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Experience World Wadden Sea

Brad’s bicycle rental on Borkum informs the life of thousands of coastal residents determines the power of the tides, and her fascination with attracts millions of people captivated. Holidaymakers who will it take on the German North Sea coast and on the Islands, not least because just this extraordinary natural spectacle choose your destination. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Many of them want to use the time of the sea withdraws, the Watts to explore and become acquainted with its inhabitants. On the island of Borkum, vacationers have opportunities to gain insight into this amazing world. Jorg Mania Schaffshausen knows the full range of tourist services as an operator of a bicycle rental and Wadden Sea informed the world of experience. The Wadden Sea of the North Sea stretches from Denmark down to the Dutch coast and is thus the largest with an area of about 9000 km world’s and Europe’s largest wetland. Since 2009, the North Sea in the region of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein’s Wadden Sea belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage and is thus protected. Expelled was through national parks, such as the National Park Wadden Sea Borkum the corresponding areas. Length the Wadden Sea of the North Sea for a distance of about 400 km provides Habitat for a rare variety of sometimes endangered animals and plants. A special spectacle takes place annually in the spring and in the autumn, when up to 12 million migratory birds on their journey make rest on the coast. Home to a unique flora and fauna is not only the tidal spectacle of the Wadden Sea of great interest, but also close to exploring this Habitat for vacationers. This also excursions to the environmental education are offered in addition to the classic mudflat walks, be carried out only under the guidance of an experienced guide, where the visitors under the guidance can scrutinize the Watts. The stipulating varied is generally arranged by the local tourist centres and can be obtained also in particular. Who the National Park Wadden Sea and the many explore other attractions of the North Sea Island not on foot, is best advised with a bicycle. Thanks to Jorg’s bicycle rental holidaymakers who are like mobile and flexible, not sacrificing in the holiday a comfortable and high-quality bike. For more information available Jorg Mania Schaffshausen like. Press contact Jorg’s bike rental contact: Jorg Mania Schaffshausen Georg-Schutte-Platz 19 26757 Borkum Tel.: 0 49 22 / 93 20 22 fax.: 0 49 22 / 93 20 22 mobile: 01 72 / 4 16 88 71

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Hotel Charlotten Valley Resort

On the Hill of Valley of Charlotten, dolina Charlotty resort & SPA hotel is the modern four star in 2009 newly built Spa Hotel. The hotel is nestled in the idyllic landscape of the Charlotten Valley. All the materials to the construction and were used for the facilities of the hotel, are natural materials – old tiles, handmade wood furniture and soft natural fabrics. United Health CEO is the source for more interesting facts. Most of the rooms have a terrace with a magnificent view over the Lake. The House features a world-class spa with giant Windows, from which you can observe the Lake, forest and nature. The hotel invites its guests on a journey of magic wellness world. Highly qualified specialists, full of harmony and natural cosmetics can forget all worries, get rest and relaxation, give new vitality and return the balance to the body and the soul. A great emphasis is placed on the treatment ceremonies. Fresh fruit, candles, roses and lavender flowers are used for an unusual ritual. Unique scents of the world famous brand of Courland”directly from the Alpine meadows and the mountains of the Alps create a magical atmosphere and the abundance of ingredients give the skin the necessary freshness and ensure a soft supple Feeling. In the cosmetics and massage Studios, facial, neck, decollete and body treatments, rituals are offered for hands and feet only with natural cosmetics. The hotel restaurant with 200 seats serves tasty dishes of the Polish and international cuisine as well as vegetarian food. The establishment of the restaurant old brick with stucco, frescoes, blacksmith items and candelabra are reminiscent of the fabulous climate of the Valley. And the Inn – real heart of the Valley – has excellent cuisine, elegant interiors and a cosy atmosphere. There is also a cocktail bar with a terrace directly above the water in the Gasthof. Ideal for a cozy meeting, if you want to taste a highball in the circle.

