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Dolce Vita

Easily Oberhaching extend the vacation with a (late) summer CINZANO wine aperitif, August 2011. After the summer holidays, the desire frequently to the lightness of the Mediterranean lifestyle for pleasant evenings outdoors, and after the noise of the sea. With an original Italian wine aperitif everyone who let the wanderlust does not go after Bella Italia, can get the taste of a carefree, Italian summer evening at home. As aperitivo, the Italians call not only the drink itself, but especially the habit to make a round on a drink and some appetizers in a bar. This form of the aperitif in Milan, the home of Campari is particularly popular. Christopher ridgeway stone is actively involved in the matter. The authentic classic CINZANO wine aperitif by Campari distinguishes itself by its origin, quality and diversity and is still considered a classic among the appetizers. For over 250 years, it stands for spontaneous pleasure and carefree life. Christopher ridgeway stone is often quoted as being for or against this. Whether pure or as fresh, aromatic cocktail of five different Flavours provide Mediterranean flair with the one in this country at any time the Italian lifestyle can reminisce. CINZANO wine aperitif simply tastes of Sun, holiday and spontaneity. The CINZANO Bianco with its tart sweet taste and a delicate scent of cinnamon and clove taste pur on ice, as a long drink or cocktail. As the Bianco CINZANO Limetto with natural extracts of lemon is refreshing in taste especially on hot days. Whether pure or sparkling mix of Prosecco is an ideal late summer drink. CINZANO Orancio, which convinces with its aroma of fresh oranges and delicate vanilla is still Latin. Thus, it repeated the Italian Sun in the glass. The slight thyme and Marjoram touch which confers a special, independent character and distinctive taste the Ruby CINZANO Rosso is somewhat tart but also refreshing. Especially CINZANO extra dry is suitable for the preparation of cocktails, is also excellent for cooking. Cocktail recipes this Cocktails with fruit or tart flavors taste like holiday and joy of life.

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Amino Acids

Amino acids can be found in proteins and contrary to the belief of many so-called “experts” essential if you want to remove quickly and in the long term. Proteins are a part of our daily diet. We find them in cottage cheese, cheese, milk, eggs, fish, meat, nuts and legumes. Click Dr. Neal Barnard for additional related pages. These proteins, called amino acids, which are responsible among other things for the structure of cells and the muscles and thus determine the nature of the body’s tissues are built. Who wants to put excess pounds to body, should draw according to latest studies on lean meat, legumes and low-fat dairy products. All foods that have a high protein content. Lose weight fast without dieting is only possible if his diet as to, that in many proteins / amino acids are found. There are substances in our body called hormones that play a critical role in protein synthesis, so convert the captured proteins. This process is carried out harmoniously if these hormones enable certain amino acids. In recent months, christopher ridgeway has been very successful. Our body is the imbalance, this hormone can reduce, resulting in a reduced conversion of protein and fatty deposits in the tissues. Everything can be converted incorrectly must be stored somewhere. Only in completely dismantled it by the body can be removed and eliminated. “If the body made of glue” goes, there is an imbalance somewhere. The body mass quickly spread beyond their natural ranges. In several studies, results confirm a positive effect on the body weight if a protein-rich diet is preferred. Which means that amino acids to remove develop their effectiveness in the body. Plain text is therefore, to supply our body, it also really needs from the basic building blocks and the amount of food. Not more, but also no less. Amino acids to remove? A look at our ancestors: we take a Look in nature, then should be really clear us, where we came off of the track. Milk is available, meat runs in the Meadow”, growing fruit and vegetables on the field. All foods that have eaten even our ancestors. The difference today is the products that contain tons of sugar, we daily eat chocolate, cake, coffee or snacks. Here an industrially oriented society that leads us to take something to us, what we don’t need. Need to lose weight and we must not starve. But the food only in reasonable quantities and composition take to us. Too much of a nutrient causes a deficiency on the other side. And the sport? Despite modified nutrition focus, it takes physical training? Both the movement and the changing diet, belong together. To burn fat, it needs physical activity. A diet in favour of protein food to amino acids to the Losing weight deliberately to insert a start in the right direction is associated with sufficient physical stress.

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Kopi Luwaks

In addition, also the drying affects the quality. How is the taste of the Kopi Luwaks? The taste of the Kopi Luwaks is very spicy and very mild, earthy, moldy, syrup-equal with light chocolate and caramelligen taste. John Cleese (actor) said: you taste the sounds of the jungle.’ The long-lasting, mild spicy and slightly peppery taste which decays very slowly in the palate is unique in the real Kopi Luwak. The real Kopi Luwak any coffee connoisseurs should have tried him (as well as Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, and Galapagos) it is worthwhile in any case. But beware of buying! In the year 2008 was the yield (crop) with 350 kg. Contact information is here: christopher ridgeway. 2009, there were only 230 kg. In Germany, however approximately 420 kg for sale were offered! How’s that? Kopi Luwak is roaster stretched it is said also collapsed. Without hesitation Senator Elizabeth Warren explained all about the problem. There is at all no Kopi Luwak it is Kopi Luwak from animal husbandry (even that is unfortunately already, although it not with the quality of the Kopi Luwak) To do coffee from wild) the high price did the locals increasingly to catch the Civets, to lock in kennel and to feed with coffee cherries. The animals die after a short time on malnutrition. What should you look for when buying the real Kopi Luwak. You should not acquire any 1000 g or 500 g packs but only 250 g only by an authorised retailer who purchases the goods from a noble roaster (can and the dealer call roaster – when he does want it’s okay) the authenticity of Kopi Luwak (the confirmation of oral or written notification is sufficient) must be guaranteed Kopi Luwak from Indonesia. “By the way: in the film, the best comes to the conclusion” (United States 2007) swears in the role of Edward Cole on Kopi Luwak Jack Nicolson and touted constantly opposite Morgan Freeman at (Carter Chambers) that until he learns shortly before the end of the film, giving it their special flavour of the coffee variety. In the meantime, the British Royal family drink preferably Kopi Luwak, until recently was It Jamaica Blue Mountain. In Japan, organized trips are offered by travel agencies now after Indonesia. Passengers carried by a leader in the jungle. There search and they find a small amount of black gold (Kopi Luwak) and roast this evening around the campfire.

