The Pursuit Of Happiness – But: What Is Happiness?

Philo sophos portrait: Fortune briefly and concisely all people seek happiness. No one will disagree. However, what is happiness? How should we live, so we’re happy? The modern, contemporary answer to this question is: everyone is his happiness Schmid. The manner in which the people seek to achieve the common goal of all is very different. Happiness is regarded as a purely private matter. Happiness lies in the meeting the needs, and because each person has different needs and in particular an other rank and value system of the needs, therefore each represents something of their own and other see luck. Happiness is a purely subjective and completely private sensation of pleasure.

Actually even the topic could be ending. General requirements (E.g. all your wishes may come true \”\”) or non-binding advice (E.g. watch your health \”\”)-, more and another can be in the context of a radical privatization and individualization of Happiness, as it was formative in Western thought, apparently not present. Nobody is happy, who is not in favour of\”, or everyone is happy, who holds only.\” However: Philosophizing is a thing on their land. There, where the thing is visible in their last terms. Before we initiate at this point, two questions or taken for granted must be pronounced and set apart: 1) it is necessary so that happiness can be experienced only as private, subjective state? Or forms of happiness to imagine that are depending on to see the happiness of individual people not primarily its private purposes, but other, more objective values or goods? (2) even if happiness is seen necessary in private, subjective needs, so if any when searching for him on his own experiences thrown back looks-, is thus the way to this lucky already detected and mapped out? Now, the listener will notice it: the questions are rhetorical. It is not necessary to understand happiness only as a purely subjective state.

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