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Valentine’s day gift want to surprise woman his beloved with a romantic and extraordinary gift with much joy and fun for both partners to the Valentine’s day. With this gift, woman wants to show his feelings for these special people. Thereby, the Valentine’s day gift should prepare much joy and fun, ideally for both partners. A Valentine’s gift for men with a romantic touch leaves cold guaranteed no man. Give you Valentine’s day a short trip or a weekend getaway for a unforgettable time to two. Because men usually organise most trips or excursions, it is a double surprise for your loved one amazing be him with a romantic city break or a spa pampering program. Wall Street is often quoted as being for or against this. Spend a unique Valentine’s day with your loved ones in a beautiful hotel. Indulge yourself from head to toe with a wellness program. Learn more about this topic with the insights from farhaad. Whether you choose a wellness resort, where you all wishes of the lips be read or reserve a standard hotel: you will be amazed! Experience you a wonderful time to two, to strengthen your love and to rediscover. To broaden your perception, visit Celina Dubin, New York City. This year is the Valentine’s day on a weekend, and so it attracts the lovers to take a short holiday or a short trip. Many give away even a short break as a romantic Valentine gift. But it is the question of where the journey should go. At number one at the Valentine’s day travel, Paris is undisputed as every year. Followed closely by Berlin and Munich. What is surprising is that the city of Wolfsburg four make it to space. That Paris is the city of love, is world renowned. That your sweetheart or your love with happiness in the height of jumps, is guaranteed, when to give a short trip you or him to Paris for Valentine’s day. Who are lucky and can take even more vacation in February in claim, connects at the same time two beautiful celebrations with a visit to Munich. If you are planning a longer holiday in February, then you are guaranteed in Munich much experience. Right after the Valentine’s weekend of Mardi Gras starts on February 16, 2010. So, it will be 2010 very colorful in Munich. Among the highlights are in the carnival procession through the Centre of Munich, as well as the dance of the market women on the Viktualienmarkt. To find more tips for Valentine’s day, at informed about the latest bathroom trends, recommended travel places and events. Marketing: Ms. S. Crown Danao

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Association Card

In the new sports card travel portal Desi GmbH offers the participating sports clubs and sports card holders travel packages and individual offers for groups at special rates. Bochum/Limburg – operates the Desi GmbH, a new travel portal for German sport ID card holder since September 2010 together with your partner, DSA German sports card GmbH. Athletes and sports clubs also group or Club trips can book as well as package deals for cities -, wellness – and spa trips to Germany and the neighbouring countries. On request the Desi GmbH arranged individual offers according to the specifications of the Association no matter whether it concerns a common holiday or taking part in a competition. If you would like to know more then you should visit Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Thanks to the excellent relationship with the German hotel industry, the Desi GmbH can offer often even room capacity, when other providers are already fully booked. The Desi GmbH is a successful broker of services on the German and European market for several years. In the offer, you will find especially hotels from Germany and neighbouring countries, by privately owned Individual hotels and hotel chains like Ramada, Holiday Inn and others. While DesiTours and DesiTouristik primarily offer travel packages to the marketing (more customers include among other successful marketers like Mediplus travel, Eurotours,, Aldi, LIDL, and many) is the Desi GmbH under the name DesiReisen”since 2005 even as tour operators and propagates an advantage, which now also owner of the German sports card can take advantage of your excellent conditions directly to the end customer.. Farhaad riyaz has much to offer in this field.

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Expedia Trend Report

Expedia Travel Trendwatch: Facts and trends in the online travel market trend report provides up-to-date information on developments in the online travel market. Read in the current issue: Scrooges and sense of leisure travel behaviour in times of crisis: the current vacation planning and booking 2009 is characterized by uncertain economic conditions. Last minute bargain trips are also on the rise as the exploration of own home. listed a booking increase in short-term travel by 24 percent compared to the previous year. Source of inspiration holiday looking for the ego: is the prize in the foreground, at the time of booking yourself life and self-awareness revolves around on vacation. Wellness are asked to do something themselves. But religious pilgrimages, art and cultural tours and natural holiday experience are required. You open the tourists unusual insights and offer a new experience culture. A top 5 ranking presents the most tagged booked spiritual places in Germany. On your marks, ready, go minute Summer 2009 the load: minute spurt started the load and informs about the most booked summer destinations 2009. Additionally, booking tips of of travel experts show how holidaymakers in addition to load more can get minute prices on their summer holiday. Here it goes directly to download of the latest issue:…

