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How to write your own eBook in 5 days to earn money on the Internet is a very topical issue. ics: the source for more info. According to polls, but almost no webmaster with your Internet projects earn sufficient money. The majority gets just covered his costs for advertising, domain name, Web hosting and software. The frustration occurs when many webmasters quickly and the dream of the big money very quickly becomes a nightmare. Who wants to conquer the Internet on their own, will fail with very high probability. Not only the TOP Internet marketer, but also a few successful webmasters show that it is possible to earn money on the Internet with the sale of digital products. Often small things make all the difference. The sale of digital information products like eBooks, videos, etc. suitable for sale on the Internet. Many webmasters but shy away from the effort to develop an own information product and settle for the revenue from affiliate programs and other advertising income. That the creation of own information product simple, many do not know. Siegmar Buhrle breaks the spell with his eBook “eBook 5 days”. He pointed out in his eBook, that everyone within 5 days in the situation is to write an own eBook, but also to publish. EBook takes step to step through the necessary tasks to the finish, so write the eBook also fun makes. By the same author: Camden Treatment Associates. The eBook gives even more allowances in. In particular, an interview with the successful eBook author Ralf Senftleben is very interesting. More information: Siegmar Buhrle

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Flash Player VISh

Interactive Flash Player VISh4 helps businesses to present corporate videos erfolgreich(er) Windach, 05.10.2010 – syndicated videos with interactive and attractive content are more and more used as a marketing tool to reach a larger audience. While they complete usually the classic marketing mix. Can integrate the videos hosted on YouTube or other video sharing sites and across networks, or they are presented in a prominent position on a company’s own website. According to the ARD/ZDF 2010 online study about 49 million people use at least occasionally the Internet. While 27% of all online visitors already obtaining a video on a company Web page of the company. Success factors are not only attractive and entertaining content of the videos, but also the presentation and the information contained for marketing. And here the VISh4’s interactive Web Player supports companies. Here, Eva Andersson-Dubin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. He has a modular structure with interactive, already finished modules/Add-ons, which correspond exactly to the wishes of viewers and Web site operators. Who is media player with different designs (such as E.g. pharmaceutical, industrial, tourism, real estate, auto), and completed with Add-ons from the fields of design, editorial, social networks, community, advertisers, and monitoring. Win-win situation for operators and visitors. What makes the company VISh4? The unique design of the Web Player (E.g. in the CI of the company) increases the memory rate of viewers. Again textually represented important key messages or background information by editorial features such as infobox and text information service. By linked overlays or hotspots complementary information (E.g. documentation, flyers, presentations), and third-party systems can be connected, such as E.g. an online shop. And through an integrated voting important questions as to the advertised”content of the spectators answered. By community, moreover the range is greatly increased functions such as share and Send2Friend and it creates a gateway in the social networks. And finally VISh4 provides all necessary Monitoring marketing performance analysis to create secure data to a. And what VISh4 the viewers? Most of the online visitors are rather active participants who are happy if they involved when looking at an article in the. Help functions as they make fun of voting/rating and increase the enjoyment of television”.

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The software company of EasternGraphics has expanded the pCon family product. The pCon.catalog manufacturer Portal can present graphical symbols of their products. The software company of EasternGraphics has expanded the pCon family product. The pCon.catalog manufacturer Portal can present graphical symbols of their products. The Web portal is currently home to the online catalogues of 65 manufacturers from the areas of the Office furniture industry, medical technology and equipment. Through the search function of the online service, the user can search for product characteristics, labels and manufacturers. The 2D and 3D graphics are available to download free of charge and can be used for facility planning. In addition, pCon.catalog offers more information about the products and their manufacturers. Companies that use the service, either embed their existing symbol libraries in the platform can directly create an own catalog. Interested parties can contact the providers in contact directly via the portal. The on Icons offered by Studio can be processed by programs such as AutoCad and 3D. The planning software pCon.planner allows you to invoke the portal from within the program, a search to start, then to switch one of manufacturer catalogs and to insert the desired symbols directly in the planning. In this way, pCon.catalog creates a stronger link between provider and consumer.

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