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The feeling of failure, exhaustion, are some of the symptoms of this syndrome (MASLACH; JACKSON, 1981 apud MUROFUSE; ABRANCHES; NAPOLEO, 2005). In this context, burnout (professional exhaustion) has as definition a decurrent psychological syndrome of the chronic tension in the work, consisting of: emotional exhaustion, desumanizao, disillusionment, reduction of personal accomplishment (TAMAYO; TRCCOLI, 2002). It occurs mainly in individuals that work for people, especially the ones who have some problem of health, thus causing the distanciamento between professional and patient who starts to only face them as an inanimate object, generating negative influences in development of its work (MASLACH, 1976 apud SOUZA; IT HISSES, 2002). According to studies carried through in the United States of America, the syndrome of burnout has had great in recent years which had approach to the consequncias that this syndrome not only causes the personal life of the individual, but also in its professional performance (CARLOTTO; GOBBI, 2003 apud MUROFUSE; ABRANCHES; NAPOLEO, 2005). Governmental, enterprise entities and North American and European unions see if interesting for the health of the worker, therefore the state of the health of the same reflects in its performance in the work, having as consequncia the increase in the level of absentismo, fall in the quality of the attendance, industrial accidents, occupational fall of the productivity and some illnesses (CARLOTTO; GOBBI, 2003 apud MUROFUSE; ABRANCHES; NAPOLEO, 2005). The profession of nursing for having direct contact with illness, pain and death of the patients, have a bigger incidence to burnout, consequentemente increasing the index of absentismo and fall in the quality of the given services (GIL-MONTE, 2002). As the Health Education Authority the nursing profession is classified as the fourth estressante profession in public sector (STACCIARINI; TRCCOLI, 2001). Extreme the horria load, the overload of work, conflicts with the work team, the lack of autonomy and authority in taking decisions, is some of the reasons that contribute to increase the tax of incidence estresse of it and consequentemente of burnout (GIL-MONTE, 2002).

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