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Single Mother

Hopefully, your parejaa a who a you say practically Oeno want in my way at my studies a “Go , because this a little resentful to you and that was his first reaction when my friend knocked on his door early in am saying a contigoa mari want to talk, was more than expected response ESTOY OCUPADOa a but did not have the genius of my buddies, of course I was expecting a block away from home and I can only imagine the gestures of her saying a NADA you’re busy, I need you now MARI ASI TE ESPERO EN AQUA, APURATEa , and he did a few minutes later it appeared the two, he with a scowl and she gave me forces giving me a hug then just a few meters away when offered something. His face was trying to be indifferent to hide his amazement at seeing my body grew, a I was too nervous to invent a greeting or words to break the ice, only managed to say a hola, I’m pregnant, my father wants to talk contigoa , I guess the shock was equal to it also just said a ycuantos months are you? a ” I said: a ENVIRONMENTAL 8 months and all this I said without looking up preparing for an obvious answer in men thank God that never came, but could not hold back tears when, after many difficult months and felt a warm embrace full of feelings, I raise my face with her fingers and said, crossing our eyes will be fine a todo amoA you for a second time stopped and I felt peace, would have liked that second to last forever but it was a desire impossible. .

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Marriage Over 40

Interesting fact, if a woman is smart, beautiful, self-sufficient, if it is slightly over 40, married it does not break. If you think about it, and really – why? Common causes of marriage: 1. Marriage involves the joint education of children, he guarantees stability and that the child will be left without the support of both parents. But at the age of "forty" of the children have few people think that if children and there is, they have grown up and decided to give birth to very few. That is, marriage for the sake of children, at first glance, is excluded. 2. Another reason marriage is so commonplace as money – marriage is a means of ensuring a certain material. But if a woman took, and it is self-sufficient, then it has in this respect, all right. At that age she has all or almost all, own apartment, car, good job, good salary, which is enough not only to dine in restaurants, but the rest 2 times year in every corner of the globe. 3. Very important physiological aspect, and in particular sex. If you think that sex after forty years is something elusive, there is only a distant memory, then you are very, very young. A healthy body requires regular sex. Where can I get it without lawful husband? But this is all just a very simple solution: there are many others around the men who are not averse to "go left", especially not unencumbered by obligations – not middle-aged mistress becomes pregnant, will not bring a claim, ask for a divorce and an indispensable marriage will not be pulling money (especially if it is self-sufficient). And free men are both young and older, who are attracted to sex with cute, clever, self-sufficient woman. And spread opinion: free women over forty is not too eager to get married. More They do not want to marry.

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