Mental Energy

Carlos Mora Vanegas sees all the criticism as something positive, since they lead to a self evaluation. You’ll always be the Liberta reject them if they are unfair or if they do not come to the case. Leo Buscaglia when we have decided to seriously work for us same in order to grow, be better, giving the optimum value to our raison d ‘ etre, to set us free from imperfections, all the pollution that occurs in our environment, and that affects our personality, authenticity, integrity, is important to know how to manage, control and direct our mental energy. Required therefore, invigorate our energy, until thoughts are powerful enough to overcome desires, emotions and passions, in such a way that the Mint and will determine harmonic altogether good conduct. Hochkoppler, reminds us, that the mind is an instrument by means of which the spirit manifests because to think we have awareness of ourselves, and in this regard the philosopher Descartes as pointed out: I think therefore I exist, where in fact, thought, the emotion and will, as well as thinking, feeling and acting, are without a doubt, the three manifestations of the human spirit.

It emphasizes Hochkoppler, that the mental energy can be compared with the electric, which we know only by its effects, activities or demonstrations. It is known that electricity is diffused through space, in a latent, or neutral State of balance therefore inmanifestado, waiting for any cause that alter its balance and allow its manifestation. It is this cause the machine called Dynamo, which does not generate electricity, as commonly believed, but that it attracts the circulating atmosphere, establishing an imbalance that causes its manifestation as a current. Similarly, the space in which we live is filled with a sutilisima mental so-called matter, which vibrates to momentum of the vibrations of each of the individual brains, released at the same time vibration by the activity of the spirit, through his mind body.

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