Eastern Orthodox Church

The religions seated in the communion with the nature and the cosmic and similar forces tend to a daily pay-modern vision, that does not circumscribe limits to some areas of the existence. On these religions, the psychological analysis of on religious behavior to the health if will not be able to base on estimated ‘ ‘ moderno’ ‘ that it distinguishes the religious aspect from the aspect of the health. In the scope of the Christian culture contemporary, the modern character predominantly shows in the studies correlatives between religion, illness and health. (PAIVA, 2007). Although the advance of the inquiries, the origin of many illnesses still is a obscure point for many researchers. (WEDGE, 2002). Considering this blackness let us come back, therefore our look toward the origins of the Church Catholic, for, later to present excessively religions.

2.1 The Catolicismo the primitive Christian church was organized under five patriarchs, the bishops of Jerusalem, Antiquia, Alexandria, Constantinopla and Rome. The Bishop of Rome was recognized for the Patriarchs as ‘ ‘ the first one between iguais’ ‘ , even so its statute and influence have grown when Rome was the capital of the empire, with the doctrinal or procedural disputes to be frequent sent Rome to get an opinion. But when the capital if moved for Constantinopla, its influence diminished. While Rome complained an authority that came to it from Is Peter (that it died in Rome and it is considered the first Pope) and So Paulo, Constantinopla becomes it residence of the Emperor and the Senate.

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