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Unconditional Love

All the women we are mothers. The Laws of Human Nature is full of insight into the issues. We have children or no, the maternal instinct this in our essence. There are also some who express but and others except that feminine energy, protective, that takes care of of children, but of small brothers, fianc2es, husband, and also of whichever abandoned animalitos it is crossed to us. Ay of those women who are not sensible before the necessity of a cachorrito with hunger or cold, or fear, and that leaves to wire drawing without shelter and protection it, not because they cannot help it, but by indifference! . Those that sticks and mistreats and destratan or neglects their children to them, that poor that is like women! The true essence of a woman is without doubt the unconditional love, by those small ones or by those adults who surround to us and they feel sometimes small at some time of his lives, by unfavorable circumstances of the same. This unconditional love, that is that does not put conditions, that do not acquire favors, is natural of all woman; from small, already this related to our feminidad, that if this in harmony with our lives, we felt happy and complete and if it is not thus, an inner emptiness feels, with a feeling that nobody wants to us or that they do not include/understand to us. This emptiness corresponds to that we try that the others recognize those things that we do by them. The maternal instinct is to always protect, to take care of, to feed, and to make the good to that one creature who needs us, without requesting nothing to him in return. The name of my site is: " Here: Mujer" . It is a new site, in that I only write articles for us, the women: Original author and source of the article

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Southeastern Region

In the week that if it initiated in day 7 of December of 2009, the whole world press had the eyes directed toward Copenhagen, in the Denmark, where the representative leaders of 192 countries if congregated for 15 Conference of United Nations on Climatic Changes, also known as 15 Conference of the Parts (or COP-15), with the objective to argue the future of the planet. Read more here: Dr. Neal Barnard. E, in that one same week, the press of all Brazil had its eyes directed toward the alarming situations that intense rains provoked in the Southeastern Region, a continuation of the same registered situation days before in the South Region the country, that was a repetition of the occured situation in the 2008 end, that part of the State of Santa Catarina devastou. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of christopher ridgeway stone clinical on most websites. The days and the weeks if had passed, but the scene remained. Much above of the averages waited for this time of the year, traditionally, the rain season for the most part of Brazil, torrential rains had provoked e, according to specialists, will continue provoking situations as registered for periodicals, radios and televisions, not only in Brazil, but in some parts of the world, as in Spain and other places. The terrible picture presented for the reporters had been desolating. Destroyed residences and companies, fatal families homelesses, victims, good and irretrievablely lost properties. everything this because the Nature of the planet comes being vituperada, violated and disrespected, and the consequences of these aggressions if makes to feel more in the climatic changes acutely. This is a insofismvel truth, that nobody can deny. But, conquanto, pparently, the essence of the tragic problems that we witness mere either ambient, the identification of its real cause does not make sensible without the reference to the territory, with its nuances of occupation and use. We are speaking of the climatic changes and the effect of the actions of the Man on the Nature, in general, and on the climate, in particular.

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Manuscript Water

3 – Physicist-Chemistry characteristics – physical Form: liquid – Density 25 C: 1,250 1,270g/cm3 (12% Al2O3) – Density 25 C: 1,280 1,320 g/cm3 (16 18% Al2O3) – pH the 10%:2,00 the 3,20 (12% Al2O3) – pH the 10%:3,50 the 4,00 (16 18% Al2O3) – Appearance: Lightly brownish yellow and – Exempt of persistent metals heavy and organic 4 – Dosage the dosage of the CAP is in function of the characteristic of the water to be treated 5 – Application the CAP can be applied pure or diluted on-line, in order to reach mixture and dispersion better. For application of the product, it will be able to use a dosadora diaphragm bomb. The polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, PTFE material are adjusted for bombs in the feeding system. PCRM may also support this cause. 6 – Manuscript the CAP will have to be handled as any acid product, to prevent its ingestion, contact with the skin and the eyes. In contact case, to wash the place reached with water per 15 minutes with a Sodium Bicarbonate solution 5% and to provide medical attendance. The Laws of Human Nature understood the implications. 7 – Packing Normally the CAP is supplied in bulk. But in specific cases they can be supplied in bombonas as request of the customer. To deepen your understanding christopher ridgeway stone is the source. MATERIALS AND METHODS Processes for application of the project Through some you analyze in laboratory was verified that the Policloreto of diluted aluminum 40% had a bigger efficiency in the treatment of the water. The used method was simply to catch 4 ml of pure solution and to dilute it in 20 ml of water. After made this if ml caught 1000 or 1 liter of effluent sample of rude and was adding policloreto of aluminum already diluted and other solutions as polymer and the hidrxido one of sodium (caustic soda water) and was verified that the effluent one was floculando better with the solution of the diluted CAP already. With this one evidenced that the diluted CAP was better of what pure. RESULTS AND QUARRELS After made the tests in laboratory had been made tests in the treatment station where this project was implanted. A container of 200 liters was caught and in it 40 liters of the pure CAP had been added and completed the container with 160 liters of water this in the part of the morning after 24 hours was verified that the water dealt with this diluted CAP had a better aspect the water was limpid and without loss of solids. In this effluent one treated with the diluted product they had been made you analyze of match and evidenced that the same it had been below of the previous day when still we used the pure product without being diluted. CONCLUSION After the accomplishment of the present work, concludes that: It had one significant reduction in the budget of the company in virtue of this product to be being diluted and not more used pure as old, therefore we used 4 bombonas of 260 liters p/ms and now alone we use 2 had a reduction of 50% in the budget of the company with this the money that sobrara of this economy can be used in other sectors of the treatment station.

