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Many people on acne and acne scars carry away. When the sebaceous glands in the skin become inflamed by the pimples, blackheads and pustules are usually acne scars. Remove acne scars can nowadays but simply with the medical progress. Usually acne occurs, the most widespread is the acne Vulgarius in adolescence and is produced mainly by the change of the Hormonhaltes during puberty. Acne can not only during puberty occur, as she can occur in older individuals, but also in the age of the baby. Causes of acne are not just hormones, medicines or cosmetics may be a reason for acne, environmental influences can an other trigger his z.B Mallorca acne. Some ACNE forms that are difficult flammable cause almost always mild to severe scarring. Many people suffer from their acne scars and this will affect their quality of life. One must not accept but not with the acne scars on the body, today there are many different treatment options for acne scars, you can some at home understand z.B fruit acid exfoliation for acne scars, for others, however, you need a professional z.B if one opts for one of the countless laser treatments. Fruit acid exfoliation the skin is stimulated himself to peel and become this even and soft, while the scars on the remaining skin level adjust itself and the skin appears smoother. It opts for a laser therapy you should come up with a dermatologist put together and the appropriate method for a select themselves, not any laser treatment is suitable for all forms of acne scars. The scars should be very pronounced can be also an abrasive with the Diamond cutter into consideration, while the scar edges are treated that target this treatment it is to smooth out the scars. The entire treatment takes place under general anaesthetic. Often also a Krytotherapie is used for scars, the affected area are verissen and put then in a later operation. Another method to to combat the unsightly acne scars that is we use the scar of cortisone, this with the cortisone untersprizt, there are different means that may be used for the injections. Some are absorbed by the skin after a few months and the scar reappears other means are permanent, usually a mixture of Artecoll is used for long-term success. Creams that are designed help specifically against scars best when used immediately after the formation of scars, you must the creams often over a longer period of time apply to see a significant change in the scars, the shorter the time between emergence of the SCAR and the start use the ointment is the shorter is the time to see really visible achievements

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Health Advisor is an advisor and information portal for wellness fans and health-conscious. No matter whether for beauty, wellness or health – always the best guide provides. The vital wellness and health world enjoys a new Advisor and information portal of the world!”means to be the new star of the wellness, health and relaxation sky which provides wellness fans, as well as health-conscious with giving interesting advice, including medical, information, articles, and editorials. “Under the motto balance for body and soul” acts as the right starting point, helpful information and tips and tricks in terms of wellness, well-being, health and relaxation when it comes. No matter whether for themes such as beauty and cosmetics, wellness, sports and fitness, nutrition and culinary or health presents itself always informative, helpful and supportive, to interested with the correct Information to provide. the simple and well-designed structure of the integrated Portal allows visitors, tags and tags, with which the individual contributions are provided, to other relevant and related articles. Therefore, interested parties can obtain more information than that which they have taken searched basically, and so more detail inform yourself to wellness, health, beauty, nutrition and fitness topics. As particularly useful the presence of the portal is also in the currently most popular and largest social media portal with intervals. The there created microsite for presents interested the opportunity to connect to the page and therefore to receive the latest information about posts published the portal itself and there new and articles. Conclusion: With the wellness – and health world enjoys in the Internet so a new and comprehensive portal related to fitness, health, Diet, exercise and beauty. A wide range of information with tips, tricks, including medical articles, and posts the Council is guaranteed in any case!

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Bikini Zone

Stop ingrown hairs and shaving pimples with Ingrow stop stop by solutions cosmeceuticals Ingrow Problemlosestrategie against pimples and ugly ingrown hairs, are the result of shaving / waxes. Ingrow stop ingrown hair removed gently and easily, cleans the pores of the skin, soothes skin irritations and shaving spots. The skin is intensively maintained and feels reassured. It’s perfect for bikini line, underarms, legs, beard and face. How does Ingrow stop? Ingrow stop has a strong and at the same time gentle peeling function. It shuts down the upper skin. This operation enters the ingrown hair on the surface of the skin and can be removed easily. With its special formulation Ingrow stop deeply penetrates the skin and hair follicles, to take effect. It dissolves the ingrown hair, remove dirt, sebum and old skin cells that are stuck in the pores of the skin. Inflammatory pimples that are ingrown hair, skin redness and irritation to subside. The skin feels calm and balanced. The Peeling effect of Ingrow stop is based on two components: salicylic acid softens the skin, cleans the pores and removes dead skin cells. Glycolic acid penetrates deep into the skin, cleans the pores and removed dead skin cells also Ingrow contains stop disinfecting alcohol and acting antibacterial tea tree oil. Irritant complex with licorice root, Chamomile, panthenol soothes the skin and prevents and reduces irritation and redness. Camphor calms and soothes the irritated skin. Calendula supports the regeneration of the skin after shaving / waxing. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins and minerals and supports the balanced condition of the skin. Propylene glycol penetrates deep into the skin and improves its moisture content. Stop Ingrow is also suitable to alleviate pigmentation and acne sores.

