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New criteria on the House sale in Kaarst and Buttgen location in Kaarst or Buttgen is no longer about the successful sale on what three criteria to ensure the buyer of a house in Kaarst and Buttgen? -1 Location 2 location, 3. location. This is the widespread opinion. What was right in the 50s and 60s years in purchasing decisions for a house in Kaarst, Buttgen, or, is not up to date today at the House sale. The location is available for many prospective customers who want to buy a House, usually still in first place, but the energy balance and the value of living have become the second – or third-most important criterion you want to successfully sell a home. It’s energy value in the House sale in second place also Ralf Schmitz know to report real estate agent for Buttgen and Kaarst. Precise micro – and macro location is still an important criterion in the House sale, but the buyers watch nowadays more and more on the energetic qualities of a real estate and on the individual value of living in a home. If the energy performance certificate for a “House on yellow to red ‘ is, then many prospective buyers for a home despite 1a location thinking!” the brokers and real estate experts know to report. Energy costs remain an important criterion in the selection of suitable real estate. Even for a bungalow in a prime location, the sale is the risk game, if even a single glazing is installed, glass blocks shed light on the floorboard and the oil heater with standard boilers wacker does their service. The cost for a refurbishment (window, roof, facade, heating, etc.) have real estate buyers in Buttgen, Kaarst today exactly at a glance and include this with the purchase price of the House. However, the ideas about the rehabilitation and upgrading costs in the price negotiations for the House quickly at astronomical heights and the real rating cost pass.

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FOCUS Special Real Estate

Ines Biedermann real estate is one of Germany’s Internet users to the best real estate agents and real estate agents have chosen the top 1,000 of the industry wife Ines Biedermann is one of the 1,000 best real estate agents in Germany. This determined the newsmagazine FOCUS in collaboration with ImmobilienScout24, the largest German Internet marketplace for real estate. The owner says about pleasing truncation of the company: In the fourth year of my independence as agent for the region of Dusseldorf-Neuss, this FOCUS confirmation is only a further incentive for me. A clear concept, absolute professionalism and love of the business lead to above-average success. I want to thank at this point my clients, which gave also the keys to her trust me with the keys to their homes.” “” “Only real estate broker, by more than 500,000 ImmobilienScout24 users as good, very good” or top “have been evaluated, were shortlisted. Interviewed were more than 5,000 brokers who could provide a quality judgement about competitors. Natalie Rogers insists that this is the case. For the first time in Germany, real estate agents have undergone a quality-check. The special FOCUS special real estate offers orientation and assistance in the search for the right object. Detailed maps illustrate the benefits of residential areas in cities and regions. District analyses show which area are overpriced and where is worth the purchase. A large table compares prices for apartments, terraced and semi-detached houses in 100 cities. Also informed FOCUS special funding opportunities home and informs about possible errors with the purchase of the House. The FOCUS-special real estate informed buyers and tenants extensively about the development of the purchase and rental of residential properties in Germany and called the right contact person on the spot for the first time also equal. The list of the 1,000 top real estate agent gives guidance in a previously confusing market”2013, so FOCUS editor-in-Chief of Jorg Quoos. The FOCUS special real estate has been available since May 14, 2013 in the newsagents and 6.90 euros. Contact: Mrs Ines Biedermann phone: 02131-3145966

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Act Authorities

Leak test: Are your sewer pipes sealing? FA. Jutzy plumbing & service GmbH advises slowly talk is: no later than 2016 all land and property owners must able to demonstrate immediately on request that their sewer lines are tight. About DIN part 30 laid down in the German industry standard 1986, that proof of a leak test of the sewage must be lines at the latest up to 31.12.2015 for each plot. In the new water resources Act by July 31, 2009 are decisive innovations for all property owners. In article 60 and article 61WHG establishes the principle of equity control of wastewater treatment facilities on private land, as well as every operator of a wastewater plant has your sewage plant after the “recognised rules of technology” so homeowners operate and are obliged to check the condition and operation of itself and to prove to the competent authorities. The “recognised rules of technology” are defined in the DIN 1986-30 and serve as Basis for the investigation. Prescribes the thorough cleaning with high pressure nozzles and a Visual examination with a tube camera, if necessary, still a leak test with air or water as is compulsory for industrial wastewater. Damage freedom, the exam that is passed. Possibly sighted damage must repair, in the worst case the piping system must be refurbished or renewed. The competent authorities the documentation and the result of the test must be brought to after demand as digital video as well as digital photos and test protocol. Such a leak test is valid, typically 20 years after repairs, major renovations or new construction of the sewage system is making a re-examination. The obligations according to the WHG addressed homeowners directly to the operators so and therefore require no special authorities or local call and immediately to implement.

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