Success Diabetes

Terms of Success Diabetes can not be controlled with only one pump, however, only one syringe is also not able to do. Most importantly – the knowledge, motivation and self-control. Thus, children, adolescents and their parents must go through a trial practice in daily use pumps. Its must conduct a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians with experience of working with great pomp. Need to learn not only the technical features and the correct dosage of insulin, but the clever use of the device.

Therapy insulin pump must be accompanied by regular self-monitoring of blood glucose before meals and in other situations – for example, during physical activity and exercise. Consideration of carbohydrates in the diet is one of the conditions accurate calculation of bolus doses of insulin. People who are hoping that the pump will deliver them from the burden of constant measurement and generally make you forget about diabetes will be disappointed. Using the pump does not eliminate problems such as acceptance of diabetes, lack of motivation, uncontrolled appetite, passion sweet as psychological problems that prevent successful therapy. The first step should be a frank discussion with members of the child or diakomandy teenager and his family the time and effort that they have to spend, and the possible benefits, which will pump. It bears can be a written agreement on the practice. It should include provisions on the results which the team expects from the child and his family, and the scale of support from the team. The benefits of research, clearly confirming the long-term efficacy NPVI in children is still not enough.

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