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Wellness Facilities

The French company Laboratoires CAMYLLE brings new essential oils for aroma therapy on the market. The product line, whose fragrance based 100 per cent pure and natu? natural O? fu len is advisable? r applications in medical and Kurba? bathrooms, spas, pools? dern, saunas, sports facilities or Scho? nheitsinstituten. Four new fragrances have been added, in which the entire range of CAMYLLE receives? is available. To exploit? rt voyage en me? diterranne? e, a fragrance, at Zitrusfru? nights and KRA? herbs from the sunny Su? the recalls. Voyage en Asie is a sensual as strong Parfu? m with a hint of balsamic. Voyage en Polyne? it verstro? mt a floral, exotic scent, wa? during voyage en Orient is a su? sslich-tart fragrance composition stands out. “Brume de Hammam” is a highly concentrated and water-soluble Milky base. Emulsion existing the 100% pure oils makes the oil faktorische badge of many Spa and spas, baths of large hotels. The water-soluble “voile de sauna” excellent evaporates once the diluted solution on hot sauna rocks is poured. “Velours de Spa” designed for environments which are equipped with a disinfection system. The essential oils are thrown a kosmetologischen alcohol solution, which evaporates the product applied to 100 percent. “Lait de Balneo” is made in a new emulsion technology and is a silky, add non-foaming cleaning product. The series “Nuage” products are also available in all fragrances and are based on 100% pure and natural essential oils. You can use the “Bamboo” ultrasound diffusion system for rooms up to 50 m2 or using a quietly efficient evaporator for use in rooms up to 500 m2 easily spread. For massage treatments, the company has the product “pure massage” developed, the grape seed oil, sesame oil, and various essential oils with relaxing, revitalizing,. contains soothing or even rejuvenating effect. The concept is complemented by “Sterylane” disinfectant for cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms, saunas, steam rooms or solariums. The weekly or seasonal room Fragrancing with essential oils of increasing popularity enjoys among experts. So, become the stand-alone Spa, steam baths and saunas, and form a central design element by Spa facilities. Contact Germany: Laboratoires CAMYLLE GmbH Anne Lambert at the lumber yard 7 66271 Kleinblittersdorf Tel: 06805 9969000 fax: 06805 9969001 address Laboratoires CAMYLLE Marc massing ZI – 6 rue Guillaume Schoettke F – 57200 Sarreguemines 00 33 3 87 02 38 14 description of the company the company Laboratoires CAMYLLE GmbH deals with the processing of essential oils, which are 100% pure and natural. The toning, energizing, slimming and soothing effects of the oils help the well-being. Since 1976, the founder of Madisor Bernhard massing cosmetic products developed. In 1992 developed a unique process to the essential oils in aqueous emulsion. This was the range of Hammamfragrance. This range is used by renowned Thalassotherapy centres and luxury hotels. Through this experience and the know-how, a range could be customized products for the maintenance of saunas, whirlpool, whirlpool and solariums.

