern of the elaboration of rules and norms that must be obeyed by all the professionals. The division of the work in the nursing makes with that it has a specialization of its members in the tasks of ability of the assistant, the technician and the nurse, who, certainly, propitiating a route for the practical one of nursing. Methods of funcionalista work, typically mechanist of the administration, who guides the nursing assistance, becoming broken up it in its activities, that is, each component of the nursing team has its contextualizada and individualizada task. The nursing is a profession that has evolved very in recent years, in result of the accompaniment of the technology and of its exploitation in the development of its practical professional. For if constituting in a set of sciences social human beings and, it searched in the administration use of the scientific method capable to become the operationally rational work, with the only intention to give assistance to the patient, to the family and the community, in way that could take care of its necessities. Therefore, knowing the principles where if they base the administration and possessing abilities to take decisions, it only is that the nurse can choose the method to plan, to execute and to evaluate the actions in the practical one of the nursing service. It fits to stand out that the theories of the administration universal and are easily absorbed in any area of the knowledge. (4) In particular, in the nursing, its influence was significant, due to proper nature and philosophy of the service of nursing that obligatorily makes use of the administrative principles considered by Taylor, Fayol, Maslow and others.

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