SUS Services

It is necessary to argue the strategies adopted for the health services to approach the elaborators of the strategies of the real necessities of the population. Valley to point out that the private system has important participation as complement of the actions where the SUS does not obtain to arrive; mainly the specialized services most complex and. Therefore it can be said that the SUS is a hybrid system of health. To present the history of the SUS and its democratic construction throughout the years is to after show to the proper history of the redemocratizao of the country a long period of military dictatorship. The SUS was born ahead of a context national and international politician of democratic transistion to rediscuss the paper of the State. The steady economic scene also contributes for the advance of the health services. To understand the organization of the assistance it is important to observe the instruments created for the management decentralized public of the health establishments.

The challenge is to expand the covering in order to mainly propitiate in fact the universal access in the actions of promotion and prevention. The strategies of the primary attention of health had been emphasized inside, where, most of the problems is decided. To divulge the SUS for the perspective of the democratic management, in which, the actions are waked up with the participation of the three spheres of government (federal, state, municipal) and the society. It is an experience of construction of regional systems that involve joint and cooperation enters the governmental instances associate to the decentralization of the services of health with the purpose to perfect the net of services and to extend the access of igualitria form. To present and to strengthen the quarrel of the management of the public services of basic social right health while guaranteed by the Federal Constitution of 1988 and that it contemplates the welfare state without the dispute between states and cities for the management of resources and services without partisan and electoral competition.

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