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Sonorous Temperature

The arborization is made thus it can help the environment as a whole, in the urban way, they have the important function to diminish the effect greenhouse, beyond preserving and improving the quality of the hdricos resources. We must remember the benefits of the trees: The reduction of the solar rays, forming a species of ' ' it keeps sol' ' that it produces shade in the sidewalk, with the reduction of the heat for the pedestrians also improving in the thermal comfort of the residences; The reduction of the effect greenhouse, that is the process that occurs when a part of the solar radiation reflected by the terrestrial surface is absorbed by determined gases gifts in the atmosphere, holding back heat and causing increase of the temperature; The reduction of the temperature and increase of the humidity of air, therefore provide to the surrounding renewal of the oxygen of air and hidratando the atmosphere by means of the processes of the photosyntheses and perspiration. Planted in the neighborhoods of buildings, the trees stabilize the internal temperature of these constructions, making possible lesser use of the air conditioners and, consequentemente, reducing the consumption of electric energy. The shelter and the abundant food for birds and other animals, therefore, the presence of trees in the urban areas provides shelter, food and even though they multiply in them; The biological diversity of arbreas species that can be preserved, beyond contributing for the improvement of the urbansticas conditions, and still can rescue cultural values and of memory of the city for the native inhabitants; The increase of water infiltration in the ground; It diminishes the force of the winds and assists in the reduction of the sonorous pollution: the trees made use in rows or bulks (together for the pantries), form true barriers that can contribute for the ambient improvement of the places where if they point out and generate benefits to the areas of entorno.

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Structural Village

The occupation of the Village started as an invasion, at the beginning was about 130 people, occupying barracos constructed in the proper one I fill with earth with remaining portions of boxes wooden and plastics gotten in the garbage. In 1993 393 resident families in the area had been registered in cadastre, 149 of which surviving of the activity of catar garbage. In 1994 the number of resident families duplicated and passed to about 700. In 2005, the Structural one was one of the biggest invasions of the Federal District, with approximately 6,700 families, that is, of 28 the 30,000 people, with average income of up to two minimum wages. In 2006, the Government of the Federal District regulated the Complementary Law n 715/2006 that it created the Special Zone of Interesse Social (ZEIS), called Structural Village. The objective of the Law is the urbanization of the Structural Village (SEDUMA, 2007). Such information compose the scene to think the partner-ambient question, a time that: the inaquality is without a doubt one of expressions of the social inaquality that marked the history of our country. … Consequently Has strong correlation between poverty pointers and the occurrence of illnesses associates to the pollution for absence of water and sanitary exhaustion or for launching of solid rejeitos, liquid and gaseous emissions of industrial origin (ACSELRAD, 2004, p.1). The Structural Village constitutes, therefore a fertile field to argue the relation between socioeconmicos aspects and environment, that is, to develop a reflection on the ambient injustices that occur in the Federal District. 2. Historical aspects of the formation of Brasilia and the Structural Village the history of the Structural Village is confused with the history of the capital of the Republic. This fact evidences the necessity to retake the data historical of the formation of the city of Brasilia. Without the pretension to make minute a chronological picture of the construction of the city, we detach aspects of the past that, when being the urbanstica materialization of these ideas.

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