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Boredom As Indicator Of The Void

We all skukiny children. When we look at the world through the smoky glass of boredom, it seems, let it fail, and we do not have to care. Life is slipping like a snake skin, and do not regret it at all. Thoughts are like the troubled reke, for which is a lot of garbage … Or stop suddenly, as if chained with ice … Hangs in us something so that they can stay days in a stupor of feelings and thoughts. Either boredom in us, then we – inside … Chahnem and can not clearly explain the reason why. As Fernando Pessoa said: 'To suffer without suffering, without much to desire, to think without thinking'. Boredom has become one of the most important phenomena of society only some two centuries ago and called a sublime: melancholy. Previously, it has 'hurt' the noble and spiritually developed, selected and scarce. Recall Nihilism of Bazarov and his anger at the world, at life in the void of boredom, because of her … Today, both these Concepts: boredom and melancholy have merged in the term 'depression'. Interestingly, the boredom has become the 'property' of the masses of a developed society, where everything seemed to have in order to not get bored. But not to bore those looking for food for the family. They have a purpose in life, small, unconscious: to work to survive, not die from hunger. And once bored. Boredom can be a source of many evils. Often the crimes are committed on its soil.

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Professional Association

Required for trips abroad to some additional accessories, because there are many different requirements in different countries assume that Germany is a country with very many rules. Also, many citizens assume that the standard for traffic safety is a high within Europe. Who however more illuminated the rules finds that some neighbouring countries still higher demands on the accessories to be carried in the car. As the holiday season in many areas has already begun in Germany, anyone who travels by car to the resort, should inform himself before, what you have in the vehicle in. Millions of Germans choose the own vehicle as a means of transport during the holiday. In Germany, some utensils by law in their own vehicles are carrying. Here a small overview: first aid kit everyone is grateful, if it is never used. Because if you have to open the first-aid kit at an accident site, usually something worse happened. However, it actually rarely happen. Therefore is essential to check whether he is still allowed to or whether the expiration date is exceeded in relation to the first aid kit. The Nichtmitfuhren of first aid material draws a caution money amounting to 5 to 25 (rule sets) in May. Warning triangle for protection of accident sites but also of roadside places essential road safety. The Professional Association recommends to set up the warning triangle with fast traffic at a distance of approximately 100 meters to the vehicle stationary. On motorways the distance should be at least 150 to 400 meters, was necessarily but to ensure that it is positioned sufficiently far ahead of a curve or crest. Who can show no warning triangle faces after ruleset with a caution money of at least 5. Vest currently recommend carrying a signal slate for private individuals only. In the decision of the Federal Council of the 05.07.2013 has been established however, that at the latest on the 01.07.2014 in the Federal Republic of Germany the Carrying a vest in all vehicles registered in Germany as a duty. In Eastern European countries, as well as in parts of southern Europe not only carrying a vest is mandatory. There is that an own vest must be carried for each driver. The acquisition costs approximately 1.85 up 5.50 per vest. Fire extinguisher in Poland and some other European countries is also carrying a fire extinguisher at the vehicle. While the opinions differ however partially, whether this applies only to vehicles registered in the country or even for vehicles in transit or by travellers. Cost for 1-kg ABC powder extinguishers are approx. 14.98 to 28.50. When the drive is just like in all other activities: they pay attention to their health. Also the traffic regulations intended to preserve their health. The holidays can start and end up back with a safe drive. “For trips abroad you need some additional Accessories”, since there are different standards in different countries is the title of the contribution, which underlies all this data. It first appeared on the public health portal.

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Angeologia El Ngel Umabel

Kinds of God’s Angels: archangels.Regency of the angel: from 21 to 25 January.It is situated in the area of Hod and works matters relating with the sphere of Tiphereth.Name of Los Angeles: God above all things Angel essence: affinity, friendship. Analogy.Planet of the Angel: Angels mercury Horoscope: Aquarius.Attribute: Umabel influence with the essence of friendship and analogy to those great friends can be. There is difference between affinity and friendship. On the one hand the affinity produces friendship sometimes the relationship of these two concepts only provokes share few concerns. But the case of Umabel always speaks of that great friendship.He is the Angel of the connections. It is also Angel specialist in search of the analog. What is equal even among what’s up and down. Influenced by these will ease to unravel the secrets of everything what exists in nature (minerals, plants, and) animals)…This knowledge even gives ability for making talismans, phytotherapy. As people are complemented and possess qualities of human organization.The essence analogy allows them to arrive to discover the unknown through what is known. Noting the material world you will discover the spiritual.The person born under this influence will love travel. These are a source of discovery for them. Always they will be willing to do so as insatiable researchers. And when speaking of trips refers to insert in any plane that causes know. They agree that you not obsessions by external knowledge and make more case to the internal. They will like the honest pleasures: love, order, power, work, light, art, understanding and creation.They will have a sensitive heart and love will cause them sorrow. This may be due that have already lived an intense loving experience and tend to find again what that was, but no longer. This will cause that melancholy.What grants: get the friendship of one person (say your name). Easy learning of astrology and the physical sciences. Solace in the pains of love. Travel pleasant and helpful. It protects against debauchery and passions contrary to the order of nature. Program lesson: Overcome the tendency to debauchery. PSALM to invoke it to invoke their strength and power, first prays Psalm or Psalms chosen, then call it by its name and finally performs the specific request you want to make him.Is the name of God blessed, from now and forever.The Angel’s message: You have in understanding clear and prepared to accept him as the Supreme good, CULTIVATES the friendship true, your actions, tea pre-baptism the art and creativity, light takes care of your concept of freedom, respects the free will, protects, comforts, undone trends of FLAVORS sweets and consequences bitter. If you want more information visit LOS ANGELES source article: Tarot Egyptian original author and source of the Article