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Sun Protection Preparations

Brighter complexion or rather dark? Sunscreen must fit to skin type Wolfsburg, the summer has arrived officially June 22, 2010 -. Warm and humid days will follow and the Sun will develop their strength. To protect themselves effectively against harmful UV rays, a sunscreen is necessary. The choice of a suitable preparation depends on the individual skin type. The skin’s own protection time is indicative of the impact of UV rays. A complexion is darker, the longer she can expose unprotected Sun. A very pale skin can build up naturally, hardly a protective function. A challenge which the sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergies. In the Central European Habitat, four skin types are distinguished. Depending on the type of skin, Sun protection preparations are recommended with Sun protection factors (SPF) from 10 to 50. Skin type 1 of the Celtic type of skin type 1 has a remarkably fair skin and blond to reddish hair. Sommerprossen are very often found on the skin. The eye colour is blue. About 2 percent of all Central Europeans have this skin type, which is also known as Celtic. The skin type 1 is accompanied by a very strong inclination of sunburn due to the bright complexion. The self-protection of the skin is little more than 5 minutes. Celtic skin will not brown in the Sun and need a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF). Products with an SPF 35 – recommended 50 skin type 2 Nordic type, about 12 percent of all Central Europeans have the skin type 2, called also Nordic type. The skin is bright, the hair is blonde to light brown. The eye colour varies from blue to gray and green. The Nordic type is only minimally Brown and is vulnerable to sunburn. The self-protection of the skin is approximately 10 minutes. Sun care preparations are recommended with a SPF from 25 skin type 3 mixing type makes the mixing type of the majority of all Central Europeans out. The skin color is no longer bright, but not particularly dark. Hair color varies from blond to light brown, dark brown and black. The mixed type is slowly but steadily Brown. The skin’s own protection time over 20 minutes. Recommended the Mediterranean type who has a complexion of a person with Mediterranean skin type will receive a sun protection preparations with a SPF from 15 skin type 4 natural brown colour. The eye color is dark, the hairs are brown or black. About 10 percent of all Central Europeans have the skin type 4. They will Brown quickly and rarely get sunburnt. The skin’s own protection time is more than 30 minutes. Sun care preparations with an SPF 10 are recommended. Sun care preparations are the sensitive skin in Sun sensitivity, skin disorders or pigmentation problems with an SPF of 30 preferred 50. If you have a sensitive, allergy-prone skin, should look for when choosing a sunscreen preparation on it, that the product is fragrance free and contains as few preservatives as possible. Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics health, fitness and wellness to. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content.

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Reduce Cellulite

simple methods to reduce cellulite in legs and thighs to combat these causes, carry out a training program focused on cellulite and some simple changes in diet, can do wonders. If done correctly, you can tighten and tone the muscles and the skin around the cellulite and reduce harmful hormones. This has a better outcome with a specific program designed for women with this problem. An effective program will put your body in fight against cellulite, and may reduce the visible cellulite in just a few weeks. zer. You don’t need intense cardiovascular exercises. Squat is a good exercise to reduce cellulite in the part low body is a compound exercise that works several muscles in the legs and buttocks. Resistance like these exercises have demonstrated control hormonal problems and freed the human growth hormones in greater quantity. When used in combination with some food replacements, can be excellent and fast results. Put your body in a State of struggle against cellulite, it is rebuilding collagen, hardening the skin and toning your muscles. Do a favor and leave the anti-cellulite cream. This is the only proven way to reduce cellulite forever, rather than just covering it up.

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Mesotherapy and biorevitalization is different procedures which apply in modern cosmetology. So they can be used interchangeably. Hyaluronic acid, which is used for biorevitalisation is not an animal origin, synthesized in the biosynthesis, as close as possible, its characteristics, the natural hyaluronic acid, a perfectly safe drug, as perfectly compatible with the skin and causes no allergic reactions. When biorevitalisation simulated situation, close to nature, where the skin is a qualitative metabolism, are active processes of renewal tissues, supplementation of hyaluronic dermis acid, which increases with age shortages. Here are just that and gives a prominent effect of rejuvenation. Biorevitalization shown: melkomorschinisty type of aging, fading skin of the face, neck and neck, face contour, Pigmentation, wrinkles gravitoznye, preparation and follow the contour of plastic, using absorbable fillers restore skin relief of facial wrinkles in combination with the drugs 'Botox'. More from initial state of the patient's skin prescribe individual treatment programs. Beautician choose what suits you..

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Crab And Shrimp Traps

If you are a boater, in particular a sea or ocean sailing course, you've probably tried your hand at catching prawns and / or crabs with their respective pots. And if they did, then you know how many traps or pots you have lost over the years! But it's so rewarding when the traps to reach our dinner, we tried again, again and again every year. This is the story of our weekend trip, boating and other lost lobster trap. My husband and I have been boating for several years with friends on their Bayliner on the West Coast and enjoy our trips to the San Juan Islands in Washington State and Gulf Islands in British Columbia. Crab and shrimp catch is very popular with recreational boaters and commercial fishermen in these areas. Our friend Jan had just turned a year and her husband, Hank decided to buy something that they could enjoy both. You guessed it, a shrimp trap. Outside left at the first opportunity one morning in July and dropped his shrimp trap on the side of the Bayliner. The float attachment was clearly visible to other boaters and had his name and boat registration number painted on the side. As the day progressed, they decided it was time to check the trap for shrimp booty. Dreaming of a delicious dinner awaited them, they took off in his boat to check the trap. Round and round they went in search of his trap, but was not. They took their bearings from the earth and were sure they were in the right place, but no luck.

