Mesotherapy and biorevitalization is different procedures which apply in modern cosmetology. So they can be used interchangeably. Hyaluronic acid, which is used for biorevitalisation is not an animal origin, synthesized in the biosynthesis, as close as possible, its characteristics, the natural hyaluronic acid, a perfectly safe drug, as perfectly compatible with the skin and causes no allergic reactions. When biorevitalisation simulated situation, close to nature, where the skin is a qualitative metabolism, are active processes of renewal tissues, supplementation of hyaluronic dermis acid, which increases with age shortages. Here are just that and gives a prominent effect of rejuvenation. Biorevitalization shown: melkomorschinisty type of aging, fading skin of the face, neck and neck, face contour, Pigmentation, wrinkles gravitoznye, preparation and follow the contour of plastic, using absorbable fillers restore skin relief of facial wrinkles in combination with the drugs 'Botox'. More from initial state of the patient's skin prescribe individual treatment programs. Beautician choose what suits you..

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