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Almost every one of us was a student, someone he is at the moment, and someone will be named shortly. Anyone who has been through student life, is how great it is. Shared kitchen, showers and toilets, mountains of trash, booze and cries did not seem to attract. although what kind of dormitory without it? And what is the student's life without a hostel? This is associative things that give students the thrill merry life, from the applicant, and finishing at least a specialist. During those five years, waking up every day at ten o'clock in the morning, while scoring on a pair, and falling asleep in the best case in the morning, the student feels free riotous living. besides lack of money rarely affects the fun pastime. The fridge is always a neighbor's at least something, but there will always be among friends who will lend some money to better times and will treat each other beer. Advancing to dvizhnyak rarely people think about when and how many will return to the dorm room, even despite the fact that during the night to get there is almost unreal. estesstvenno it is no secret that there ways to get into any night is still there. And the more developed imagination (and that students do not take), so these methods become more and more. for example feed vahtershu chocolate or find a way to penetrate through the window. I will share one story, when my pal do not let in a dorm room, even in broad daylight for not fully legalized documents residence in a hostel. And in fact live somewhere right!? He solved the problem with ease, getting to his room, which was located on the second floor through a window on gas pipes. And out of the hostel through the course of a facade, with accented greeting vahtershami puzzled that he was not allowed to enter. Student life every day is full of rest, drinking and recreation. because routine occur in the same way as any holiday – in a state of joy and drunkenness. therefore time student – this is just an extra excuse to take a walk and cool note! Student's Day soon, so that each pupil University will be nice to win some surprise, or at least attention. Therefore, the best gift will be e-cards for day students. Yes, student zhituha beautiful, even during problemki session! And not in vain, saying that "he who never lived in a hostel, he was not a student!". Although each of us student life – this is my personal memories and associations that are unlikely to be forgotten once. Because the student's period – The most memorable moment of life.

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Pedro Perez

There are three possible ingredients of all experience: sensory perceptions, thoughts or mental images and emotions. They are thoughts Pedro Perez, counter, forty-five years, divorced, father of two children, and are therefore part of your experience at the moment in which pass through his mind. They and everything else that you can say or think about yourself they are objects, not the subject. They are the experience, not the experimenter. You could add thousands of definitions most (thoughts) about what you and no doubt would grow the complexity of their experience (and also income from his psychiatrist), but that is not the way to discover to the experimenter, which predates all experiences but without which there would be no experience. So who is the experimenter? You. And who are you? The conscience. And what is consciousness? That question has no answer because as soon as he gives an answer fakes it is and converts it to another object. Consciousness, whose traditional name is spirit, cannot be known in the normal sense of the word, and is useless to look for it. All knowledge resides in the sphere of duality: subject and object, Knower and known. The subject, the self, the connoisseur without whom it would be possible all knowledge, all perception or every thought, should escape forever all knowledge. This is due to that report, it is only the forms are likely to be known and, nevertheless, without dimension report, the world of shape would be impossible. It is the bright space which emerges and plunges the world. That space is the life that I am. It is timeless. What happens in that space is relative and temporary: the pleasure and pain, gain and loss, birth and death. The biggest impediment to discover the Interior, to find to the experimenter, is fascinated with the experience to the point of losing it. He is lost in his own dream consciousness. It is left trapped to such an extent by every thought, every emotion and every experience that we indeed remain in a kind of reverie. This has been the normal state of humanity for thousands of years. Although we cannot know the consciousness, we can recognize in it what we are. We can feel it directly in any situation, regardless of where we are. We can feel it here and now as the presence, the internal State in which perceived the words on this page and become thoughts. It is the I Fund. The words that we are reading and making thoughts are the front of the stage and the I am is the backdrop, the substrate, the underlying basis of all experience, thinking and feeling. Original author and source of the article

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Measurement of insulation damage due to surges in electronic equipment (computers, TV, video, etc.) and facilities are increasing for years. This is due to the employment of these surge every day sensitive electronic components. In particular, computer systems can suffer significant damage or even shredded if not properly protected. The cost of these damage produced in own equipment or installation, you need to add costs added by absence of service for days. CAUSES of TRANSIENT OVERVOLTAGE causes that cause a transient overvoltage are varied, but all of them can encompass in 4 groups which are described below:-a direct Ray, impact case in that it directly reaches the building, making that installation drivers are subjected in short periods of time at very high potential that cause the instantaneous destruction of electronic equipment connected to such a installation. -Distant impact, cases in which building has not been reached directly by lightning, despite which the operation of the installation is affected due to the wave of expansion that is transmitted via the mains electricity supply lines. -Impacts between clouds, cases in which Ray bounces from cloud to cloud. The electrical installation may be affected due to the loads of reflection that are involved in this atmospheric phenomenon and cause increases in the potential for drivers, especially if they come from outside the building. -Processes of switching, such as operations power on / off, accidental grounding contacts, switching of inductive or capacitive loads, etc. that make, like that in three previous cases, cause risk of surges that cause faults in the normal operation of the equipment. TESTS established the high voltage installations built according to the standards of the DIN VDE 0100 series have to undergo the tests laid down in the said rule, part 610, when they are installed, modified or extended. These tests not only encompass the different measurements to verify the operation of the measures of protection and equipotential connection, but that they are also valid for check insulation resistance.

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