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Reduction of volume and Improvement of the aspect of the skin of significant form ACE Aesthetic, doctor-surgical society dedicated to the medicine of the beauty for more than 20 years, is integrated by professionals of recognized prestige, specialized in Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. After years of verified extremely optimal effectiveness and results, Aesthetic ACE bet decidedly by the Liposuction attended by laser as guarantee in the aid to reduce corporal volume and to improve the aspect of the skin of significant form. The accumulated fat in wished sites of the body cannot be eliminated now, of easier form, than by means of the traditional lipo-sculpture. With the liposuction attended by laser more effective and less invasive results for the patient are obtained. The method consists of liquefying the fat located by means of a laser of specific diode, that later will be extracted, while the deep layer is the skin. Besides carving the figure, most showy it is than an effect is obtained perfectly retraction of weaves, visible in the course of the three first months. Another added advantage is that this method can be used to eliminate zones where the skin is very fine that before were contraindicated, like the expensive intern of arms and thighs, the part inferior of the glteos, ankles, knees and also in the face for the zones of neck and papada. This technique eliminates so much the deep fat as the superficial one and, thanks to the technology laser, the skin is reaffirmed after the intervention, since an overheat takes place that coagulates the blood vessels and accelerates the colgeno production. The patient only needs to take to a compressing strip between one week and 10 days. Doctor Alberto Jarque, director of Aesthetic clinic ACE (, summarizes the advantages to us of liposuction laser or to lipolser against traditional liposuction: LIPOSUCTION TRADITIONAL LIPOSUCTION LASER Indication:Patients with excess of fat Patients with excess of fat and flaccidity Zones:Deep fat and heavy skin Deep and superficial fat Post-operative: Two weeks minimum 48 hours are sufficient Taken care of:Compressing strip at least 1 month Compressing strip between 1 week and 10 days Risks:Irregularities in the skin Immediate and regular retraction of the skin It is always recommended to go to medical centers specialized and credited by Health. More information in: ACE White EstticAlonso, 4 28010 Madrid Tel: 914484070 Fax: 914483052 Web: Email: About of Aesthetic ACE Doctor-surgical society dedicated to the medicine of the beauty, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. ACE is integrated by professionals of recognized prestige specialized in Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. We create in the importance of the health and the image in the today world and contributed professional solutions approach that us the beauty and they provide well-being and balance to us. It differentiates the ample supply to us from operations of Aesthetic Surgery and not-surgical Aesthetic Medicine treatments, with a customized treatment to our patients whom a truthful and detailed information of the suitable procedures for each case guarantees more.

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How to Preserve The Hands

Success, beauty and health of any person, especially women, much depends on the external image. In particular hand, are not considered primarily in the created image, however, play a significant role. With the familiar, whose hands untidy, not only repugnant to say hello. But at times, and even interact if the main communication is near, but not on a cell or on the web. But the neat hands, by contrast, generate a very good impression. In addition to that depend on the accuracy of hand your mood and undoubtedly well-being. Because all diseases manifest not otherwise due to lack of proper care for your hands. Onto the arm external stimuli affect much stronger than in other parts of our body: the hands are gathering dust, feel the effect of wash, cold. Ladies, care of hands is not limited to spray everyday rejuvenating cream. Secrete large set of rules to maintain a perfect state of your beautiful hands. The first and probably most important requirement relates to a method of purification of hands. Health hands depends critically on the fact that for the detergent you apply. Rule number 2: making the cleaning of the apartment, you should use protective gloves to protect hands from burning chemicals. In addition, strictly forbidden to clean the skin of the hands of fatty technical liquids gasoline and other chemicals. These chemicals not only dry skin, but also spoil the appearance of wrinkles. Final rule – handle preferably wipe with a soft towel so as not to damage the skin too hard or dense tissue. In addition to wiping with a soft towel, so we are making a massage.

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