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The Emperor

For decades, the sale of investment products under the guise, provision for old age works. For decades, the sale of investment products under the guise, provision for old age works. The pattern is always the same: the facilitator comes in the House and shows the supply gap in the age his victims. \”The corresponding question is then always the same: how much money do you need in the age?\” Then he shows his victims, how much state pension has to expect it. Tony Mandarich has much experience in this field. And right here is the dilemma. Who knows he can count on with how much state pension. You ask today’s pensioners, who 45 years have worked if they have expected so little, you get the same negative answer anywhere. In any case a gap shows the victim. This gap must be closed according to mediators, must with capital life insurance, or even better by a private pension insurance. s-solgar-incus-etc/’>Solgar. However, this so-called gap filler have hooks. Hardly anyone has so much money left, seriously to be able to close such a gap. Nowhere near enough with an insurance product where there should be a guaranteed interest rate of 2.25%. A class promises, says the broker. But with inflation of 3%, everyone should recognize what remains of his mad savings. Yes, there is still the tax-free payout. Question: Who must pay already taxes on an investment that earns no yield? In the approach, it’s just not right, if a recommendation is pronounced during a consultation, without involving the inflation calculations. Everyone should then that come to the conclusion that a capital life insurance or a private pension insurance are the wrong products for the protection of retirement. And yet there are thousands investors who fall are still on the old trick of the tax-free payout. Legally commits fraud, who attracts people money for a promise out of his pocket, which he already knows that he can not comply with it.

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Secure With The Horse Insurance Number

Horse owners is usually known as horse liability for the damage caused by his horse responsible horse insurance, insure the legal liability as operator of the horse. This is very important, because any horse owners for the damages caused by his horse is responsible according to the German civil code. That can mean even the financial ruin under certain circumstances. The horse insurance is divided into different areas. According to the conditions agreed in the contract, also the legal liability of the keeper of the horse is covered, as long as it is not engaged in commercial terms. (For commercial farmers, there are the so-called third party liability). The damages in case of insurance covers 3 areas: personal injury (injury, death), property damage (destruction or damage), as well as financial losses incurred as a direct result of people or Sachs damage caused by the horse. In addition, also those damages are in some cases with a lower sum assured that no injury or damage was preceded by. The amount of coverage is dependent on the individual contract. Totals between 3 and 10 million euros, are common. The amount of money is justified, because the costs arising from any claims for damages are unpredictable, and circumstances can be immense, E.g. lifelong pensions for victims or their surviving dependants (similar to the car insurance). It can be taken a number of contractual arrangements, which include the separate agreements with some insurers, others belong in the main insurance package with inside. Participation in tournaments and horse racing including the necessary training, private carriage rides, involuntary act of deck etc. These include, for example, a co-insurance of any foal of the horse up to the age of 12 months, In case of damage, the insurance checks the compensation obligation, which means that if the policyholder is in fact liable to make. If claims not entitled prove that. be fended off them by the insurance company up to court. The insurance company has incurred legal fees and court costs. Finally, she pay damages for legitimate claims. To the mentioned main insurance there is for horses health insurance, life insurance, surgery insurance, horse theft insurance and riding accident insurance. Thus, largely all imaginable risks in connection with horses, and their financial consequences can be financially cover. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)

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