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Single Mother

Hopefully, your parejaa a who a you say practically Oeno want in my way at my studies a “Go , because this a little resentful to you and that was his first reaction when my friend knocked on his door early in am saying a contigoa mari want to talk, was more than expected response ESTOY OCUPADOa a but did not have the genius of my buddies, of course I was expecting a block away from home and I can only imagine the gestures of her saying a NADA you’re busy, I need you now MARI ASI TE ESPERO EN AQUA, APURATEa , and he did a few minutes later it appeared the two, he with a scowl and she gave me forces giving me a hug then just a few meters away when offered something. His face was trying to be indifferent to hide his amazement at seeing my body grew, a I was too nervous to invent a greeting or words to break the ice, only managed to say a hola, I’m pregnant, my father wants to talk contigoa , I guess the shock was equal to it also just said a ycuantos months are you? a ” I said: a ENVIRONMENTAL 8 months and all this I said without looking up preparing for an obvious answer in men thank God that never came, but could not hold back tears when, after many difficult months and felt a warm embrace full of feelings, I raise my face with her fingers and said, crossing our eyes will be fine a todo amoA you for a second time stopped and I felt peace, would have liked that second to last forever but it was a desire impossible. .

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