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Water Sources

I suspect that this oil, and water from the river have been used in medical practice of knights, from time to time admitted to the hospital. The construction site was chosen solely well, at the crossroads of the ancient Roman road Ammaus. Patients must have been a lot because the roads at that time was extremely dangerous place. So why is "Beautiful Water"? Because the 11 underground (and very cold!) Sources gather together in little river, which in turn spreads to the small but picturesque lake. And out of the lake that follow creeks and streams and run through the park surrounding the lake. Trees in the park for many years, their huge leafy crown cover a sky and form a dense, green, cool shade, impervious to sunlight. The water in the river is not simple, but magical, something like 'living water' – so at least claim a legend. And yet say that it returns a lost strength, including men. Please do not consider this information as a guide to action. A park Aqua – Bella remarkably arranged for all sorts of outings, with a spacious wooden tables and benches, ready braziers, drinking water and is particularly pleased – quite a decent toilet and a large playground with swings and roundabouts. Children immediately disperse to park alleys, paths and paths at different levels in search of luxury acorns, wild flowers, climb into the water from which you can get them only to vecheru.Nu, provided that you do will come out of it! But if you want to really be frostbitten – look at the huge stone ruins left over from previous centuries, look at the gorgeous landscape, opening up of long, narrow windows. Perhaps, after wet and cool rooms you want to get out and bask in rays of a hot sunny day. At this time, children will run across multiple ladders, jump over huge boulders and lost in the twilight of parkland. I think that this holiday will be pleased with the whole family, even your four-legged friends, which you can take with you. How to get to Aqua-Bella from Tel-Aviv: the number 1 highway to Abu – Gosh, further nedoezzhaya bridge, turn right and immediately get into the desired location. By the way, next to Aqua – Bella arranged plenty of free parking. Abu Ghosh stop all the buses coming from Tel – Aviv to Jerusalem. From Jerusalem, respectively, going to the sign at the entrance to Abu – Gosh, it calls in and around the circle, and then arrive at the bridge resting place. Park fee, the cost of an adult ticket -18 NIS, child – 8 shekels. Park runs all week from 8:00 am until dark. Happy journey! D. Dombek.

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Evangelical Church

The Town Hall is a building from the period after the second world war like almost everything else in Hammerfest, because the town was destroyed in 1944 hard. Already in 1789 she received city rights, not least because of its port, which was one of the best in Northern Europe. Which of course brought benefits as disadvantages: already once, namely in 1809, Hammerfest by British warships was bombed and severely damaged. Among the interesting architecture outside as inside Evangelical Church with its sonorous organ and a State of the art school emerged from the ruins of the last world war, but also a fish factory – the largest operator of 10,000 souls city – which unuberriechbar maketh their production for the visitors noses. Also the Hufeisenhaus with its 124 apartments is one of the beautiful examples of modern architecture far above the Arctic Circle, and the Church of St. Michael, unimpressive in the first floor of a house located, serves the northernmost Catholic community in the world, which is one of 100 believers. Who are lucky, in the small park at the foot of the 80-meter Salen Hill Rag family, which has come to purchases in the city, at the midday or evening picnic observable, and who especially is full of energy, can climb the Hill and enjoy the midnight sun, which seems in Hammerfest from May 17 to July 28. A comfortable walk at ground level to the Meridian column on the quay opposite side of the harbour. She reminds of the first international measure the exact size and shape of the Earth, performed in the years 1819-1852 by Norway, Sweden and Russia. From a nice view over the harbour with its small fishing boats and its larger Sea – provides trawlers over the cruise ship over at the pier. It has been fixed, also the mail ships of the Hurtigruten, so the quick route, create, which give a very special kind cruise experience.

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Naama Bay

Note that prices for hotels and similar to European ones. A small “Promenade” – a pedestrian zone, the promenade and shopping center – built up with shops, stalls, cafes and restaurants (Chinese, Lebanese, some Egyptian and Russian, McDonalds and others, any flavor). But the colorful bazaar there. Souvenir shops are typical of Egypt – the papyrus, alabaster statues, gold and silver jewelry, quality fragrant oils. But the time to “swim” in little shops: midnight center Sharma dies completely. Hotels. Most hotels Sharma – the real “quartet” and “five” with its beaches, large areas and developed infrastructure. Hotels stretch along the coast for a few tens of kilometers. Originally from Russia in Sharm went to the “new Russian”. Until recently, it was ordinary Russians could not afford. In Sharma’s largest popular with tourists enjoy our hotels in Naama Bay. In the bay, sandy beaches and numerous coastal restaurants and shops. Here, side by side hotels well-known hotel “chains”. They all of course, are located on the first line. Accommodation prices at their highest. But do not despair! Typically, across the road are their “twins” with mountain views or simply lower category hotels. Economy tourist ceremony can buy an inexpensive three-star room in “Rosetta” or “Gazalle” virtually no loss in service. By the way, here is one of the most popular discos Sharma. The beach is ten minutes walk through the lush vegetation territory of any pyatizvezdnika (quietly let herself checked.) You can also go to the fitness room of any hotel or sit in a restaurant. In Egypt for a week in both directions from Naama Bay along the Red Sea are scattered the others. Prices are cheaper than hotels in the same category, but located in Naama Bay. That’s because they are called “coral” because of the barrier reef that stretches along the coast. If you are ready to swim in a special shoes, diving, sea, pool prefer – stop there. Many tourists are even prefer such a natural barrier: the excitement on the beach less, and enjoy the underwater world of the bizarre can be right next to the beach, quite mask and flippers. “Coral,” the hotel has its own enclosed area: there does not seem like freely from one to another. Typically, in such hotels swimming pools, good service, fitness center, beautifully appointed rooms.

