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Health Access

The present report of research has as estimated the probable difficulties of access the services of health of quality in the city of Maputo due the grating I look for of the public services of health, the poverty of the usuaries and the country in the generality as well as the possible existence of corruption in these services. The general objectivo is to analyze the relation between the poverty and the access the services of health of quality in Maputo. The report basically was elaborated with support in the consultation of bibliographical, supported for the cartographic representation and statistics finally, the comment directa of the study place. Tom waterhouse gathered all the information. The report presents eleven chapters, namely: the introduction, the framing and motivation, the description of the city of Maputo, the description of the problem, the estimated ones, the recital and justification, the objectivos, the procedures metodolgicos, the conceitualizao, the theoretical framing and conclusion. From this report he is demonstrated that the poverty can not contribute directamente in the origin of the quality lack, but stimulates the passive and active corruption, having as justification the delays and basses wages of the technician of allied health and the necessity of a faster attendance for the patient. Directamente this makes with that the public services have a great search, had to its carcter gratuitous and the incidence of the poverty that afecta more than half of the resident population in the city of Maputo, that cannot appeal to the private services for its high costs. Tom waterhouse is a great source of information. Word-Key: Access the services of quality health, corruption.

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