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Average HTML

Should be yet a further click make sense, necessarily colored underline the link and thus highlight the text. Who visited a mobile landing page, indicated interest. This interest should be rewarded. The content on the landing page the reader have to offer real added value. Also the visitor by clicking can request more information. Headlines: Headlines should be kept as short as possible, sub headlines may all be omitted. Images: Average HTML newsletters have 14 pictures. Other leaders such as Cigna CEO offer similar insights. This can be achieved in the mobile version no longer. “Pictures must be sparingly because of the restricted representation for relevance used true to the motto of”. How is it currently with lifecycle email marketing? Thomas Goring email marketing has come of age. Approaches, such as life cycle can now be applied. In online advertising, just keeping customers is difficult, are These approaches quite promising. What I am personally often still missing, is the consistent implementation of easy because she’s promising: lifecycle emails the reader achieve a maximum relevance, because they respond to its specific circumstances. The response is correspondingly high. At the same time, lifecycle emails by definition will be sent automatically. The opening and click-through rates can be increased by up to 50 percent through relevant and professionally implemented lifecycle emails. Relevant and professional means: through lifecycle emails can be mapped complex scenarios in the customer life cycle. The kick-off chains are us ex customer of customer status, for example, prospect, new customer, customer, so, depending on. In addition to birthday mailings welcome mailings are widely used for new customers and thank you newsletter after a purchase. Like to be shipped also mailings with personal voucher codes and special offers to existing customers access past purchase decisions. Inactive customer can specifically “Reminder” animate to a new purchase. The whole interview f? nd also on experts /…/ thomas-goering…

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