Mortal Love

Homesickness of you love, love that I discovered when girl and want to get rid when woman, homesickness of the love took who me to the extremities of the life, joy and sadness, homesickness of you love, made that me to want to marry and to have children made and me to desire to be alone pra always, homesicknesses love of the unconditional pleasure and the mortal arrpendimento, homesickness love of the promises and the disdain of them, homesickness of the affection that brought me the rejection, homesickness of being close and having some kilometers that separates in them, homesicknesses of its words same that they had been all fools and lies plays to the wind, but made me happy for some minutes, homesickness of this love that made me to believe that world of returns and that exactly without to know its origin, its color, its age, nationality, belief or profession, I know that you exist and are to wait for me in some place of this small universe, I wait you, because I know that you exist and to find you go me, does not import the time that it will be, I will be its waits, truth love.

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