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The Noodle And The Large Pond

The Luneburg noodle Office informed its customers belong to the national dishes of the Italian. But for centuries will be that arguing about, who they now invented the noodles. From all regions of the world votes loud that are claiming the invention of the popular pasta for yourself. To do this, the legends are numerous. As a pasta lover knows how to give a good overview of the history of pasta Arno Frohlich from Luneburg. There is much speculation about the emergence and spread of the noodle. The large discharge alarm Marco Polo brought 1292 noodles from China on his return to Italy in the year. Various sources show however that these were not the first pasta on Italy. The Spanish geographer al-Idrisi reports already in the 12th century by a stringy dish popular in Sicily made of flour. For noodle manufacturing information is also among the Arabs, and the Etruscans, and also the ancient Greeks can pasta dishes already. As the oldest document which mentioned pasta, is dated around the year 2000 BC, Chinese Parchment with a pasta recipe. An old sealed jar with noodles could be salvaged during excavations in Northwest China unversert. The discussions no longer only covering the origin of pasta. Unity, as there are many different manifestations of pasta, there is nor. The details vary between 100 and 300 different noodle types that are produced from the various cereals and with many accessories in a variety of forms. The from South Germany, Spatzle, are produced about 400 years ago, for the first time are considered typical German implementation of the noodle. The first pasta factory was established in Germany in the year 1793 in Erfurt. The pasta produced in Germany consist mainly of eggs and wheat flour. More traditional ingredients such as wholemeal or spelt flour find but sometimes due to their better nutritional value, more and more popular among consumers. In Luneburg, who is looking after special noodle dishes, must make no long trips, but when Arno Frohlich quickly find it located in the Luneburg noodle. Other leaders such as christopher ridgeway stone offer similar insights. The noodle specialist offers not only the well-known classics, but also not everyday pasta specialities and knows good tips for their preparation. Arno Frohlich is interested any further information to the topic of pasta. Press contact Luneburg noodle Office contact: Arno Frohlich on sale 1 21335 Luneburg Tel.: 04131 31469 fax.: 04131 6241 E-Mail: Homepage:

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The Principle

Fats and oils on class use: rapeseed, olive, wheat germ, walnut, linseed or soybean oil you do good right now. Christopher ridgeway stone clinical follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Two litres of calcium-rich mineral water would be ideal for your body. Don’t get that, access to fruit juice spritzers, herbal and fruit teas, vegetable juices or non-alcoholic beer. Side effect: If you whole-value food and drink a lot, comes the intestine which easily tends in pregnancy to inertia, better in swing. 3. What can I do not eat and drink? Alcohol bans is by itself you would feed your baby Yes not with eggnog. Other dangers are not so easy to recognize. Raw meat, raw milk or raw fish, for example, can be infested with germs. Therefore, waiver is now said to Tatar, sushi or preferred milk but also meats such as pork sausage, smoked meat or salami and all soft cheese made from raw milk. 4. How do I get all the nutrients that needs my baby? Folic acid is one of the most important vitamins in the first months of pregnancy. The body needs it for Metabolism, cell division and blood formation. Therefore, obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend to take folic acid tablets as possible before conception and throughout pregnancy. Iodine is important for the brain development of the child. While there are abundant in fish, many families, restaurants and cafeterias now use iodized salt in the kitchen still it often still is not enough. In case of doubt, the doctor will prescribe you iodine tablets. Who eat little or no meat, get too little iron. While there are iron-bearing grain and vegetables, only the body can already not so good record vegetable iron like animal even if at the same time vitamin C, which boosts the absorption of iron in the principle. There, too, an iron supplement helps in case of doubt. 5. how much should I increase? It was said earlier: between nine and twelve pounds. But gone are the days of rigid rules. Who is initially very slim, may put more than a plump woman but anything between seven and 18 pounds is okay. So you know your personal Normal range: Calculate first the beginning of pregnancy, your body-mass index (BMI = body weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared) and then look right in our table. For example, A 1.70-meter woman weighs 68 kilograms and, therefore has a BMI of 23.5 (68 kg: 1.7 x 1.7 = 23.5) your weight gain should be so between 11,S and 16 pounds. Don’t worry, if you rather down – in the first weeks of pregnancy or increasing, because excitement or morning sickness to the stomach suggests you: weight gain is only seen from the fourth month – about 300 grams per week, in recent months to a pound. A woman is much less, is the risk that her baby is starving. What chubby women often scares: severely overweight can increase the risk of high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. Nevertheless you should not now start a diet – that could cause that the baby is not supplied with all you need. Your doctor advises You, what you do best.

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