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Professional Association

Required for trips abroad to some additional accessories, because there are many different requirements in different countries assume that Germany is a country with very many rules. Also, many citizens assume that the standard for traffic safety is a high within Europe. Who however more illuminated the rules finds that some neighbouring countries still higher demands on the accessories to be carried in the car. As the holiday season in many areas has already begun in Germany, anyone who travels by car to the resort, should inform himself before, what you have in the vehicle in. Millions of Germans choose the own vehicle as a means of transport during the holiday. In Germany, some utensils by law in their own vehicles are carrying. Here a small overview: first aid kit everyone is grateful, if it is never used. Because if you have to open the first-aid kit at an accident site, usually something worse happened. However, it actually rarely happen. Therefore is essential to check whether he is still allowed to or whether the expiration date is exceeded in relation to the first aid kit. The Nichtmitfuhren of first aid material draws a caution money amounting to 5 to 25 (rule sets) in May. Warning triangle for protection of accident sites but also of roadside places essential road safety. The Professional Association recommends to set up the warning triangle with fast traffic at a distance of approximately 100 meters to the vehicle stationary. On motorways the distance should be at least 150 to 400 meters, was necessarily but to ensure that it is positioned sufficiently far ahead of a curve or crest. Who can show no warning triangle faces after ruleset with a caution money of at least 5. Vest currently recommend carrying a signal slate for private individuals only. In the decision of the Federal Council of the 05.07.2013 has been established however, that at the latest on the 01.07.2014 in the Federal Republic of Germany the Carrying a vest in all vehicles registered in Germany as a duty. In Eastern European countries, as well as in parts of southern Europe not only carrying a vest is mandatory. There is that an own vest must be carried for each driver. The acquisition costs approximately 1.85 up 5.50 per vest. Fire extinguisher in Poland and some other European countries is also carrying a fire extinguisher at the vehicle. While the opinions differ however partially, whether this applies only to vehicles registered in the country or even for vehicles in transit or by travellers. Cost for 1-kg ABC powder extinguishers are approx. 14.98 to 28.50. When the drive is just like in all other activities: they pay attention to their health. Also the traffic regulations intended to preserve their health. The holidays can start and end up back with a safe drive. “For trips abroad you need some additional Accessories”, since there are different standards in different countries is the title of the contribution, which underlies all this data. It first appeared on the public health portal.

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The Economist

European countries are currently listed as the best to perform all kinds of investments, since they not only the financial benefits are enough, but that also other influential factors such as health, Government, the economy, employment and the nature among others equally noteworthy, thus demonstrated. The choice of a new country to live directly depends on some factors like those above mentioned, however take into account our personal tastes and rating them, perhaps a very important part to take into account. It must be said that European countries within its greatest virtues have their economic stability and great sociability of persons, not to mention the beauty of their land. Currently according to various surveys and social studies by major magazines such as The Economist, several European countries manage to stand out globally, by various factors that we will mention below. The first in Excel is Ireland, which thanks to its economy well substantiated and great profitability in loans for housing, not to mention quality of life which owns that country, shown as an excellent option to invest in housing. Switzerland is the second to stand out, because their quality of life is pretty good, not to mention economic factors such as profitability in loans and excellent payment options. Another important country that makes its appearance within the top is Denmark, since one of the main virtues which that country has is its excellent level of urban development and social evolution, not to mention his important political organization. Another basic country to highlight is that Spain thanks to its profitability in the mortgage loans and to easy cancellation shown to the world as one of the best places to invest in housing, not to mention the excellent organization both Government and urban development. France is a country that is not far behind when it comes to being praised for the conception of a housing, since this is characterized largely not only for its architectural beauty, but by present people fairly adaptable mortgage loans interest rates. A country that thanks to its social and infrastructural virtues that we can not fail to mention is Italy, which today shows to the world as a very good source to invest due to these same virtues. Although there are many more countries to highlight when making an investment in housing previously mentioned are shown before the world possibly as the best options. Given the above is demonstrated that Europe is not only an excellent place to invest or buy thanks to the benefits that this continent offers in areas such as loans and interests, but it is also an ideal place to live since the urban, each European country’s social and political organization are areas worthy of admiration.

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