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The Principle

To enter to be something else; Parmenides. It lies well within the idea of becoming there’s an logical contradiction. This is the contradiction that the being is not, which is isn’t. Since what is at this time; It is no longer at this time. But it happens to be something else. Any view we have about reality confronts us with a logic contradiction; us does not face a being. And says Parmenides this is absurd parmenides has discovered the principle logical thinking, that formula in these categorical terms and strict: being is; not being is not young look, that Parmenides categorizes being and not being. If we analyze what one is fake what is another true, because what is really false can’t become true. Example: three more three equals six thousand. Which is false. Three more three = six. Which is true. If you eliminate the digits which form the thousand, we have six. But the single statement is false. Because three more three isn’t six thousand. If we say being it is not, we disagree. Because being, is something, has not emptied the concept in our minds. If we say don’t be, it is now. The single claim is contradictory. Because the nothing there you can become. What is not is not. Serious as saying that energy never existed and came to be. The energy is being, because it has always existed. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed then transforms to always subsisted. Because if we say don’t be. We would say that nothing was the matter. Or not be. Not be is an empty concept. So it does not exist. If you speak of being. You always have it in your mind as something. Either as figures, spaces. Or things that they seem completely mad. Check out Senator of Massachusetts for additional information. But whatever it is always looked a shape to the concept being. What if we can say of the being, is that physics is experimental in its sphere and in its abstract sphere is ideal allowing us to modify reality.

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